Best Filelinked And Applinked Codes (January) 2022

Best Filelinked And Applinked Codes

Filelinked is a great app for amazon firesticks and android tv boxes due to its ease of use. What you do with filelinked is install it than just simply add codes to it which will download any third-party app or apk to your firestick with ease. In this guide, we cover the best filelinked codes to use with your firestick and it will be constantly updated so you can very easily download all the apps you desire.

Some of the apps you can get with Filelinked range from Movie apps where you can watch any movie or tv show or even 4K movies to live TV and TV shows. This app works with all generations of firesticks whether that is first generation, second generation, third generation even the fire TV and the Fire TV cube plus a bonus is this will work across all android devices from android tv boxes to android smartphones.

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What Exactly Is Filelinked (Applinked Now)

This app is a very convenient app made for your firestick where it will convert long hard to remember website URLs into a more easy format of codes to just input in the filelinked app so you can easily download great third-party apps which you cant get off the amazon app store.

There is a community of people who constantly upload the 3rd party firestick apps and provide codes so you can effortlessly download the apps using the codes we provide further on in this guide.

The codes can be found in many different places but we have compiled a lot below especially of the good apps you can download using filelinked. You will simply just install filelinked then enter to code into the app we provide.


How To Allow Apps From Unknown Sources

First, before you download and install filelinked you must make sure that allow apps from unknown sources is turned on to do this follow the below

New Generation Firestick

  1. Press the home button on your firestick remote
  2. Go to settings
  3. Now select “My Fire TV” or Device
  4. Scroll down and select “Developer Options”
  5. Click on Allow “Apps From Unknown Sources”
  6. Click “Turn On” once the notice appears

Older Generation Firestick

  1. Press the home button on the remote
  2. Go to “System”
  3. Now choose “Developer Options”
  4. Select “Apps From Unknown Sources”
  5. Choose “OK” once the notice pops up

Now with the setting turned on it’s time to get your hands dirty and install filelinked apk on your amazon firestick.


How To Install Filelinked On A Firestick (Applinked)

Now before you download and install filelinked there is one thing you must do and that will search the firestick for an app called “Downloader” as this is the app that will allow you to download filelinked.

Once you have searched and downloaded “Downloader” from the amazon app store it’s time to get cracking.

Now open the app “Downloader” and you will be met with an address bar just follow the below steps

1. In the address bar URL enter this “

enter url address to download filelinked

2. Now click Go to start downloading the filelinked app

how to download filelinked and applink with downloader

3. After it finished downloading click on “Install”

click install to install filelinked

4. Click “Open” to open the flilelinked app

click on open for filelinked

Ok that’s it, a simple procedure on how to install filelinked it shouldn’t have taken too long so now you can move on to very easily adding 3rd party apps to your firestick.

Please note: As of September 2021 the app filelinked was shut down so you will see the app is now called AppLinked which you have just downloaded so you can use the codes below still perfectly fine.


Latest Filelinked And Applinked Codes 2021

Now straight away once you enter the app you will see a range of categories you can choose from Sports, Movies, Gaming, Adult, Live TV, Mixed Content, and so on. 

You can click into any of these categories and directly download and install apps to your firestick but you can also click on “Add A Store” which will allow you to enter the applinked codes you see below which we keep updated for you.

1. Code: 5555

This code was created by a famous YouTuber called “Free Tech” which includes a big bundle of nice third-party apps for you to get stuck into.

Number of apps: 50

Categories: Anime, Players, Movies, Live TV, Sports, TV Shows, and More.


2. Code: 6464

This code will install good apps such as Film Plus, CinemaHD, Nova TV Stremio, Strix, and many more.

Number of apps: 40+

Categories: Tv Shows, Movies, Live TV, Anime


3. Code: 7777

This is another Linkedfile/Applinked app created by a Youtuber called “Doc Squiffy” and has some great apps bundled together.

Number of apps: 10+

Categories: Live TV, Movies, TV Series


4. Code: 3333

This code provides apps such as XUMO, Tivimate, Fast Task Killer, and more.

Number of apps: 10+

Categories: Documentaries, Utilities, TV Shows, Movies, Sports


5. Code: 8888

The good thing about the code above is it is set up around free apps such as BBC iPlayer and more.

The code includes these apps to choose from BBC iPlayer, ESPN, Pluto TV, FuboTV, Sling, Peacock TV, Tubi, VRV, and more

Number of apps: 25+

Categories: TV Series, Sports, Live TV, Anime


6. Code: 719778818

This has some amazing apps but the ones that stood out to us are TV Tap, Pluto TV, Nova TV, MX Player, Flixoid.

Number of Apps: 10+

Categories: TV Shows, Video Players, Movies, Live TV


7. Code 4444

This code is more geared towards the foreign market and anyone who is after some utility tool based apps

You will find in this code great apps such as X-Plore File manager, OTTPlay, MX Player, Apitode TV, and plenty more.

Number of apps: 10+

Categories: International, Music, Utilities, Foreign


Here Are Some Other Filelinked And Applinked Codes 

  • 607809938
  •  799783203
  • 849320303
  • 301851852
  • 588201178
  • 363605206
  • 727272
  • 000111
  • 727272
  • 911
  • 811
  • 475414651
  • 1111
  • 2222

Don’t forget to keep checking back on this best filelinked and apklink code guide to get the latest codes for your firestick.


Best Filelinked And Applinked Codes FAQ


What is the difference between Filelinked and Applinked?

Well, very recently filelinked has be shut down so Applink has taken over it so all our links are for the app Applink now.


Is Filelink And Applinked Legal?

Yes, there is nothing wrong with using these apps as you are downloading apps from public hosting which doesn’t make getting these apps illegal in .any way


What Devices Can I Use With Applinked And Filelinked?

Anything which is Android-based so these apps will work on an Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, Android TV Box, Nvidia Sheild, Chromecast, Android Smartphones, BlueStacks and more.


Should I Use A VPN For Flielinked And Applinked?

No, you don’t need a VPN to use the apps as they will just download the 3rd party apps to your device but we strongly recommend using a VPN when you use the apps such as Movie, Live TV, Sports apps.

You can get the best VPN here for using the filelinked and applinked apps you download to keep your privacy secure.


What Are Best Filelinked And Applinked Codes To Use?

We have found the best Applinked and Filelinked codes to use are 6464, 7777, 8888, 5555, and 3333. But you can see our big list of codes and choose your best filelinked and applinked codes to use.



We hope you enjoyed our best filelinked and applinked codes 2021 guide which shows you not only the best codes to use but also how to install filelinked and applinked to your firestick or any other android based device. Be sure to give this guide a share to help others.

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