How To Allow IPTV Through BT Web Protect

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If you have your internet with BT then sometimes your IPTV could be blocked by a setting which sometimes can be turned on called BT web protect, so in this guide, we will be teaching you how to allow IPTV through BT web protect.

But first, let’s see what exactly is BT web protect.

What Is BT Web Protect?

BT web protect is a security product made by BT that can help protect against scams, viruses, and phishing attacks.

BT web protect helps against malicious websites which can be used to inject viruses, malware, or inject adware in your web browser.

Not only does BT web protect secure your web browser on your PC/laptop but can be used on all different devices such as iPads, tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices.

Features Of BT Web Protect

  • Protects many devices you own
  • Can be set up using
  • It doesn’t affect the speed of your broadband
  • Warns about malicious websites before you connect to the website
  • Works for any links you click and links in your emails
  • Can easily be overridden for any websites you know to be safe

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How To Disable BT Web Protect (Smart Setup)

You will want to make sure that your web protect (Smart Setup) is turned OFF when you are using any IPTV services or live streaming websites. To do this follow the below steps.

  1. From your PC, laptop, or mobile web browser go to  http://bthomehub.home (make sure you are on your home wifi)
  2. Go into Advanced settings
  3. Enter your admin details to log into the web page. (These details will be on the back of your BT home hub)
  4. Go into advanced settings
  5. Choose Home Network then Smart Setup
  6. Make sure to choose No to disable BT web protect (Smart Setup)

Another alternative method you can do to turn off the BT web protect to allow IPTV through it is to.

  1. Log into your BT account on their website
  2. Choose My BT
  3. Go to Manage My Extras
  4. Where it says ‘Your included extras’ turn OFF the BT Web Protect setting
  5. Now wait around 2 hours for the service to be removed

If you have followed the above you may get your IPTV back working if you have been having an issue with it.

If not then see the below.

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How To Get IPTV Working With BT

If you have turned off both BT Web Protect and Smart Setup and the IPTV is not working then there is a very high chance that BT can be blocking the internet server on your internet connection.

But luckily there is an easy solution for this you can purchase a cheap VPN with PureVPN which offers the best quality VPN service at a lost cost and this will resolve any IPTV issues you have been having.

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Once you have a VPN you can install the pureVPN app across many different devices and get your IPTV back working as it should be.

The reason your IPTV is not working will most likely be because of the football block most UK internet providers have when football is on.

To see a more detailed article about this check out our Why You Must Use A VPN For IPTV to learn more.

BT Web Protect IPTV FAQ

Is It Better To Keep BT Web Protect Turned Off At All Times?

Yes, we recommend it so that when you watch IPTV or any type of streaming website you won’t run into too much trouble with the IPTV or live streaming websites.

Should I Use A VPN Instead Of Turning Off BT Web Protect?

when it comes to IPTV you should always use a VPN, especially with internet providers who block IPTV when sports are on.

If you use a VPN the BT web protect being ON or OFF won’t matter then as well.

Is BT A Good Internet Provider In The UK?

Yes, there is no issue having BT as they offer some great deals and some of the highest speeds on par with Virgin Media.

The only issue is they can block IPTV so you will need to use a VPN always when using your subscription from your IPTV provider.

Final Thoughts

We have shown you how to allow IPTV through BT web protect and what to do if your IPTV is not working with BT, so be sure to do all the things mentioned in this guide and you will have a trouble-free IPTV experience.


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