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By now you may have heard how important it is to use a VPN when using anything such as Kodi or Movie apps on your amazon firestick. In this guide, we will tell you the best free VPN for firesticks so you can test them out.

Please note: No free VPN will be too good for streaming movies, Kodi, and other related streaming tasks so we would recommend this The Best VPN For Firestick as this will have no issues streaming, the best privacy protection, and give you the best speeds at discount prices.

But you can certainly test these free VPNs for your firestick and see if any are good enough to use for Movie apps or Kodi but when it comes to IPTV you will not need a VPN with us. But with other IPTV providers, you will most likely need one when the football is on.

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Now we have given you the 2 above important notices about why you should use the best IPTV and the best VPN for your firestick you are now free to test the free firestick VPNs below.

The Benefits Of Using A VPN On Firestick

You will want to use a VPN if you have Kodi installed or watch movies from free movie apps so your IP address or privacy doesn’t leak which is important. 

You may need to use one with certain IPTV providers who have the football blocked every time it’s on you will need to use a VPN to sometimes get around this issue.

But the bigger benefits of using a VPN on a firestick is you will be able to switch on the VPN choosing a server located in the USA which if you are outside the USA and want to watch apps such as Hulu, NBC Sports having a VPN installed on your firestick will allow you to do this.

Another great benefit is if you have Netflix installed you will be able to change the Netflix country by changing the server country on the VPN. this means if you live in the UK and wanted to access USA Netflix who has a lot more movies and tv shows you can do this but without a VPN you wouldn’t be able to.

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The largest benefit of them all is of course your IP address security and stop your IP address from getting in the wrong hands and keeping your data protected on your firestick.

There is also something called ISP Throttle where sometimes your internet provider will see you using a lot of traffic if you are using an IPTV provider or watching movies or anything streaming related so then they slow down your internet in peak times so using a VPN will get around any bandwidth throttling your Internet Provider sometimes imposes.

The Best Free VPN’s For Firesticks 2021

Ok now let’s get into the meat and potato of the best free VPNs for your firestick so you can get testing and see which works best for you.

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Windscribe VPN

This is a wonderful free VPN as it has great speeds compared to a lot of the other free VPN for firesticks we have tested. You will find this VPN best for services such as Netflix, Kodi, and torrenting.

The only drawback is you only get 10GB free to use with the VPN before you have to pay so this would be used up rather fast for IPTV but still fast when watching movies maybe you would get around 5 movies if that before the Windscribe VPN free data tier runs out.

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Some of the features this free VPN for your firestick offers are its AES 256-bit encryption which is great for security and its ability to be installed on other devices such as Windows, Android, and macOS devices.

Pros Of WindscribeVPN

  • Best free VPN for Kodi
  • Has 10 server locations in different countries
  • Premium security free of charge
  • Built-in adblocker and malware blocker
  • Use on as many devices as you like
  • Supports Netflix streaming

Cons Of WindscribeVPN

  • Only 10GB of data on the free plan
  • Some servers might be slow causing buffering
  • No live chat support
  • Only 11 countries to choose from


This VPN is another great free VPN to use and its quality is very good when streaming not too many issues when using it.

ProtonVPN comes with unlimited bandwidth so you can use it on Kodi Movies, Other Movie apps, Music, Foreign apps, and more and not worry about using up the bandwidth on its free tier.

The VPN also comes with a built-in ad blocker so you don’t have to see ads when you are using other Android-based movie apks on your firestick or android tv box.

But the only drawback with this is you can only pick from 3 servers to get the unlimited bandwidth so these countries may not be in a country that can clear certain official apps on your firestick.

Also, Netflix does not work with this VPN as Netflix will detect you are using a VPN and refuse to run so you cant use this VPN with Netflix

But it comes with military-grade encryption so you do not have to worry about your IP address and privacy from being leaked when using Kodi and the free movie apks on your firestick.

Pros Of ProtonVPN

  • You get unlimited bandwidth
  • Has No logs policy
  • Don’t have to put CC in when signing up
  • Has built-in adblocker to stop popup and unwanted ads

Cons Of ProtonVPN

  • Doesn’t support Netflix
  • Only 3 servers to choose from
  • Can not be used for torrenting

Hotspot Shield

You may have heard about hotspot shield before as it’s a popular VPN around the neighborhood and one of the older ones when it comes to free VPNs.

With Hotspot Sheild the VPN is quite good and gives decent speeds as well and covers a good number of different countries you can choose from.

