Does IPTV Have DVR

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If you are looking to record your IPTV channels then you may be used to the word DVR (Digital Video Recorder) which is a method where you can store video footage on a local storage device such as a hard drive or network hard drive.

With Strong IPTV you can choose to have a multi-room IPTV subscription which will allow you to record a channel while watching another different channel at the same time.

With IPTV you don’t really have DVR unless you are using software such as TVHeadend or even Kodi which many of you IPTV end users won’t be so when it comes to asking the question does IPTV have DVR yes it does but in another form which we will get into below.

Can I Record IPTV Using A DVR

You can record IPTV using a DVR if that DVR is an external USB hard drive but you will need to use the correct IPTV apps which allow you to record IPTV channels.

What IPTV Apps Allow Recording?

We will list some IPTV apps we have successfully recorded with below as these are the IPTV apps you will want to choose when using a DVR to record onto.

  • TiviMate
  • IPTV Extreme Pro
  • CosmiTV IPTV Player

We are sure there are more IPTV apps that allow you to record IPTV channels but these are the ones we have tested and know the DVR record functionality works.

If you want a more in-depth guide on How To Record IPTV Using Different Devices then make sure you check out the guide which covers Android, Firestick, Smart TVs, Zgemma boxes, and many more IPTV-enabled devices.

What To Use As A DVR For IPTV

We recommend using a USB3.0 external hard drive with your IPTV device so that it can transfer the video fast enough onto the USB device with far better transfer rates than using USB2.0.

Most Android-based devices such as Android TV boxes, Smart TVs, etc will have a USB port you can plug your USB external hard drive or USB flash drive into.

If you are using an Amazon Firestick you will need to expand on the Firestick storage capabilities by following our How To Expand The Storage On A Amazon Firestick guide.

If you decide to use Tivimate as your choosen IPTV app to record on then be sure to check out our How To Record IPTV With TiviMate article.

Make Sure You Have Multiple Connections From Your IPTV Provider

When it comes to recording IPTV it’s vital to have more than one connection from your IPTV provider. Many providers will offer multi-room connections cheaper than the price you paid for your 1 connection,

The reason you need a multi-room or 2+ connections is if you only have 1 connection you can only record what IPTV channel you are watching onto your DVR.

So this means you would have to put your IPTV service on that channel and then set up the timer to record on the channel EPG before you leave the house and you won’t be able to watch more than one channel at the same time or access the IPTV on any other devices while the channel is recording.

Once you have 2 connections or more you can now leave the IPTV on whatever channel you want and set up the EPG timer and the second connection will kick in to record allowing you to watch any other channel you want or access the IPTV on another device you have.

Final Thoughts

IPTV is a very good technology but when it comes to recording it can be a bit hit and miss unless your IPTV provider has quality stable IPTV channels and you choose to have a multi-room IPTV subscription from your IPTV supplier.

We would recommend sticking to satellite/cable boxes to record or using another method to record by following our how to record using different devices guide we linked to above.

We hope this cleared up the question does IPTV have DVR and allows you to get the best from your IPTV service.


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