17 Best Cracked Apps And Websites For Android And Firesticks 2024

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We present you with a guide so you can put unofficial app stores and more on your android box or firesticks to allow you to download all apps and games you want.

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The bonus with the app and sites we are about to mention in, the best cracked apps and websites for android and firestick guide is they are updated nearly daily with more games and apps so you can be sure to get the apps, games, or mods you need as soon as they are released.

1. RevDL

revDL android apps

This is one of the best cracked app marketplaces where you can download all the latest cracked android apps and games for your android based box or your firestick.

They update the website all the time and are very easy to download cracked apps without much issue. If you go to the site and it doesn’t seem to work from your location then make sure you use this VPN (Saving 74% OFF) which will get you past any blocks the website might have for your region.

RevDL is very good as well for cracked modded android games and has a very big library full of them to choose from.

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2. Apk Pure

apkpure cracked website

This website is a longstanding site devoted to cracked android apps & games and is very simple to navigate and use without any issues.

This website has the least spam and adverts so is a good site to use and has a large range of cracked apps and games you can choose from. It also has an active comment section which will know if the app works without any issues.

APK Pure also comes with QR codes that you can scan which will allow you to directly download the cracked game or app making things even simpler.

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3. iHackedit

ihackedit cracked games

This is another great website that provides cracked apps, games, mods for free. This website is also another heavyweight with it being around since 2010.

They also started with iOS cracked games and apps and also moved into the android cracked market. The website also has the latest apps and games on their main home page so it’s easy to check there daily and see which new apps and games have been released for you to download.

They also have a popular tab on the right-hand side where you can see which cracked games and apps are the most popular right now.

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4. AC Market

ACMarket cracked app apk download

We must admit we have used this heavy ourselves throughout the year with it being an app you can download right onto your android device or amazon firestick.

This works like the Google Play store but you can download all the cracked games and apps for free very easier from the app itself. 

We prefer this app over most of the websites due to the convenience of being able to simply go into the app and download and install any game and app we want right onto our firestick and android smartphone.

If you prefer having an app store on your android this is a very good cracked app marketplace to install or on your firestick to be able to access thousands of apps, mods, and games.

5. APK4Fun

apk4fun website

This website hosts thousands of apps and games for you to choose from and download for free. The site is also a trusted site like all the ones on the list here so you can download what you want and not worry about any nasties such as malware and viruses.

This website has nice category filters where you can see the best cracked apps from the top downloaded, top new, best rated, new releases, and more. Also, you can pick your game or app by theme category too such as Entertainment, Puzzle, Health & Fitness, Tools, and plenty more.

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6. Apitode

aptoide cracked android and firestick games and apps

Apitode is another great addition to our list of cracked websites and apps for android as with Apitode you cannot only browse their website and download apps and games but you can also download Apitode’s app and put it on your android device or firestick making it much easier to just directly download what you want right to your device.

The website or app boasts one of the biggest libraries and has great filtering making sure you can find apps easily and a nice search feature as well.

With Apitode you can also download any Geo locked (Region-locked) apps that you cant download from your country. You can put this on many android devices from smartphones, firesticks, shield tv and many more.

The GUI is also very nice when navigating through the app or website as well.

7. APKBuilds

APKBuilds is a good website that is set out in a blog format and has some of the best cracked apps and games for your android devices. It also has a nice search bar where you can search for exactly what it is you are looking for.

With this website, you can easily download the apps and sideload them on your firestick or android box. Another bonus with APKBuilds is they provide detailed instructions and screenshots on how to install the cracked apps and games in case you are new to this.

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8. ACMarket

ACMarket cracked app apk download

AC Market is another great app you can put directly on your android smartphone, android box, Nvidia shield, or fireTV where you can easily install apps and games which will be directly on your devices without having to sideload the apps on.

ACMarket will work with all different android versions and has great compatibility with all android devices. There is also no need to root your android when using this ACMarket app or any listed in this guide.