The VPN will still be good for browsing the web and also for watching the likes of Kodi and other Movie apks. The app can be downloaded straight from the amazon app store.

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You also get free unlimited bandwidth with Hotspot Sheild so you do not need to worry about running out of data when watching your favorite movies.

Pros Of Hotspot Sheild

  • Has a nice to use fluid interface
  • Can use for torrenting and Netflix
  • Servers in all countries
  • They keep no logs
  • Can get a 7 day free trial of premium

Cons Of Hotspot Sheild

  • Due to popularity, some servers are slow for free users
  • No live chat for any support issues

TunnelBear VPN

You may have heard of TunnerBear VPN before they are quite active with advertising too so you may have come across one of their adverts and they are a decent-sized VPN company as well.

The only problem is with the free tier of their VPN they only offer 500MB a month of bandwidth which is no good if you want to watch videos or stream IPTV, movies, or TV shows.

But this can be used as a backup VPN in case you run out of bandwidth data on the other VPNs mentioned above and want to use a free VPN for your firestick in an emergency.

TunnelBear VPN boasts over 22 countries worldwide you can choose from and also very fast speeds if you choose to download anything or use it for torrenting.

A cool bonus with the free tier is that you get a VPN kill switch which is always handy. So if your VPN crashes or the Internet cuts out and comes back on that your IP will not be revealed due to the VPN switch stopping your normal internet from working while the VPN is on. 

This is normally a premium feature that most VPN providers offer so to get a VPN kill switch with a free VPN is always a welcomed bonus for us.

Pros Of TunnelBear VPN

  • Has a built-in VPN kill switch
  • Has super-fast VPN servers (no buffering)
  • Works great on many devices
  • Has VPN servers in other 22 countries

TunnelBear VPN

  • Not suitable for torrenting due to low bandwidth allowance
  • Only has 500MB Bandwidth allowance a month
  • Doesn’t work well with Netflix

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This VPN is quite a good VPN but the trouble is it’s not exactly free you can sign up for free and get a 3-day free trial with them.

But this VPN is very good to use and maybe even thinking about buying it after your trial as it has its own unique patented feature called Chameleon which makes it a master of getting around country censorships such as Chinas great firewall where they block Facebook and other popular social media platforms and more.

You will find also most other VPN even the bigger ones you see on TV adverts get blocked in China and Egypt but with this VPN and its cool Chameleon feature, you will be able to use this VPN if you ever find yourself out there.

As we said this VPN is free for 3 days and will need your PayPal or credit card information to sign up for VyprVPN but you can always cancel before the 3 days are up otherwise it is $80usd a year.

Pros Of VyprVPN

  • Works fine with Hulu and Netflix
  • Hides IP and does not store logs
  • Gets around any country-specific censorship blocking
  • Has a free 3-day trial
  • Supports many devices

Cons Of VyprVPN

  • Have to enter credit card or PayPal information to sign up
  • Sometimes the speed can be slower than other free VPNs

Hide.Me is an ok free VPN to use but they are middle of the pack on all the VPN providers we have mentioned in this guide. The reason being they only have 2GB of bandwidth for free users and also only allow you 1 connection when you use the VPN.

It seems once you are premium they are great but this guide is about free VPN to use with your firestick and no subscriptions to VPN companies so this is why we put this middle of the pack.

You can not use Netflix but on the flip side, you can use it for Kodi, CinemaHD, and other great movie and tv show apps. They have only 5 servers on the free tier which is not a lot.

But there is a bonus the company is on a no-log policy and also does not log you when you sign up for them so privacy-wise they are very good.

Pros Of Hide.Me

  • Their privacy is top-notch and no logs on anything
  • Great speeds when you choose nearby servers
  • Works on all devices and firesticks
  • Can be used for p2p and torrenting activities

Cons Of Hide.Me

  • Netflix does not work with this VPN
  • Only give you 2GB of bandwidth to use a month on the free tier
  • Not so good for international VPN users
  • Only 5 server locations


This is a VPN provider ran by Connectify Corp that provides both virtual and dedicated VPN IP address you can use. You can also use a private network mode which works best with mobiles and gives you the best in military encryption.

You also get to enjoy a 100% no advertisements experience as you use this free VPN on the firestick and also has cheap packages if you need to go premium with them.

You will start off with the basic plan with gives a free 10GB of bandwidth a month but only allows you to use 1 device at a time.

