Best Browsers For Firesticks & Fire TV’s 2024

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In this guide, we cover the best browsers for firesticks and fire TVs so you can browse the internet using your amazon firestick and also download any APK’s you need or watch online movies using one of the internet browsers we mention.

All the mentioned internet browsers will work for any firestick above the 2nd Generation and also on the Firestick 4K, Fire TV, and Fire TV Cube.

We all know that the amazon firestick is an unbeatable device when it comes to home entertainment due to its ability to stream IPTV, play games, watch movies, and a lot more

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But not many of you may know its fully capable of handling web browsing too whether you need to order something online, log in to Facebook, Instagram or browse your favorite video site you can do so using one of the internet browsers we are going to mention for the firestick or fire tv.

Notice: You will not be able to use Google Chrome as a browser for the firestick but don’t despair as all the other browsers are great and built specifically for the firestick.

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Best Internet Browsers For Firestick

Ok, let’s dive right into the best overall internet browsers for your firestick. First, we start with:

Amazon Silk – Web Browser

This web browser is the most well-known for the amazon firesticks and amazon fire tv so you may have seen this before when navigating the home screen on your firestick and especially since this is amazons own web browser.

Not only has amazon made this web browser for the firestick they have also made it compatible with their amazon kindle and fire devices.

This web browser works just like Mozilla Firefox and allows you to create easy bookmarks so you can save and find your favorite website pages with ease.

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We have shown you with the image below how easy and simple it is to create a bookmark in seconds with this smooth Amazon Silk web browser.

Silk Browser also uses the Bing search engine as the default for anything you type in the address bar to search for which is a bonus but you can always jump in the settings of the silk browser and change to other search engines such as Google, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo and more.

Also from the browser settings, you can do a lot more useful stuff such as clearing browser history and cookies, setting your default home page for when the Silk Browser first loads.

Another bonus with Amazon’s Silk Browser is it has a private mode (Incognito Mode) where you can browse the internet without the browser storing information such as websites visited and storing cookies.


  • Simple to use
  • A fluid interface while browsing the web
  • Can easy watch videos
  • Has incognito mode
  • Can change the default search engine


  • You cant cast to the browser from other devices
  • Once signed in you are unable to sync across devices

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Downloader App For Web Browsing

The next browser is not as good as Amazon’s own Silk browser as it wasn’t really made to be used as a full-out web browser for the firestick but it still works as one nonetheless.

The downloader app is mostly used as a side loader where you can download APK from websites and install them (sideload) onto your firestick or fire tv device.

This is a somewhat no-frills kind of browser but if you are looking to just use a browser not that often and already have the downloader app then this will perfectly meet your requirements as a web browser.

To use the downloader app as a web browser you must first open the downloader app then go to the section called Browser.

One of the downsides to using downloader as a browser is you cant run any searches directly from the address bar if you wanted to run a search. To search you must go directly to the search engine such as then proceed to run the search.

Once you are browsing you can bring up the downloader menu which will give you the ability to add webpages and websites to your favorites so you can keep them bookmarked.

The menu will also allow you to zoom in and out of the page or go into full-screen mode. The downloader menu will also let you disable javascript and reload the page if you are having any issues with the web page.

You are also able to use any Bluetooth gaming controller while using the mentioned web browsers which can make browsing a far easier experience when on the firestick, fire tv cube, or fire tv.

Again we would recommend downloader as a browser if you need something quick and simple and do not use the firestick much for browsing the web.


  • Can download files directly to the firestick such as APK’s
  • Can add favorites and bookmarks easily
  • Great for quick and simple web browsing


  • It has no default search engine so you are forced to go to the actual search engine full web address to run searches

Bonus app – Bookmarker for Silk Browser

This is not a web browser but we thought we would add this in the guide as this will work alongside the Amazon Silk Browser where once you open the Bookmarker app you will be able to easily launch one of your bookmarked websites.

You will only be able to use one site for each bookmarker app and can download up to 9 bookmarker apps.

But once done you will see your favorite bookmarked website as an icon on the amazon firestick, fire tv’s home screen making it easy to quickly launch your favorite website.


We hope you have liked our guide on the best browsers for firestick and fire tv. There is not a bunch of browsers available for the firestick but if you stick with these you won’t run into any issues while using your firestick as a web browser.

If you have enjoyed this guide please be sure to give it a share.


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