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See our pricing structure below this is not subscription based so you only have to pay once and then renew manually. Our prices are competitive for the great iptv service you recieve and the extra related iptv services. You will see we have some of the best IPTV around. 

Once you buy a IPTV subscription you can come back to the bottom of this page and see how to set up the IPTV on your device.

1 Month

£ 10 1 Payment
  • 13,000+ HD Channels
  • Videos On Demand
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • HD Quality
  • Quick Support Included

3 Months

£ 19 1 Payment
  • 13,000+ HD Channels
  • Videos On Demand
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • HD Quality
  • Quick Support Included

12 Months

£ 40 1 Payment
  • 13,000+ HD Channels
  • Videos On Demand
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • HD Quality
  • Quick Support Included

6 Months

£ 30 1 Payment
  • 13,000+ HD Channels
  • Videos On Demand
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • HD Quality
  • Quick Support Included


Here at Strong IPTV you can be sure to get some of the highest quality iptv channels around and a great service. We have a massive range of premium iptv channels from around the world so you can be sure your country is in our list no matter where you live.

Apart from us offering a big range of channels we also have a big collection of VOD for when you want to relax and watch a movie, you will be sure to make the right choice with us.


There is a range of benifits using a Strong IPTV.. You get a great IPTV expereince and home entertainment with videos on demand and more. You also can put our IPTV on as many devices as you can think of due to our IPTV working on most devices you may already own such as amazon firesticks, firetv, android boxes, game consoles and many more devices.

Last but not least you dont have to look around for rubbish free streams when you use a private iptv provider such as oursleves.

Great Service

We help you should you have any issues with your IPTV or devices

HD Channels

Get the best in iptv so you can enjoy HD channels and more

Competitive Prices

We offer competitive prices for the quality you get

But it doesn’t stop there we have a growing list of videos on demand from the latest blockbusters to the best in movies across the years all on demand so you can just click and watch a movie without issues. We cover a lot of different countries in different categories so everyone is able to watch in their native language but we have most of the movies in English language.

Enjoy VOD Content

Make sure to see our videos on demand collection to catch up with the latest movies and TV shows

Stream On Many Devices

No matter what devices you have at home you can be sure our IPTV is compatable

HD IPTV channels

You will get the best HD quality with our streams so you can enjoy IPTV 

Buy IPTV Service

We are one of the leading iptv suppliers with over 11,000+ HD  channels for your viewing pleasure. We have every country and most of their channels so you can rest assured we have what you need in great HD quality and freeze free always up 24/7 servers.

We are always adding IPTV channels to our serivce and new content and catergories so you can be sure of getting the best around. 

We are different to many other providers as we the most and best streams plus our support system is not matched as we have very fast help and support should you require any help with anything IPTV related.

So this helps especially if you are new to IPTV as we can give you A+ support on setting your device up with our service and more.

Devices Your IPTV Subscription Can Work On

Our IPTV works on a range of different devices so you can rest assured you have a device it will work on without issues. 

Here is a small list below if you don’t see your device listed let us know what device you have and we can let you know if it works on your device but most devices its works on great are listed below.

With more IPTV devices coming onto the market each year you can be sure we keep our system up to date so your new device will work with our iptv once you have puchased a iptv subscription.

You can click the image of your device to see how to set up your device.

smart iptv
Smart IPTV
amazon devices
All Amazon Devices
Android Devices
All Zgemma Boxes
xbox one
Xbox One
playstation 4
Playstation 4
android tablet
Android Tablets

And Many More Devices

If your device is not listed above then check out our blog to find your device so you can set up the IPTV on it

Our IPTV Service In Numbers

1 %

Over 90% happy customers

1 %

Over 99% server uptime

1 %

Love we put into it


“Been using Strong IPTV for the last 2 years and I’m so glad I found them. Their channels are high quality, unlike the other iptv providers I have used in the past. I find the IPTV to work great on many different IPTV devices I have tested. Thanks for looking after me strong IPTV I will surely recommend you”
Strong IPTV Customer
“Great service and top team. I have been with you now for 6 months and must admit it’s the leading IPTV services around. Some of my mates are with different people and are not getting a good service so when their subscription runs out they are coming to you. Keep up the good work”
Strong IPTV Customer
“I was a bit recluntant to join this iptv provider due to some reviews I read online but I did see some good ones so decided to join with them and it was the best decision I have made regarding IPTV due to the quality iptv streams they provide definitly the best provider around. A+++++”
Strong IPTV Customer
"I have been with Strong IPTV now for over 4 months and im very impressed. They offer the best quality service including HD channels and have good support and have helped me with different iptv devices setting them up"
Strong IPTV Customer
"I joined Strong IPTV from the very start and have not needed to move away to other iptv suppliers as they provide everything I need all in one place and also have great compatability with many of the devices I use"
Strong IPTV Customer
"I was recommend to Strong IPTV from a friend and ever since joing them I have had a great iptv service and will continue to use them. I also got a new firestick and was unsure how to set it up but the team helped me through it with their amazing support"
Strong IPTV Customer