Speedify VPN also works with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and all torrenting.

Pros Of Speedify

  • No ads 
  • No credit card is needed to sign up with
  • Free to use for up to 1 device
  • Great with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and More
  • Provides 10GB of Bandwidth per month
  • No logging policy

Cons Of Speedify

  • Some servers slow best to use recommended servers
  • Once the 10GB free data ends it’s then limited to 1GB per month
  • Only a select few servers available on the free tier


SaferVPN is another VPN we like for free. It works great on a firestick and can stream Netflix and other services without any issues.

You can sign up and get 1 day free with unlimited bandwidth for the day then your free account will be limited to 500MB per month.

You can also use a private network with this free VPN and it will work on the likes of Windows, Firestick, Android, macOS, iOS, Chrome, and plenty more platforms and devices.

The only negative we can see with this free VPN is that it will restrict your speed when using it for streaming but to free it from any restrictions it just costs $2.50per month so very reasonable.

If you are looking to turn to a premium member of any of these VPNs then this is probably the cheapest offering, very high quality but if that’s the case you may as well go with the best VPN for android and firesticks and save a big discount while getting the best VPN around.

Pros Of SaferVPN

  • Unlimited speed for 24 hours trial
  • Supports many devices and platforms
  • Works with Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime
  • Cheapest VPN with high quality
  • Can sign up without a credit card

Cons Of SaferVPN

  • Limited speed after 24 hours for the free tier
  • Not many selections of server countries for free-tier users

Super VPN

Super VPN is a great free VPN for your firestick as it comes with unlimited bandwidth and data for you to use so you do not have to worry about any monthly data caps using this free VPN.

You can sign up by entering your card details and the company takes privacy very seriously and also runs a no-logging policy, so they don’t keep logs.

With Super VPN you can choose from over 25+ countries and this VPN works especially well too at getting around any geo-restricted countries such as China, Russia, India, and more.

This VPN works fine as well with any apps you may want to get access to if you are away from home but have to have an IP address situated in your home country.

You will need to sideload Super VPN onto your amazon firestick using an app such as Downloader or ES File Explorer.

Pros Of Super VPN

  • No account needed
  • Unlocks all geo-restricted content
  • No bandwidth limit or data usage limit
  • The company keeps no logs
  • Over 25+ Countries
  • Works with Netflix, Hulu, and more

Cons Of Super VPN

  • No kill switch feature
  • The server can randomly disconnect
  • Needs to be sideloaded onto a firestick
  • Can provide slow servers (choose their recommended servers)

Master VPN

We like this VPN when it comes to using it on anything amazon manufactured such as the firestick, firestick 4K, Fire TV, and the Fire TV Cube.

The VPN is free to sign up for and does not have to enter any credit card information when signing up for a free account. Another bonus with Master VPN is you can just run a search for it on your firestick and it’s natively in the amazon app store so you can download it very easily to all amazon devices.

Master VPN covers all major countries with their VPN servers from the USA, UK, Canada, Norway, Australia, Denmark, and many more countries. there is also no data usage limit or bandwidth limit which is always a bonus with a free VPN.

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This VPN provider also offers a completely no logging policy so you can use it carefree and know your privacy is being looked after when using a no log VPN.

Pros Of Master VPN

  • Has an app in the amazon firestick app store
  • No need to register an account
  • Works with all types of internet connections such as 3G, ethernet, Wifi, 4G, and more
  • Can also be downloaded from all major app stores
  • No log policy
  • Can use unlimited bandwidth and data on the free tier

Cons Of Master VPN

  • Sometimes advertisements can appear while using the free VPN
  • No kill switch feature
  • This may not be the most secure in the form of security the encryption


Picking a free VPN for your firestick is never too easy as you will want to make sure you choose the free VPN that gives you unlimited data and bandwidth usage and gives you the speed you need to watch Kodi and other movie-related apps on the firestick.

Free VPNs are not the best with them being free and heavy usage so we always recommend a VPN such as this where you don’t have to worry about anything and it will just work perfectly fine and keep you secure always.

Remember you will always want to use a VPN with your firestick if you are streaming movies, live tv, or anything else with the firestick to keep your data secure and not leak your IP Address.

The only time when you are safe from not needing a VPN active on a firestick is when you have IPTV from us or are using official amazon app store apps such as Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Youtube, and other main apps like this.

We hope you enjoyed our guide on all the best free VPNs for your firestick if so make sure you give this article a share.


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