How To Activate Smart IPTV On Smart TV, Firestick, Android & More

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After posting many recent guides on how to install iptv on most devices using the smart iptv app we thought we would put together a guide on how to activate the smart iptv app so you can enjoy using this fantastic IPTV.

activation the smart iptv app

Smart IPTV is an IPTV app that works on a range of different devices you may own. Another bonus with the app is it has one of the most easy to use and navigate menus so it may be the best app when it comes to newcomers with IPTV.

While there are other free apps out in the wild such as Perfect Player there is no current IPTV app that beats Smart IPTV for its ease of use and it is very simple and easy to set up plus it has a great-looking design and EPG.

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What Devices Does Smart IPTV Run On?

Smart IPTV runs on many different devices you may already own we have listed them out below:

  • LG Smart TV
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Android Boxes
  • Android TV
  • Nvidia Sheild
  • Amazon Firesticks And FireTVs
  • MAG (Aura HD) Boxes

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the mac code on smart iptv activation page

How Much Does Smart IPTV Cost To Activate?

Smart IPTV is actually free to download and use but only gives you a 7-day free trial then after this you must sign up for the premium version of Smart ITPV or the app will not let you watch IPTV inside of it.

The cost after the 7-day trial is €5.49 but then you will own the app for that device for a lifetime and will not need to pay anything else.

Make sure you activate the premium version using the MAC code inside of Smart IPTV for that device to give just that device lifetime premium access.

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So the best way to activate smart iptv is to click on the activate button once your trial has run out but this is only possible on devices such as the Amazon Firestick, FireTV, and certain smart TVs such as the LG smart TV and Samsung TV.

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For other devices that do not have the button to activate the premium inside of the app you will need to do the following the below.

Head over to Smart IPTV main activation webpage which is here and enter the code you have that looks like this GH:73:FS:3S??? but yours will be different.

If you don’t know the code just uninstall the app and install it again and you will now see the code.

smart iptv activation part on their website

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Once you have entered the code in the part that says MAC you will then click on one of the buttons to pay €5.49 via either PayPal or card.

smart iptv activation page

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What To Do After Smart IPTV Has Been Activated

After you have activated the smart IPTV app for your device you can go back to whatever device it was activated on and simply exit the app and re-enter the app and you will now see your IPTV channels.

smart iptv on a LG TV

If your trial expired and then you activated it after the 7-day trial you will need to add your M3U playlist from your IPTV provider back into the smart IPTV website to re-add the channels as after your trial ends the channels will be deleted so it’s better to always activate the smart iptv app on your 6th day of the trial.

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