The Best UK IPTV Service And Provider Around

You will be sure to get the best in world iptv including iptv uk channels and also usa iptv channels. Strong IPTV is one of the best iptv uk providers with one of the biggest selection of iptv channels

The iptv service you will receive is second to none and includes top had iptv streams so you can enjoy live TV at its best. So if you are after the bestiptv then look no further than Strong IPTV

Why Choose Strong IPTV

When you buy an IPTV subscription from us you will get over 13,000 high-quality channels most in HD quality and a massive range of video on demand. Our channel coverage spans many worldwide countries including the USA iptv subscription, Canada, UK iptv subscription, Italy, Spain, UAE, Germany, France, South America, Turkey, Afghanistan, Russia, Poland, and many more countries our IPTV covers.


We are also VPN friendly if you choose to use a VPN but it is not needed with our IPTV and we have a quick customer support team ready to help you through any setup of our IPTV on any device you wish to use.

Our channels are very stable and apart from most being HD quality we also have the EPG installed so you can see what’s on or coming up same as a TV guide.


We also have our own free android app you can download once you are a customer and this will allow you to easily watch the IPTV the fastest way on any android device or amazon firestick.

We are one of the best iptv providers uk and offer the best iptv service usa and for many more countries.


Do I need A VPN With Strong IPTV

When you use our IPTV you do not need to use a VPN which with a lot of other IPTV providers you may need to use a VPN but with our service, you can rest assured our service does not need any VPN or have any disruptions in viewing when sports are on. You can see more about why this happens with other IPTV services by reading our best vpn for iptv blocks

If you happen to be using a VPN which we suggest if you watch free movies or anything using the great free movie app called Cinema HD then we suggest you use this VPN (save up to 70% OFF) as it is one of the best for movie streaming and more when using devices such as android boxes, firesticks, windows, laptops and more.

So yes you do not need to use a VPN but if you are using your device for anything else such as free movies using a free movie app we suggest you get the VPN above for this but for our IPTV it is not needed. You can see our guide on how to install cinemaHD to your firestick or android box.

What Is The Price Of Strong IPTV

We have 4 IPTV price packages depending on how long you want a subscription from us we do 

1 Month£15
3 Months£23
6 Months£35
12 Months£50

This allows you to watch our IPTV on many devices but it will only allow one connection meaning you will be able to watch just one channel at a time per device. If you are wanting to watch multiple devices at the same time we do offer big discounts for more than 1 connection if needed.

The quality and the price you pay is worth it as we are one of the leading long-standing IPTV providers around.

Does Your IPTV Cover Sports

Yes, we cover a vast range of sports that other IPTV providers don’t cover we have all your standard sports but also we show all the sporting leagues from around the world so whatever your favorite sport we are sure to have it and even the special events sports which some other IPTV suppliers do not cover.

We also cover all the football no matter who is playing you will be sure to catch your favorite team on one of our 13,000 IPTV channels.

Another great way to catch your favorite team is to check this website here and choose the competition your team is playing in then it will tell you the channel they are playing on then you can easily select that channel with our IPTV.

We cover many sports from the main ones such as NFL, NBA, NHL, F1, Football, Boxing, UFC and so much more.

Devices To Use With IPTV Providers

There is no shortage of devices you can use with our IPTV and other IPTV providers some of the best devices to use for IPTV is below:

  • Amazon Firestick
  • Amazon Fire TV Cube
  • Mag Box
  • Laptop (Windows/macOS/Linux)
  • Android TV Box
  • Android Smartphone
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • and more devices

We update our blog with great content but also with how to set up your device to work with your IPTV subscriptions, so you will want to keep an eye on our blog each week to see any news or new guides we make on setting up your IPTV.

What To Do If Your IPTV Providers Streams Are Buffering

With Strong IPTV, with it being one of the best iptv service you don’t get any buffering as such but you may get this with your current IPTV provider so we will note a few things you can try that may solve this issue.

You will need to make sure you have a modern router and set the Quality of service (QoS) to prioritize video content which can help to make sure your streams play fine.

If using a VPN you will also want to make sure you are using a good VPN that does not slow your network down and keeps full speed allowing the streams to play fine without buffering we recommend only this VPN for IPTV streaming and you can also save up to 70% so a great deal they have on.

If not using a VPN depending on your ISP (internet provider) they can throttle your home broadband speed at certain times of the day or weekends or if you are using a lot of bandwidth so you may want to consider getting a VPN to avoid this problem so you can see the VPN we only recommend above.

If using a Wifi connection make sure the router is close by the device or the device is not old and losing its wifi strength. Also, make sure there is no interference with any other electronic devices that are causing interruption with your wifi signal between your router and IPTV device.

We recommend if your router is far away in another room which is quite far from the actual IPTV device that you get something called a WiFi Range Extender this will allow you to get full wifi strength by plugging in your power socket and boosting the wifi in your house. They can be purchased from Amazon for low prices.


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