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With the BeeTV app recently shutting down last year which gave access to premium movies and tv shows, we will be covering the different alternatives you can use to be able to watch all movies and tv shows again if you are not signed up with an IPTV provider.

Here at Strong IPTV, we offer everything BeeTV had and more as we have over 60,000+ IPTV channels and the best movie and TV catalog out of all the current providers out there.

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What Is BeeTV?

Bee TV Alternatives

BeeTV is an app that lets you watch live TV channels including many premium movies and TV shows on your Firestick and Android devices.

What Alternatives Are They To Bee TV?

This can be the issue with free apps, they gain their fame and then get taken down over the course of a few months leaving you looking for the next best IPTV or movie app.

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1. Strong IPTV

strong iptv movies and tv show app

Strong IPTV has been around for a long time and offers the best in IPTV and movies with our own apps just like Bee TV you can use and enjoy the same amount of content without the worry of our apps disappearing.

Strong IPTV have their own movie and TV show app which is better than BeeTV and makes a great alternative and is easy to download and install.

Once installed the Strong IPTV movie app you can then use your existing ITPV username and password to be able to log into the Strong IPTV movie app and watch any movie or TV show you want.

The app also comes with many different HD resolutions from 360p all the way to 4K movies and supports over 100 different languages to choose from.

You are able to install the app on many different android devices from Android Smart TV, Firesticks, FireTV, Fire TV Cube, Nvidia Sheilds, and many more android devices.

The interface is clean and easy to navigate and you can choose from many different links when it comes to watching your movie or TV show so one will always work perfectly for you unlike other apps mentioned in this article.

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Also, we offer over 60,000+ IPTV channels and all the movies and TV shows you could think of, whereas BeeTV only offered Movies and TV Shows

2. CucoTV


Cuco TV is another big player when it comes to watching the latest movies and TV shows from your Amazon Firestick or Android device.

This is an ad-free alternative to the shutdown BeeTV and has everything BeeTV had and more. With many different Genres to choose from as well as the ability to download movies or TV shows only your Android-based device as long as you have the disk space for them.

Cuco TV also has an inbuilt video player so you do not have to install any external video player when it comes to watching movies or TV shows.

3. Cinema HD

cinema HD app

This has been around for a long time and if you are used to watching movies and TV shows through a free app then you may well of heard of Cinema HD as it has been one of the leading apps when it comes to free movies and TV shows like BeeTV was.

With CinemaHD you are able to watch hundreds of thousands of TV shows and movies on your Amazon Firestick or Android device and can install the APK right onto your Android smartphone or tablet if needed.

Another bonus with Cinema HD is you can watch 4K movies, 1080p movies, 720p and enjoy the easy and simply to navigate user interface compared to some of the other free movie apps.

4. Nova TV

NovaTV movie app

NovaTV is a great movie and TV show to add even as a second backup movie app as sometimes you may download a movie app and find the occasional movie or TV show not working so that’s when you can go right into NovaTV and watch whatever is missing.

We always advise having at least 2 different free movie apps on your Android or Firestick device so if you do come across any issues with one app you can use another such as NovaTV.

NovaTV has track support and a one-click cache clear in case you run into any issues inside the app or it begins to run slowly when navigating its menu.

If you were to ask us we would definitely have this app in our arsenal as a backup solution and it also has outstanding subtitle support across many different languages.

5. FilmPlus

filmplus beetv alternative

Another well-known movie streaming app is FilmPlus which can be installed across many different Android devices from Nvidia Sheilds, Android TVs, Firesticks, Fire TVs, Fire TV Cube you name it if the system runs Android this app can be installed on it.

FilmPlus lets you watch a gigantic sized database of both movies and TV shows as well as having support for up to 15 different languages when you want to watch a movie or TV show.

FilmPlus also comes with no ads to disrupt your viewing experience as well as many different HD resolutions to watch movies in such as 360p all the way to 4K movies and TV shows.

6.  Cyberflix TV

cyberflixTV movie app

CyberFlix TV is another great free movie and TV show app you can install on any of your Android-based devices. the bonus with CyberFlix TV is when you pick a movie or TV show it only presents you with 1 hotlink to choose from instead of many which always helps.

Cyberflix TV comes with support for up to 200 different languages to choose from as well as having a built-in media player to watch your favorite TV show or Movie in.

7. Movie HD

movieHD app

Movie HD is another heavyweight when it comes to BeeTV alternatives that you can easily install on your Android devices.

What we like about Movie HD is you can also filter by movies and TV shows by popular, trending, rising, new, and by IMDB rating.

Movie HD also auto-updates itself to keep everything up to date and has a advanced search function built in as well as an internal media player so you do not have to leave the app when you start to watch a movie or TV show.

Did Bee TV Allow You To Use A VPN?

using a VPN with movie apps

Yes, you were able to use a VPN with BeeTV, and with our IPTV service, you can use a VPN as well.

It’s more important than ever to use a VPN as this will keep your IP private and if you are from certain countries that block the IPTV servers when live football is on a VPN will get around this.

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Apart from keeping your IP address private and secure using a VPN will also stop your internet provider from throttling your bandwidth when their network gets busy, such as in the evenings and on weekends.


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