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9. AndroPalace

AndroPalace firestick apks

This is another great little website for finding cracked android applications, mods, and cracked android games. The website has a good layout and an app search where you can easily search for the app or game you have in mind.

This website also provides its own guide on how to download and install games for your android or firestick which you can follow if you are new to downloading third-party cracked games and apps.

You can also hover over the dropdown menu to reveal all the different cracked apk games categories which will make it good for filtering the categories you want.

10. APKWhale


Another amazing site that allows you to download modded android APKs & mods with ease. This website is very well built and smooth. You can effortlessly browse this website and find many great cracked games and apps that will catch your eye.

APKWhale is free to download all the apps and games on there and has a premium section for some of the best cracked apps for your android and amazon firestick.

11. GetAPK

getapk market

This is another app and website very similar to Apitode in that it has its own website and also an app you can download right onto your android device or firestick. The website version is nice as it’s in a blog type feed where you can check daily and see what new modded games and modded apk release that day.

GetAPK also has its own apk app so you can install this on the likes of your firestick, Nvidia shield, android smartphone, or android tv box to easily directly download and install onto the device.

Another bonus is on their website on the right-hand side you will see it say GETAPK Market where you can download the app and it has a guide that will walk you through installing their app on your android based device.

12. APK4Free

apk4free cracked android apps

This is a very cool-looking website and the most eye-catching and easy-to-use android cracked apk website. You can very easily find any cracked apk or cracked android game you are searching for with this website.

They have an Android Apps and Android Games section which you can hover over and choose the category you would like the game or app to come from.

They also have 2 good guides which cover how to download the apps and then how to install the cracked apps on your android device.

We like this website as it’s very appealing to the eye and new looking, unlike some others on our best-cracked apps and websites for android and firesticks guide.

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13. RexDL


This is a good website that has all the cracked apks and cracked games on but the site sometimes doesn’t look the best it could do with a makeover but does the job.

14. APKMirror

This website is very simple and easy to use and is a longstanding website in the cracked apk world. It also released new apk mods, apps, and games daily. 

What we like about this website is it has many apps and games on its home page you can see and easily download. It also has many different versions of the Google Play Store in case you are using an android tv box such as a Xiaomi mi box and need to install the correct version of Google Play Store on it.

15. Yalp Store

yalp store cracked google play store

This is a very unique app that lets you download apps from the actual Google Play Store as if you were just downloading from the Google Play Store normal apps and games.

This app also helps with making it the easiest solution to download and install cracked apps and games for your android device or firestick without needing to do the extra steps like some other apps mentioned in this guide.

Also if you have rooted your android box or android phone Yalp will keep the cracked android apk’s or cracked android games up to date by automatically updating them which no other apps mentioned in this guide will do.

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16. APKMonk

apkmonk one stop marketplace for cracked android games

This is a very popular website for cracked android games you can install on your android device or firestick. If you are more games-focused you should use this site to download games from.

It has a very nice look and feel to it the website and shows you the most trending android games of the moment as well. It also gives you game categories you can dive into and then download the android games.

It does have android applications too but it’s more geared towards the android games side.

17. APKHere

APKHere is the best-cracked apk website for foreign cracked applications and cracked games for your android or firestick as this has the apps and games in many different languages from German Apk’s, Russian Apk’s, Chinese Apk’s, Spanish Apk’s and plenty more different languages.

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These apps and games will be the ones not available in the default Google Play Store and this website is very popular for the nonspeaking English people who need cracked android apps and games in their native language.

How To Virus Check Cracked Android Apps And Games

If you want to be on the safe side then it’s sometimes a good idea to virus check the cracked apk, mods, apps, and games you download. From our list here you shouldn’t have to much trouble but to run a virus scan for the downloaded android apk or game you can head over to Virus Total which will allow you to upload the file you have just downloaded and run a virus scan on it.


We hope you enjoyed our 17 Best Cracked Apps And Websites For Android And Firesticks of 2021 guide which we also update a few times a year so make sure to bookmark this page and check back on it frequently.

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