10 Best IPTV Players for Windows 2022

With most people running PCs and laptops on windows and IPTV gaining more popularity each year we have put together the 10 best IPTV players for windows in 2022 so you can be sure to use the IPTV player that suits you on your home computer.

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IPTV is a great option for catching the latest live TV and live sports from the comfort of your own home or even from a Windows laptop when you are on the move and cant watch what you want from home.


What Does an IPTV Player Do

With IPTV running over the internet protocol this allows you to watch live TV via streaming from most devices on the market.

Every device will have an IPTV player app that you can use which is normally the best IPTV player for that device so you can get the best viewing experience.

There are 3 types of formats when it comes to IPTV which are:


This allows you to watch live Tv from around the world by streaming different world channels. This will help you catch the latest TV shows or live sports or even your favorite channels regardless of where you are located in the world.


Videos On Demand

Videos on demand or VOD allows you to watch movies and tv shows whenever you want using IPTV.

This means you can watch your favorite TV shows whichever season and episode you wish or the latest blockbuster movies and older movies. 

Video on demand is a great addition to IPTV as when you can’t find a live channel to watch you can go and watch TV shows, movies, or other content.

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Catch UP TV

Catch up TV or Timeshift is the ability to watch previous missed TV shows or live events where you couldn’t be at home at the time to catch it so you can easily choose the event or program and be able to catch it up.

But this is normally a small window of like only 3 days sometimes 7 days where you can catch anything that’s been on from a live IPTV channel.

Ok, now we have explained a little about IPTV and IPTV players it’s time to see which are the best IPTV players to use for your Windows PC.


Best Windows IPTV Players


MyIPTV Player

This is a great windows app and is better than using a VLC media player and Kodi as it’s more fluid and easy to set up and use.

It has more of a focus on just IPTV so you can even get EPG data (TV Guide) and more.

There is a separate video on demand section too which most of the other windows IPTV players don’t have. This just takes an M3U file or URL to work as well which your IPTV Provider normally sends out once you have placed an order with them.

In the IPTV section, you have Channels, Favourites, and Settings as well which makes this player simple and easy to use.

We have a guide on how you can install and setup MYIPTV player on your Windows PC.

Here are some of the quick pros of using MYIPTV Player

  • Built-in EPG support (TV Guide)
  • Groups of channels
  • Record Streams
  • Download Video-on-demand content
  • Stream HTTP protocol
  • Supports MPEG TS streams


Plex Media Server

You may know Plex for watching movies and tv shows but this can also be used as an IPTV player as it does have over 100 free IPTV channels you can watch using some free plex apps.

You will need to download the Plex Media Server to your Windows PC to be able to watch IPTV and set up the Plex Media Server by adding a third-party plugin called IPTV.bundle.

Plex works very well and we highly recommend it if you have a Plex subscription from your IPTV provider or somewhere else as it keeps all things in one place such as IPTV, Movies, and TV Shows.

A bonus with Plex is you can set it up on a plethora of devices such as iPhones, Laptops, Macbooks, Tablets, Android, Firesticks, and many more devices.

The Plex user interface is also very fluid and easy to use kind of like how the Netflix UI is which we are all used to by now.

Here are some of the benefits of using Plex as an IPTV Player:

  • Can enable hardware acceleration
  • Can control bandwidth and processor usage easier
  • Has parental control, mobile sync, and wireless photo syncing
  • Has a powerful music system built-in


VLC Media Player

This has to be one of the best all-around video players which also happens to be an IPTV player.

This is a free open source software that works great on windows based laptops or PCs but not only these devices but Macbooks, iPhones, Android, and more devices.

VLC media player has always had the capability to watch IPTV built in from the start and you can load in the IPTV via the M3U file or M3U URL link your IPTV provider sends you.

You can also check out our guide on how to watch IPTV on VLC Media Player

Most of the time you will receive an M3U URL so you just need to head over to Media –> Network –> Streams once you are inside the application.

Here are some of the pros of using VLC media player:

  • One of the most used windows video players
  • Supports the most video and music formats
  • Quick hardware decoding
  • No ads or intrusive spyware
  • Plays many different video formats such as webcams and more


Simple TV

This is another great IPTV player for windows due to its easy-flowing simple user interface and its ability to have many hotkeys programmed inside the application.

Simple TV also has support for full EPG (TV Guides) and scheduling your favorite shows so it can flip over to the channel when your tv show or live sports is about to come on.

This application also allows you to record up to 8 different live streaming channels at a time and to schedule recordings when you need.

Some pros of Simple TV are:

  • Supports WinLirc, UDPProxy, and LUA scripts
  • Can play multiple video streams at one time
  • Can re-order the channels around to your liking
  • Plays and records all streams you need it too


Free IPTV Player

This app is another windows IPTV player like MYIPTV player where its fluid in its user interface and easy to use.

Free IPTV Player allows you to effortless switch between channels, M3U playlists, public playlists, and more. 

