How to Install Dominus Kodi Build On Firestick

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If you are a Kodi user you may have heard of the Dominus build before as it’s very lightweight and doesn’t use much memory like most other Kodi builds can.

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If you are one to try different builds from time to time or are looking for performance from Kodi build then we highly recommend you carry on reading our article on how to install Dominus Kodi Build On Firestick.

What Is The Dominus Kodi Build

The Dominus Build is a build that’s been designed to work on Kodi with all the third-party add-ons already added and has been created with speed and performance in mind.

The build has been created by CellarDoor TV which if you have been a Kodi user for some time you may have come across some of their older Kodi builds as being some of the best Kodi builds for firestick.

Benefits Of Dominus Kodi Build

  • Has many useful add-ons
  • Very lightweight build
  • Performs great on firesticks with low memory (RAM)
  • Can stream all movies, documentaries, news, sports, and more
  • Has CellarDoor TV theme and skin
  • Dominus works on all devices such as firestick, Android, Apple, Windows, and more

How To Download And Install Dominus Kodi Build On Firestick

You must make sure you have Kodi installed on your firestick already if not you can follow our guide on How To Download Kodi On Firestick using just your firestick remote.

Once you have Kodi installed on your firestick it’s time to download and install the Dominus Kodi Build on your firestick so follow the below steps.

Please note: First you will need to make sure “Enable Unknown Sources” is enabled inside the Kodi settings.

  1. On Kodi home screen choose Settings
  2. Now choose System
  3. Then click on Add-ons
  4. Now select “Unknown Sources” and click on it to toggle the switch ON
  5. On the warning popup box choose YES

Ok with this setting enabled you won’t run into any problems when it comes to installing Dominus Kodi build on your firestick.

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Install Dominus Kodi

  1. From the Kodi home screen choose Settings
  2. Click File Manager
  3. Choose Add Source
  4. Click on None
  5. Enter this URL in the URL field then click OK
  6. For the media source enter any name you want such as CDTV then click OK
  7. Now go back to the Kodi home screen
  8. Go back into Settings
  9. Now choose Add-ons
  10. Choose Install From Zip File
  11. Choose the name CDTV or whatever name you gave in step 6
  12. Click on and then click OK
  13. You will now see a notification saying “CellarDoor TV Repo Add-on installed
  14. Now select “Install from repository”
  15. Choose “CellarDoor TV Repo”
  16. Click on Program add-ons
  17. Choose CDTV Wizard
  18. Click on the Install icon on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen
  19. A pop-up will appear saying other add-ons will be added choose OK
  20. You will see a popup soon which says CDTV Wizard Add-on installed
  21. Choose any settings you want and click Continue
  22. Click on the Ignore button

Ok, great work you are nearly there the next steps will actually install Dominus Kodi build from the CDTV Wizard.

  1. Go back to the Kodi main home screen
  2. Choose Add-ons
  3. Go to Program Add-ons
  4. Click on the CDTV Wizard Icon
  5. Choose Builds
  6. Select ‘DOMINUS Leia – Server 1(vX.0)
  7. Now click on Install
  8. A CDTV Wizard pop-up will appear select “Yes, Install”
  9. Wait until the installation finishes
  10. After installation, a prompt will appear asking to force close Kodi and choose OK
  11. Now re-open Kodi on your firestick or whichever device you are using
  12. You will see a large notification box choose Dismiss

Ok, that’s it you now have the new and lightweight Dominus Kodi build installed on your firestick and you can enjoy all its content and third-party add-ons already installed.

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Using A VPN With Dominus Kodi Build

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Final Thoughts

For you Kodi lovers we hope our guide on how to install Dominus Kodi Build on a firestick has helped you install this build and allowed you to enjoy one of the newest and coolest Kodi builds around right now.

Be sure to give this article a share to help others install this Kodi Build on their firestick or other devices.


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