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With Apollo IPTV recently shutting down which gave access to premium apollo group iptv, everyone is looking for the an alternative IPTV provider to use.

Тук в Силна IPTV, we offer everything Apollo IPTV had as well as more as we have over 60,000+ IPTV channels and the best movie and TV catalog out of all the current providers out there.

You can be sure that Strong IPTV is solid replacement for the Appollo TV app.

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What Is Apollo IPTV?

Appollo IPTV is was an IPTV provider that included many TV channels including many premium movies and TV shows on your firestick and android devices using their own application apollo iptv.

The Apollo IPTV offered around 1000 IPTV channels and was a little pricey at $25 per month.

What Alternatives Are They To Apollo Group IPTV?

This can be the issue with free apps, they gain their fame and then got taken down over the course of a few months leaving you looking for the next best IPTV or movie app.

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But with Strong IPTV we have been around a long time and offer the best in IPTV and movies with our own apps just like Apollo TV you can use and enjoy the same amount of content without the worry of our apps disappearing.

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Also, we offer over 60,000 IPTV channels and all the movies and TV shows you could think of, whereas with Apollo TV group you were only getting 1000 channels on their IPTV subscription.

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AppolloTV also only offers 5000 movies and TV shows and with Strong IPTV you are getting well over 1000,000+ movies and TV shows all for half the price.

Did Apollo TV Group Allow You To Use A VPN?

Yes, you were able to use a VPN with Appollo TV group app named “application apollo iptv”, and with our IPTV service, you can use a VPN as well.

It’s more important than ever to use a VPN as this will keep your IP private and if you are from certain countries that block the IPTV servers when live football is on a VPN will get around this.

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Apart from keeping your IP address private and secure using a VPN will also stop your internet provider from throttling your bandwidth when their network gets busy, such as in the evenings and on weekends.


With Apollo Group IPTV now shut down the next best option is to use Силна IPTV and get X10 more channels and Movies to get the best in home entertainment.

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