The Ultimate Guide For Changing DNS For Your IPTV Device

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If you are with an IPTV provider and suffer from some freezing and buffering then the problem can be that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can be doing something called “Bandwidth Throttling”.

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In this guide, we will cover how to fix this by using a VPN or help it by changing the DNS settings on your IPTV device.

The Ultimate Guide For Changing DNS For Your IPTV Device

Previously this was called net neutrality but bandwidth throttling can affect many IPTV users and cause freezing especially around peak hours when your watching your IPTV streams.

Bandwidth throttling has become more common throughout the years due to the many different types of content we consume online from IPTV, Netflix, Video websites, and torrenting.

What Is Bandwidth Throttling?

Bandwidth throttling is a method your internet service provider uses to purposely slow down your bandwidth speed to minimize bandwidth congestion and regulate traffic better on their network.

isp bandwidth throttling iptv

But as an end-user, this can be annoying if you notice this may be happening to you as it will cause problems for you when you are trying to watch IPTV and other content online but there are some fixes.

Before we get into how to fix bandwidth throttling first we will cover how to see if your bandwidth is being throttled by your internet provider.

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How To Know If Your Internet Provider Is Throttling Your Bandwidth

Luckily this isn’t too hard to figure out, especially if you are getting IPTV freezes, stutters, and black screens. Or Netflix or Youtube problems.

The first thing you should do is notice the time, is it peak hours or weekends when this is happening? As most bandwidth throttling will happen around weekends, evenings, and holidays.

Now if you suspect your bandwidth is being throttled you should head here to and run a speed test to see if your download and upload speed is close to what you signed up for with your internet provider?

If you are getting quite considerably lower speeds than what you’re paying for then there is a very high chance your bandwidth is being throttled.

How To Fix Bandwidth Throttling?

The only 100% way to stop bandwidth throttling is to use a VPN as this will secure and hide your internet data packets which will completely stop bandwidth throttling.

You will need to use one which works well with IPTV, we highly recommend using this VPN below which works great with IPTV and allows multiple connections for your IPTV devices.

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Now if you don’t want to purchase a VPN you can change your DNS settings on your IPTV device which will help not only your IPTV viewing and avoid IPTV stream freezes but will also speed up other content and apps you use on your IPTV device.

Now changing the DNS on your IPTV device wont completely stop bandwidth throttling but it will help a lot and especially if you use Cloudflare DNS settings which we cover in the guides below.

The reason Cloudflare DNS works best is that most IPTV providers are using Cloudflare on their IPTV servers so this lessons any latency when you are watching IPTV streams making them run smoother and fewer freezes if any.

Why Change Your DNS?

Whether you are just wanting to change your DNS for IPTV, we highly recommend you change your DNS on all the devices you use from smartphones, Smart TVs, laptops, and more due to your internet speed getting a slight increase in speed over using your internet providers DNS settings.

So with all the above being said, it’s time to jump in and get to the guides on how to do it on any device you own that you may use for IPTV.

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We will start with the amazon firestick then cover all other types of devices so just scroll down the page now to whatever device you have your IPTV on.

Remember the best method to completely stop any bandwidth throttling is to use a VPN which we mentioned above as this is the only true fix.

If you don’t want to buy a VPN subscription then follow the below to change the DNS which will help and may eradicate any IPTV problems for you such as freezing etc.

How To Change DNS On A Amazon Firestick

To begin with, you will need to grab a few details about your internet network so you can enter them on the firestick. So first using your smartphone head over to this app called IP Tools and download it on your android smartphone or iPhone. 

Once you have downloaded the app make sure your smartphone is connected to your home wireless network that your firestick is also connected to them open the app.

Now scroll down in the app to the section just under the word Proxy lists and write down these 2 settings below

Broadcast address


Now you can close the app and head over to your firestick as it’s time to change the DNS settings on your firestick.

Ok follow the below steps to change the DNS settings on the firestick:

  1. Press home button on the firestick remote
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Click inside Network
  4. Select your Wifi network and click the 3-lined icon on your remote to forger the network
  5. Now press ok on the network and enter your Wifi password in but do not click connect
  6. Once you have entered your Wifi password in, click on Advanced
  7. Now you will see it say “Enter the IP Address
  8. First, check the broadcast IP you wrote down earlier does it start like this 192.168.0, or is it like this 192.168.1
  9. You will need to enter your IP address same as the broadcast IP but change the last digit or digits to 249
  10. So if your broadcast IP address is (example) enter this IP address in the firestick
  11. Alternatively, if your broadcast IP is (example) enter this IP address in the firestick
  12. Once you have entered the IP address in your firestick using one of the last 2 steps then click Next
  13. For the Gateway enter the IP address you wrote down earlier, the gateway then click Next
  14. Now for the Network Prefix, Length enter 24 and click Next
  15. Now we have arrived finally at the most important part the DNS settings for this we will use Cloudflare DNS as this works best for all IPTV providers make sure to enter the DNS settings below correctly
  16. For DNS 1 enter this (make sure to put the dots between the numbers) now click next
  17. For DNS 2 enter this (make sure to put the dots between the numbers)
  18. Once done click Connect

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Ok, that’s it pat yourself on the back as that was quite some steps but luckily you will never need to do this again unless you somehow accidentally click on forget network or you use another wifi network in the future.

