9 Best Kodi Sports Addons (2024)

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If you have an android based device such as a firestick, android tv box, smartphone, or PC you may still have Kodi on it but not sure which are the best Kodi sports apps that you can currently download in 2021. This guide will provide the solution to your Kodi sports addon problem.

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Normally the Kodi sports apps are made by 3rd party Kodi developers who normally operate the Kodi add-ons themselves which is not always ideal as this can lead to long delays in bug fixing and even the developers shutting the Kodi sports add-ons down after some time which you may have seen in the past.

So in this guide, we decided to test over 25+ Kodi sports add-ons to see which ones are the best and work fine then deliver to you our findings so you don’t have to do the work with looking for the best addons to use.

Just a quick note you will need to use a VPN when accessing anything to do with Kodi or streaming anything that may be copyrighted so we advise using the best VPN for Kodi by clicking the image below.

Now after that being said let’s dive into the best Kodi sports add-ons so make sure you read about each add-on as they will all have different features and channels.

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9 Kodi Sports Addons


Maverick is a new add-on on the Kodi block which also has more than just sports on serving entertainment channels as well. But it is also known for covering many sports such as WWE, UFC, and more within the add-on.

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But apart from the live TV, you can catch with Maverick it doesn’t stop at being just a sports addon for Kodi you can also watch the latest movies, TV shows, Kids, and Documentaries to making this a very nice all in one type of add-on to bring the best to Kodi for you.

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Sports Devil

Now if you have been around for a minute you would have heard of this add-on and also the website as it’s very popular in its league of live sport Kodi apps.

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This add-on not only allows you to watch live sports but highlights from the live sports, events, and news-making it a great sports add-on. 

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What Sports Are On SportsDevil

  • Football (Soccer)
  • Football (American)
  • Formula 1
  • Boxing
  • UFC
  • Tennis 
  • Ice Hockey
  • Baseball
  • Cricket
  • And many more sports

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So we can say SportsDevil is one of the leaders of the sports addons for Kodi and you can catch all the famous world sporting tournaments such as:

  • UEFA
  • IPL
  • PSL
  • Women’s Cricket
  • Olympics
  • WSC
  • And more

Another bonus with this app is it does show many streams in HD quality sometimes 1080p and if you are lucky you may even find 4K resolution streams.

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cCloud TV

cCloud TV is another very popular addon when it comes to Kodi or any other platform such as plex, Android devices, and more. You can also use cCloud no matter what device you have such as a smartphone, Computer, or android media device.

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This is a cool addon as it provides you with live sporting events, tournaments, news, and more and also covers some of the major sporting events coming out of USA, UK, Middle East, and France but has most other country sports too.

This add-on is also similar to Maverick mentioned above in that it also provides you with Movies, TV shows, and videos on Demand you can easily watch too.

But the app has seemed to be banned if you use a USA IP address so be sure you are using the best VPN for Kodi and you will be able to access everything on Kodi with ease.


Again if you have been around this scene for a while you will of heard of mobdro a lot even from your friends down at the pub telling you about this great Kodi sports addon.

Mobdro actually started as an android app you could install on your android based device such as an amazon firestick or android tv box but they have also released their Kodi addon which allows Mobdro to be run inside Kodi as an addon.

The good thing with Mobdro is, not only does it provide live sports but also you can watch many other live channels from Entertainment channels, Movies, TV shows, News, and more.

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The bonus feature when using Mobdro is it has its own section for sports and will show you what live sports are on and which sporting events are coming up too. It also has a nice search function built in to easily find any content you are searching for.

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TVTap is another leading Kodi sports add-on when it comes to streaming live sports. This add-on provides you with all the live sports from around the world and also other channels such as Entertainment channels, Documentaries, News, Music, and Movie streams.

TVTap also provides you with a large range of country sports you can watch live from the major sporting countries such as the USA, UK, Canada, to even smaller sporting countries such as the Philippines.

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Another thing we like about TVTap is that not only does it have a Kodi add-on but it also has it’s on APK meaning this can be installed on your Android-based devices such as firesticks, Nvidia Sheilds, Android-based Smart TV, and Android TV Boxes.

RedBull TV

This add-on is great for all extreme sports fans and those fans of Redbull TV on satellite and cable boxes. This is great to see such a big sporting platform bring their own Kodi add-on out so you can watch their live tv channels and catch all the great sporting events run and hosted by Redbull.

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You can also disable your VPN when using Redbull TV as this carries no piracy issues and is official from Redbull TV. 

If you are used to watching on their website, Cable, or app on your Tv now it’s time to put it inside Kodi and not worry about leaving Kodi again to load the Redbull TV app somewhere else.

iPlayer WWW

Most of you know about BBC iPlayer but you may not have heard of BBC iPlayer WWW which covers the sporting events from the NFL, Soccer, Football, Tennis, Superbowl, Boxing, and much more.

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The iPlayer WWW is just another name for BBC iPlayer but it is made especially for Kodi this add-on and apart from enjoying all the sporting events, highlights, replays, and more you can also enjoy watching movies, documentaries, and TV shows through this Kodi add-on.

If you are based in the UK you can use this app easily without a VPN but unfortunately for anyone who is trying to use this outside the UK, you must activate your VPN and set to the United Kingdom to be able to use this great Kodi sports add-on.

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NBC Sports Live Extra

If you are based in the USA there is no doubt you have heard of NBC sports and the whole NBC Network. These are giants of the sporting networks and have great coverage of sports from Soccer, Football, Tennis, Golf, and much more.

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You can not only watch the latest cutting-edge sporting events but you can also catch all the replays and highlights in case you missed the live sporting event.

The user interface of this app is very smooth and it’s easy to find your choosen sports with its fluid menus and another bonus is you can download this straight from the Kodi repository without having to add in other repositories or mess around.

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Rising Tides

Rising Tides is another great newer Kodi sports add-on that boasts over 200 live channels you can watch and it doesn’t matter which country you are in to watch these channels such as the iplayer www has.

Rising Tides covers all the main sports such as Soccer, Cricket, NBA, NFL, WWE to the more minor sports such as Horse Racing and Darts (Yes OK, we know these 2 are also big in the United Kingdom)

The developers seem to be active with this and giving it fresh new updates and making the add-on better in numerous ways. 

Another bonus is this Kodi add-on also is supported to use with the latest version of Kodi which is “Kodi 19 Matrix” (sounds kind of cool).


So there you have it a complete guide on the 9 best Kodi sports add-ons that you can add to Kodi in 2021 and they work fine just make sure you are also using a VPN like the one we mentioned at the top of the article to have no problems with the Kodi Sports Add-ons.

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