Can You Watch IPTV On An Apple TV

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When it comes to watching IPTV there is a big range of devices you can watch it on from Android boxes, and Amazon firesticks to Smart TVs but you may be wanting to know if can you watch IPTV on an Apple TV or on any other Apple device and if so, what IPTV apps are best suited to an apple TV or iOS device.

Can You Watch IPTV On A Apple TV?

Yes, you can watch IPTV on an Apple TV or any other Apple iOS device but you will not be able to sideload the IPTV app on the iOS device like you can with android based devices.

When it comes to the Apple TV operating system which is named TvOS formally called Apple TV Software which apple choose to more closely align the name with its desktop and Macbook OS named MacOS.

Apple TVOS for Apple TV

Due to all the operating systems made by Apple whether that’s TvOS or MacOS they are closed source firmware meaning you can not modify any part of the operating system or add any third-party apps that are not passed through Apple first.

So this creates a slight issue whereas Android is an open source operating system and has many developers making apps apple can be less so when it comes to IPTV apps.

The Best IPTV Apps To Install On Your Apple TV

As previously mentioned you will only have access to IPTV apps that are available in the official iOS app store so we will name a few below which you can download and install from your iOS store.

  • GSE IPTV Player
  • IPTV Smarters Lite
  • iPlayTV

We have an article on The 10 Best IPTV Apps For Apple TV so you can see all the IPTV apps you can install right from the iOS store.

Which IPTV Apps Does Strong IPTV Recommend For the Apple TV?

After messing around with an Apple TV we had at the Strong IPTV HQ we only have 2 IPTV apps installed with one of them being our main driver and the other being a backup type of IPTV app.


iPlayTV app for apple tv

The app we recommend here at Strong IPTV is the iPlayTV app. This is one of the best apps made for all apple based devices.

It has the best GUI and user interface and is very smooth to operate but you will need to pay for it at a one-off cost of £5.99 which you can find in the app store and pay for it there.

iPlayTV channel selection screen

To download and then set up iPlayTV you can see our full tutorial on How To Set Up iPlayTV On A Apple TV or iPhone.


gse iptv app for apple tv

Now this is the second app we would recommend as it’s not as good as iPlayTV but is better than most of the rest of the IPTv apps made for Apple devices.

The reason we did not just recommend 1 IPTV app is that some people may want to use a free IPTV app as opposed to paying £5.99 for iPlayTV.

So with GSE IPTV you can download and use it for free. There is a paid premium version of GSE IPTV player but it just takes away any small ads that may pop up as you use the IPTV app.

GSE IPTV Player main screen selection

You can see our guide on How To Set Up GSE IPTV Player On A Apple TV, iPad, Or iPhone to install and use this great IPTV app now.

Final Thoughts

We have answered the question of can you watch IPTV on an apple tv and the best IPTV apps to use on your Apple TV both free and paid so you can open up your Apple TV to a world of entertainment and not be stuck with what Apple offers.

See Why IPTV Is Good To Use On An Apple TV.


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