You can press the home button then go into your IPTV app and watch the streams without many freezes or none at all and also watch other content on your firestick with more fast speeds and a smoother internet-based experience on your favorite streaming apps.

change dns lg smart tv

How To Change The DNS On A LG Smart TV

  1. Press menu on the LG remote and go into Settings
  2. Scroll down to Network then choose Network connection
  3. Click on Set Expert
  4. Under the IP mode choose Dynamic
  5. Then under DNS server select Manual
  6. Now enter these DNS settings in below or 

Now that’s it, simply restart your LG smart TV and the DNS settings will be saved and be in effect giving you a better IPTV experience.

change dns samsung smart tv

How To Change The DNS Settings On A Samsung Smart TV

  1. On the Samsung remote press Menu
  2. Now go into Settings
  3. Choose Network
  4. Now choose Network Status
  5. You will see 3 buttons. Select IP Settings
  6. Select DNS Setting and choose Enter Manually
  7. Enter the DNS settings below or

Now restart your Samsung smart TV for the new DNS settings to take effect.

chnage dns sony smart tv

How To Change The DNS Settings On A Sony Smart TV

  1. Press the home button on your Sony TV remote
  2. Choose Network Setup
  3. Select Expert
  4. Choose the Wireless or Wired LAN you are connected to
  5. Select Status Info
  6. Write down your IP address on a piece of paper
  7. Go back to Network and choose Advanced Options
  8. Click on IP Settings
  9. Choose Static
  10. Now enter the IP address you wrote down in step 6 but after the last full stop put this number instead 249 so your IP address should look like one of these or
  11. Now click Next
  12. In the Gateway enter the IP address of your router if you don’t know what it is follow the steps in the Changing DNS Settings for firestick further back in this guide
  13. Now enter in 24 for the Network Prefix Length and click on Next
  14. Now enter this DNS setting for DNS1 and click next
  15. Now for the DNS2 enter this DNS in and click Next
  16. Now press OK

Now you just need to restart your Sony Smart TV for the DNS settings to be applied.

change dns apple tv

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How To Change The DNS Settings On A Apple TV

  1. Press the Settings button on Apple TV remote
  2. Go into Network
  3. Click on Network again
  4. Select the Wifi
  5. Choose the Wifi network you’re connected to
  6. Scroll down and select Configure DNS
  7. Choose Manual from the option of Automatic or Manual
  8. In the DNS server address enter this DNS and save the settings
  9. Now go back to the main screen and choose Settings and Sleep
  10. Unplug your Apple TV and wait for 10 seconds then plug your Apple TV back into the power socket

That’s it your Apple TV DNS settings have been changed.7

change dns apple iphone

How To Change The DNS Settings On A Apple iPhone

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Choose whatever Wifi network you are connected to
  3. In the DNS field enter these DNS server addresses and
  4. Go a step back to Wifi to save the settings
change dns ipad

How To Change The DNS Settings On A iPad

  1. Go into Settings on your iPad
  2. Click on Wifi then the wireless network you are connected too
  3. Enter these addresses in the DNS server address and
  4. Go back to Wifi to save the settings
change dns android

How To Change The DNS Settings On A Android

  1. Go into Settings on your Android device
  2. Select Wifi and press and hold on the Wifi network to a dialog box appears
  3. Choose Modify Network Config
  4. Check Show Advanced Settings
  5. Change the IP setting to Static
  6. In the DNS1 and DNS2 enter these 2 addresses below and

Now that’s it, just simply restart your device for the settings to take full effect.

change dns mag box device

How To Change The DNS Settings On A MAG Box Device

  1. Go into Settings on the Mag device
  2. Select System Settings
  3. Click on Network and press on Auto(DHCP) to change it to Manual DNS
  4. Enter these DNS settings in or 

Now simply restart your mag box and now your Mag device will be using the new DNS settings.

vpn router dns settings

Use A VPN Router

As we mentioned earlier on in this guide the only true 100% way to avoid IPTV issues and ISP bandwidth throttling or IPTV blocks is to use a VPN.

A good way of doing this is buying a wireless router that has VPN capabilities built-in or a dedicated VPN router.

Doing this method will allow all your devices and computers in your home to run on a VPN avoiding any bandwidth throttling issues and IPTV problems.


It’s always best to change the DNS on your IPTV device even if you do not intend to use the device for IPTV. 

This will give you the best Internet speeds and low latency so you will be able to see a nice performance increase on your device whether you are watching IPTV, Netflix, Youtube, or browsing the web.


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