How Do You Download Apps On A Vidaa Hisense TV

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If you have recently purchased a Hisense Vidaa smart TV and have been looking at ways to download apps to the TV such as IPTV apps or other general apps then our article will run you through the process.

Most Hisense Vidaa smart TVs have their app store like Samsung and LG TVs have so you can be limited to what is available in the Hisense app store.

How To Download Apps On A Vidaa Hisense TV

With Vidaa being the operating system that the Hisense smart TV runs on there are only 2 ways to add applications to this TV which we will teach you below.

Use The Official App Store Of The Hisense TV

1. You must turn on your Vidaa Hisense TV and make sure you are connected to your home Wifi.

2. From the Home Screen choose “My Apps”

3. Find the Hisense app store icon and open it

4. You will be able to download any of the apps directly from the Vidaa app store as well as search from thousands of apps for your Hisense smart TV.

We will now be looking at the second way of downloading apps on your Hisense TV which is through the app store named VEWD App Store.

VEWD App store on hisense vidaa tv

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How To Download Apps From The VEWD App Store On Vidaa Hisense TV

This is the method for anyone with the Vidaa version of the Hisense smart TV.

1. From your home screen go to “My Apps” and look for the VEWD app store icon and click on it.

2. From the left-hand menu choose search and search for any app you want to install

3. Thats it once installed you can find the newly installed application in the “My Apps” section.

We will be covering a boonus way below where you can install third-party apps on your Vidaa Hisense TV which means to sideload applications on the TV.

different apps available for hisense smart tv

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How To Sideload Third-Party Apps On Your Hisense Smart TV?

If you are looking to install apps that are available in either your app store or the VEWD store then you can follow the below steps.

Please note: This will only work with the Hisense Vidaa TVs which are Android-based.

Pre-requisites: You will need to have a USB flash drive and a laptop to put a file on the USB flash drive and then install it on your Hisense Vidaa TV.

1. From either your Laptop or PC go to this URL to download the Google Chrome Web Browser apk.

2. Once you have downloaded the APK then put it on a formatted USB flash drive. (It’s best to have formatted to FAT32).

Take the USB flash drive out of your laptop or PC and put it by the side of the TV as you will now follow the new steps below to allow third-party apps to be installed on your Hisense TV.

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How To Allow Unknown Sources On Your Hisense Vidaa Smart TV

1. Go to Settings from your TV home screen then select Personal

2. Go to Security then choose Unknown Sources

3. Turn on the unknown sources tab and this will allow you to install third-party Android-based apps to your Hisense TV.

Ok, you have the USB stick primed and ready as well as your Hisense smart TV so let’s move on to actually installing the APK from your USB to the TV.

allowing unknown apps to be installed on Vidaa TV

Installing Third-Party APK To Your Hisense Vidaa Using A USB Flash Drive

1. Press the home button on your remote then insert your USB flash drive with the APK on it

2. Now go into the File Manager app and locate the APK app from the USB media folder

3. Click on the APK and choose Install

4. After installation choose Open and you will now be able to use the app as well as the app being inside your My Apps section


We have given you 2 official and 1 unofficial method on how to download apps on Vidaa Hisense TVs and you can install many of the leading IPTV apps and more on your Hisense smart TV using these methods.


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