So schauen Sie IPTV auf einem Roku-Gerät an


So you have a new Roku device or have had one sat around for a while thinking whether you can watch IPTV on your Roku device, well we have some good news we have a way you can set up iptv on your Roku so you can get the most out the device.

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Roku devices are a great option for an easy way to watch and enjoy IPTV from your favorite IPTV provider while enjoying an easy-to-use user interface on the Roku stick.

Can You Get IPTV On A Roku TV?

Yes, you have 2 ways you can get IPTV on a Roku TV the first way is to screencast to your Roku TV and the second way is to sideload a popular IPTV app such as IPTV Smarters Pro on your Roku TV by following this article.

Screencast To Your Roku Device Using A Smartphone

This method is one of the simple ways to get quickly up and running IPTV using your Roku device.

First, you will need a smartphone or laptop for that device to be on the same Wifi network as your Roku stick or box.

If you have an IPTV app such as TiviMate or IPTV Smarters pro then you can simply play your IPTV off your smartphone and choose the cast icon when watching IPTV which will let you screencast to your Roku device.

This option is great if you are outside your home and using another person’s Roku device and you just need to quickly connect to watch IPTV without needing to sideload and install any third-party apps on the Roku device.

How To Watch IPTV On A Roku Device Using The IPTV Smarters App

In this section, we will be teaching you how you can download and install the IPTV smarter app onto your Roku device as this is an app you may be more used to from using it on other IPTV-enabled devices.

You will need to make sure you have enabled the developer options on your Roku device which will allow you to sideload the IPTV smarts plugin onto the Roku stick.

  1. Turn on your Roku device
  2. Now press these buttons on the Roku remote to access the developer options, Home Button x3, Up Arrow x2, Right Arrow x1, Left Arrow x1, Right Arrow x1, Left Arrow x1, Right Arrow x1. You will see a new screen make sure to take note of the IP address and username it shows you.
  3. Now click on Enable installer and restart.
  4. Agree to any Developer tools license agreement.
  5. Choose a webserver password make sure you write this down along with the username from before.
  6. Set the password then choose to reboot the Roku device.

With the above steps complete it’s time to add the IPTV smarter channel app to your Roku device. To do this follow the below steps:

  1. Weiter zu
  2. Now enter your Roku account username and password.
  3. After you have logged in choose the “Add channel with a code” which you can find under the manage account setting.
  4. Type in the word “iptvsmarters” then click on the add channel button.
  5. Accept the warning message pop-up box.
  6. Then choose “Yes, Add channel”.

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You will need to download and upload the IPTV smarter package from your computer onto your Roku device to do this follow the below steps.

After you have completed the above you can go back to your main tv screen where you have the Roku plugged in and you will now see the login screen for IPTV smarters where you can now enter your IPTV provider details to access their IPTV on your Roku device.

Getting The M3U Playlist File For Roku

p.s If you don’t have a laptop you can send the m3u link to jimmy your neighbor to download it and put the file on a USB for you.

You will need to have your m3u file downloaded which you can download from the email you receive from your IPTV Provider or if you don’t have one you can buy an iptv subscription from us here and you will be sure to have one of the best IPTV services and support for all your IPTV needs.

So once you have downloaded your m3u file you will need to drag and drop the file on a USB stick so that you can take it across to the Roku device and work some magic.

Setting Up IPTV On Roku

Ok now you have the m3u file on the USB stick you just want to simply plug the USB stick in your Roku device and you will be met with this message below.

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IPTV on Roku

You want to choose launch when you see the message above. Then it will open the Roku media player app this is fine you now just need to go to Video und you may need to wait a few seconds for the Roku to open all the channels then you can select any channel you want and it will work fine.

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IPTV Channels For Roku

What we suggest you do is follow our guide on how to choose just the IPTV channels you need by opening the M3U file and deleting the channels you don’t need which will make things far better for navigating the channels as you could even just have a few countries you need and delete the countries you don’t watch.

We still recommend an android box or an amazon firestick or fire tv as we have our own IPTV-App which is fully customized for our services und works very well compared to the other IPTV apps on the market.

Make sure you share this guide with other Roku users who may be struggling to get IPTV working on their Roku device.

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