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If you are looking to put IPTV extreme on your firestick or to test out the app we have put a guide together on the best way to do this be sure you buy the best uk iptv provider subscriptions then make sure to get a subscription from Strong IPTV to enjoy the best from this app.

IPTV Extreme on firestick lets you watch IPTV channels easily and is similar to the popular Smart IPTV app. you may have heard of before

The first thing you will want to do is put the app called downloader on your firestick if you do not already have it installed.

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what is iptv extreme

What Is IPTV Extreme Player App

IPTV Extreme is an IPTV app where you can watch your favorite IPTV provider service on when using an Android-based device such as a smartphone, firestick, tablet, or Android-based smart TV.

The IPTV extreme app is a very popular app such as the TiviMate and IPTV Smarters pro app which offers great functionality and an in-built IPTV player too.

You can easily load your IPTV provider details using the Xtream Codes API option which just needs your IPTV provider’s server, username, and password.

If you have an M3U URL from your IPTV supplier you can add this into the app as well as the EPG URL your IPTV provider should have supplied you with when you signed up.

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How To Put The Downloader App On Your Firestick

To install the app downloader we have included a YouTube video below which will take you through the process of downloading the app and installation.

With the firestick on the Fire TV home screen, you will need to follow the below steps to make sure ADB Debugging is On and to make sure App from unknown sources is ON.

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strong iptv logo

STRONG IPTV TIP: Prior to venturing down this path, it’s important to understand that these third-party applications haven’t been vetted by a trusted source.

This is why we suggest always using a VPN which will encrypt your connection to the Internet when using these various streaming APKs and add-ons.

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How To Allow Apps From Unknown Sources On A Firestick

  1. Go To Settings
  2. Go into My Fire TV
  3. Go into developer options
  4. Turn ON ADB debugging
  5. Turn ON Apps from unknown sources
Allow apps from unknown sources

Once you have done the above you can press the back button on the remote to get back to the Fire TV home screen

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Time To Download IPTV Extreme On Firestick

You will want to go into the downloader app you installed earlier and now enter this web address below in the address field


Now click Go and this will automatically start downloading the file then once complete you will need to click on Install on the bottom right of the screen

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click to install iptv extreme

Once the app has been installed just click on open and then move on to the below to set up the app.

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Setting Up IPTV Extreme On Firestick

Once the app has opened and loaded you will be met with MAC code in red make sure you write this code down as you will need it in the next step.

mac code for iptv extreme

It’s time to head over to the web address it says on the tv screen you can use your laptop, smartphone, or tablet to do this so head over to the web address below


iptv extreme home page

Now what you need to do is go to the second section where you can see MAC Address, Server, Username, Password as this is where you will be entering the IPTV details in.

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Where it says MAC Address you will need to enter the MAC Address you wrote down before in here and make sure to add the colon: between every 2 digits.

For The playlist name, you can call this anything such as IPTV or any name you want this doesn’t matter.

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Now in the server section, this is where you will enter your providers’ server URL this is different normally to their website URL so if you don’t get it from an email they send when you order then ask your IPTV provider for their server URL so you can enter it here.

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In the username field, you will put the username your provider has given you and the same for the password you will enter the password your provider has sent you.

You can leave the protection password blank unless you want to lock the app so every time you enter the app you will have to put this password in.

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enetering xtream server details to the app

Now click Save and this will then add all the details to your app on the firestick.

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Now you can exit the app and then go back into the IPTV extreme on firestick app and you will now see it say loading then update in process than loading groups once this has finished it will load all the IPTV channels and more.

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You can now head over to Groups in the second column at the top of the screen and this will have all the categories of IPTV channels your IPTV provider offers on the Live section.

You may also want to try an app called Smart IPTV as this is also another great designed app you can see our guide on How To Install IPTV On Firestick (Updated 2021)

You can also select VOD or Series to get all the videos on demand and TV shows.

iptvextreme installed on a firestick

FAQ – IPTV Extreme App For Firestick

How Much Does The IPTV Extreme App Cost

There are 2 versions of this app IPTV EXTREME and IPTV EXTREME Pro. The Pro version costs $1 USD free of any of the in-app adverts.

Can you get IPTV on a FireStick?

Yes, there are many applications to get IPTV on a firestick, Our recommendation is to use the IPTV Extreme app.

What is better than TiviMate?

TiviMate is a great IPTV app but you can also use IPTV Extreme as a very close alternative application.

Which IPTV works best on FireStick?

The best IPTV for firesticks is the best IPTV service ran by Strong IPTV which offers thousands of live TV channels and movies with their own firestick app.

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