It also has a YouTube player built into the app so you can watch any Youtube video you want from within the app which is a bonus considering all the other IPTV players does not have this function built-in.

You will need to enter the M3U URL that your IPTV provider would have supplied you with once you signed up. After entering the M3U URL you will be able to go through the channel categories of your provider with ease.

This windows player is a popular one when it comes to watching IPTV and we would recommend giving it a try.

Some pros of Free IPTV Player are:

  • Very easy to use interface and is fluid
  • Popular in countries such as Pakistan and Bangladesh
  • Small program size and quick to download and install
  • Totally free and is open source


Kodi IPTV Add-on

This is a great option if you have Kodi installed on your Windows laptop or PC, as you will not need to exit from the Kodi platform when you want to watch IPTV.

Kodi is a well-known media platform especially when it comes to watching movies and TV shows and is available on many devices so there is a high chance you already have Kodi installed.

We have put a guide together on how to install Kodi on IPTV so you can follow the guide and be up and running with your IPTV and Kodi.

You will need to enable a Kodi add-on called PVR iptv simple client which will then allow you to watch IPTV.

You will be able to stream channels, radio stations, and video on demand once you have the Kodi add-on all configured correctly.

If you happen to get stuck with anything Kodi has a massive community forum where you can easily ask for help and get answers to any problems quickly.

Pros of Kodi IPTV Add-on:

  • Stay on one platform and watch movies, IPTV, tv shows, and more
  • Change the user interface skins to one that suits your needs
  • Record live TV using MediaPortal, NextPVR, and more
  • Add many third-party add-ons 


IPTV Smarters Pro

This is an app you may be used to from using an android based device such as a smartphone or firestick. This is one of the most popular apps when using an android for IPTV.

This has now been ported so it can work on Windows devices which is a great option when it comes to IPTV players built for windows.

The great thing about this app is it has a separate section for videos on demand and also has a built-in catch-up TV which all the other IPTV players do not have.

The windows app is available in 2 ways the free demo version which will give you the feel of the app if you have never used it before and the Pro version which will fully unlock the app if you decided to purchase it.

When it comes to adding in your IPTV details you can use an M3U URL or what’s even better is you can quickly log in using your IPTV username, password, and server URL by adding these details to the Xtream Codes API section of the app.

The app also allows you to record streams too.

The pros of IPTV Smarters are:

  • A well-designed user interface
  • Most people are already used to the app
  • Can record streams
  • Available on iOS, Android, and more
  • Can custom design the app such as logo and backgrounds


Perfect Player

Another well-known android based app ported to windows is Perfect Player which is known for its modern and simple-to-use user interface which also looks the best out of all IPTV players.

Check this guide on how to run perfect player on windows

The app is free to download and use on windows which will then let you stream your IPTV provider’s content and is a pleasure on the eye when scrolling around.

We highly recommend you give this player a try it’s in our top 3 when it comes to using IPTV on windows.

Just be aware setting up the IPTV on this can be a little harder than most other IPTV players but once complete it will give you one of the best experiences when it comes to watching live streams and videos on demand.

Pros of Perfect Player:

  • Has M3U and XSPF support built-in
  • Good EPG Support
  • Advanced channel list management
  • Supports multiple languages 


OTTPlayer For Windows

This is another powerful IPTV player made for windows which you can even download straight from the Windows app store which is built into your laptop.

OTTPlayer gives you the ability to stream IPTV smoothly from your provider and even works on Windows smartphones and Surface Pro tablets.

You must enter the M3U URL you get from your IPTV supplier for the app to work. 

With this app, you have to also create a free account with OTTPlayer before you gain access to the app to put in the IPTV details.

OTTPlayer also works over a web browser if needed which makes this a great app and quick and easy access should you need to quickly flip on some live sports while you’re on the move.

Pros of OTTPlayer:

  • Supports many different protocols such as RTSP, RTMP, HLS, and more
  • Enjoy an ad-free viewing experience
  • Easy to manage channel playlists
  • Also supports M3u8 playlists 



ProgDVB is a shareware app meaning it has a free version and also a paid version. So to use its full functionality you would need to pay a small amount to fully unlock premium features of the windows IPTV player.

The app is one of the best on this list for performance and has a nice fluid interface too.

Once you have downloaded the app and opened it you will also have little quick start guides that will walk you through installing your IPTV within the app.

This app will also work on different devices such as Smartphones, Windows, and Smart TVs.

It also has numerous settings you can play about with such as channel zoom, timeshift, stream record, favorite lists, and more.

Not only this the free version, as well as the premium version, includes different protocols such as HDTV, IPTV, DVB-S, and more.

Pros of ProgDVB:

  • Supports all popular digital protocol formats
  • Can customize the user interface
  • Great built-in EPG (TV Guide) support
  • Supports high definition streams 
  • Has picture in picture functionality built-in



There you have it, the 10 best IPTV players for windows 2022 so you can be sure to use the best one that suits your preferences.

You have mostly free players in the list and some paid but all are great players and we recommend you test each one and see which one you like the best.


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