10 Best IPTV Apps For Apple TV 2024

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We have had some emails recently asking which are the best IPTV apps for Apple TV so deiced to list 10 of the leading IPTV Apple TV apps so you can add them to your Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, iMac, or Macbook.

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Once you have purchased an IPTV subscription from your provider you will be able to access all their great IPTV content and VOD with any of the apps mentioned below. 

So let’s get to it…

The Best Apple TV IPTV Apps To Use In 2023

1. GSE Smart IPTV

The first app in our list is GSE Smart IPTV which you may have used before on Android-related devices such as Android smartphones or even Amazon firesticks.

With the GSE Smart IPTV app, you can easily watch live TV by simply entering your IPTV provider’s username, password, and server URL into the app.

The app also supports M3u playlists, database playlist formats, and JSON playlist formats while giving you a clean and neat user interface to use with full EPG support.

GSE IPTV is also a cross-platform application so you can install it on many other devices you own and the app works great across all devices.

2. IPTV Smarters Player Lite

You may know this app as IPTV Smarters Pro if you have used IPTV on an Android device, Smart TV, or Amazon firestick.

This is one of the most well-known and leading IPTV apps alongside the ever-so-popular TiviMate IPTV application.

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IPTV Smarters Player Lite allows you to link into your IPTV providers panel using the API, so this means you only need to enter a server URL, username, and password and all will work fast including the EPG as well.

Apart from supporting Xtream Codes API you can also load in your M3U playlist and add multiple IPTV providers in this app as well as Multi-EPG support.

You can also bookmark your favorite most-watched channel as well as make your own favorite category and have the ability to set a parental lock to block your IPTV provider’s adult channels.

3. Free IPTV Player

Free IPTV Player is a great little IPTV app that will help get you started quickly when you are in a rush to quickly load your favorite sporting event up.

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This is due to the app allowing you to load in your remote M3U playlist which you can get from your IPTV provider or the M3U file you may have been sent from your IPTV supplier.

Free IPTV Player is a multi-platform app so you can find this IPTV application on Android too.

Once you create a Free IPTV Player account you can use the same account across all your different devices and not just the AppleTV or iOS device.

The IPTV player will auto-scan for channels and let you preview the channel before you select it.

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4. IP Television

IP Television is a great IPTV app geared for Apple TVs where you can enjoy your favorite IPTV provider’s content.

This app is not only for iOS devices but can also be installed on Android devices such as Android Smart TVs, Android TV boxes, Smartphones, and Firesticks.

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IP Television comes with an easy-to-operate sleek interface and has full M3u8 support so you can load up your IPTV playlist with ease.

5. iPlayTV

Now when it comes to IPTV apps for the Apple TV we must admit that this app certainly wins out as the best-looking app due to its slick interface which looks pretty damn awesome when you’re using it.

The app has a price of around $6 to download but it’s worth it if you are looking for a good-looking interface with lots of functionality.

iPlayTV allows you to enter your M3U IPTV playlist and get to work enjoying a great IPTV experience and has its own VOD section to enjoy your IPTV provider’s movies and TV shows without any hiccups.

6. Cloud Stream IPTV Player

Well, we wouldn’t say this IPTV app for an Apple TV is top of the list due to its rather dull-looking interface but it has all the features and benefits you would expect from an IPTV app.

Cloud Stream IPTV Player can be put on any iOS device such as an iPod, iPhone, iPad, Macbook, and iMac.

When it comes to adding the IPTV to this app it’s as simple as copying and pasting your remote M3U URL that your IPTV provider provides or uploading your M3U file into the app.

The app also can be unlocked to the Pro version allows parental control, background stream playing, and the capability to use an external player when watching the IPTV channels.

Cloud Stream IPTV also supports JSON file formats with extensions of W3U or WISE.

7. OTTPlayer

Now, this app is up there when it comes to any app on any device as it’s a popular app across the platform board.

You may have used OTTPlayer before especially if you own a Panasonic Smart TV or other Android-based devices.

The app has a nice layout but where it stands out is its centralized website where you can take care of adding your IPTV playlist such as the M3U and then once you add OTTPlayer to your Apple TV or other devices it syncs back to the website.

This allows for easy setup by simplifying logging into the OTTPlayer website with your device to get watching IPTV quickly and easily.

The app supports M3U and M3u8 file formats and is certainly an app you should take for a test drive on your Apple TV.


IPTVX can easily rival iPlay when it comes to aesthetics due to its almost Netflix-like feel which makes IPTVX a breeze to navigate the interface on.

This app can be installed on any iOS device you own and allows you to set favorite channels, favorite categories, and parental controls and even has a recently watched and continue watching function when it comes to your IPTV supplier’s VOD content.

You are also able to sync IPTVX data across your iCloud to get one seamless IPTV experience.

So this is another app we would say to test on your Apple TV device.

9. Xtream IPTV

Don’t be confused with Xtream Codes which is the IPTV panel most IPTV providers choose to use. This app is also not made by Xtream Codes it just happens to have the same name.

Xtream IPTV is maybe the least favorable on our list as it has the worst user interface out of all the apps in our 10 best IPTV apps for Apple TV 2023 guide.

But don’t let this put you off it has some nice functionality when it comes to IPTV apps as it allows you to easily load up your M3U playlist or use your username, password, and server URL.

It also has its own VOD section, Catchup TV, and EPG section so you can use any of these sections to their full capabilities.

Xtream IPTV has its own video engine built in and allows you to easily find your favorite IPTV streams and preview the channels before selecting them.

10. Flex IPTV

Flex IPTV is pretty much a newcomer in the Apple TV IPTV app world but does have a good interface and carries all the functionality that the other apps on this list have.

Flex IPTV has full support for XMLTV EPG (TV Guide) and allows you to switch through multiple channels.

It’s also easy to add your M3U Playlist and get watching IPTV without much messing around.

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Best Apple TV IPTV Apps FAQ

Does IPTV Work Good On Apple TVs?

Yes, it will work just like on any other device if not better due to the apple TV’s strong processor and Ram.

Should I Use A VPN For IPTV On A AppleTV?

If you are based in any country which blocks IPTV when football is on such as the United Kingdom then we recommend you use a VPN on your Apple TV.

Can I Load M3U Playlists To My Apple TV?

Yes with all the apps mentioned in this article you can load in your M3U playlists and some apps mentioned will allow you to only enter your server URL, username, and password which you can get from your IPTV provider.

Final Thoughts

We have covered the best 10 IPTV apps for your Apple TV so you can always make sure you are using the best most up-to-date IPTV player and enjoy all the great features and benefits they offer.


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