Chimera IPTV – How to Install For Firestick And Android

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If you are looking for a free IPTV app to use then Chimera IPTV is a good IPTV app when you’re talking free IPTV. In this guide, we will show you how to install Chimera IPTV on your firestick or android device.

Please Notice: When using free IPTV apps this is nowhere near as good quality as opting for a paid IPTV service with one of the best leading IPTV providers so we strongly recommend using a paid IPTV service such as our own Strong IPTV.

chimera iptv How to Install For Firestick And Android

What Is Chimera IPTV

Chimera IPTV is an android based app where you can watch up to 6000 free IPTV channels for free and including movies and TV shows.

The Chimera IPTV apk works great with any android based device and amazon firesticks.

Should I Use A VPN For Chimera IPTV

Yes, with chimera IPTV being a free streaming app it’s always best to use a VPN on these types of free streaming apps.

This is will make your privacy and IP address secure and do not leak to any authority who may be tracking the IP addresses which are connected to the streams if you are watching copyright content.

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How To Download And Install Chimera IPTV

We will be showing you 2 methods below where you can install chimera IPTV on either an amazon firestick or an Android device.

chimera iptv main screen

Installing Chimera IPTV On A Firestick

We will start off on how to download and install the chimera IPTV apk on your amazon devices such as a firestick or fire TV box.

The first step before you get to installing this app is to make sure you have the app Downloader installed and have to allow apps from unknown sources within the firesticks setting.

  • From the firestick home screen choose settings (little settings cog)
  • Select My Fire TV or Device
  • Click Developer Options
  • Select Apps From Unknown Sources
  • Make sure to choose ON
  • Click Turn On on the confirmation notification box
chimera iptv for firestick and android smartphone and android boxes

The next step is to use the Downloader app to download and install Chimera IPTV.

  1. From the firestick home screen choose Find
  2. Now type in the word Downloader and click the orange icon
  3. Choose Download to start downloading the app
  4. Click on Open once the app has been installed

Now with Downloader installed to your firestick simply follow the below 


  1. Open the Downloader app 
  2. Type this URL in the URL address bar 
  3. Click Go to start the download
  4. Now choose Install
  5. Then select Open

You will now of installed the Chimera IPTV application to your firestick and can enjoy its great content.

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How To Install Chimera IPTV On Android Box Or Smartphone

You won’t be able to download or install Chimera IPTV from the Google Play store so you will have to download the Chimera IPTV APK and install it as a third-party plugin.

different iptv channels with chimera TV

First, make sure on your Android Box or Smartphone you have turned on Allow apps from unknown sources in your Android settings then follow the below steps:

  1. Go into your Android smartphone or box web browser and click here 
  2. Now download the APK to your android device
  3. Once the Chimera APK has been download proceed to Install the APK
  4. Once you have the Chimera IPTV app open simply choose an IPTV channel to stream

How To Download And Install Chimera IPTV On Windows PC or Mac

With Chimera IPTV being an android app you will have to use an Android emulator on either your PC or Macbook.

We recommend using Bluestacks as it is one of the best Android emulators around for both Windows PCs and Mac devices.

Now once you have Bluestacks installed on your device you will need to follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Bluestacks program
  2. Download the APK file from here
  3. Drag and drop the Chimera IPTV APK into your Bluestacks program (Or use the web browser inside Bluestacks to download the APK)
  4. Once you have installed the APK proceed to open Chimera IPTV
  5. Now stream and watch any IPTV channel included on Chimera IPTV
chimera iptv channels

Final Thoughts

The app works ok as a free IPTV app but it doesn’t operate anywhere close to a paid IPTV service such as Strong IPTV so it’s always better to go with a paid IPTV provider such as ourselves.


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