Exodus Redux Not Working (Easy Fix Guide 2024)

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If you have been using Exodus Redux for a while and all of a sudden it’s decided it doesn’t want to play ball anymore then don’t distress we have a fix for Exodus Redux to get you all backup and running in no time.

You may have noticed that the movies and tv shows you are trying to watch have stopped working so you need to apply the fix we are getting into.

Our team has done some research and found some good clean methods to get Exodus Redux working again but first let’s quickly see what may have stopped Exodus Redux from working in the first place.

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Exodus Redux Stopped Working – But Why?

Well if you have tried to play some content inside the video addon and it comes up with things like “No Stream Available” then it could most likely be related to the cache has filled up and needs emptying along with the temp files and other nonimportant files. Once these files grow in size they can make Kodi and other addons sluggish and sometimes stop working.

But that is not always the reason as it can be as simple as Exodus Redux just needs updating to a new version. But also give it some time as the developers can also be changing things around in the app.

Another common reason why nothing seems to be working so well inside the Exodus app can be you are not using a VPN and it’s vital to always use one while using Kodi.

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Ok, now you know some of the reasons why Exodus Redux may not be working its time to see how you can resolve these issues with the Exodus Kodi addon.


Fixing Exodus Redux Not Working On Kodi

First, make sure you have a VPN as this is crucial to making sure Exodus redux is running at its best as sometimes a whole country such as the USA can block out most of the links inside the app which will stop them from working in your country unless you use a VPN.

Next, if you are using a VPN but it’s still not working then you will need to clear the cache of the addon which can be done inside Add-ons and by find and clicking on the Exodus Redux addon.

The way to fix a not working Exodus Redux is to update the addon to make sure you are using the latest version of Exodus. Follow the below steps to update:

  1. From the Home Screen of Kodi go to Add-ons
  2. Now click on the box icon (package installer) in the top left-hand corner of the screen
  3. Choose My add-ons
  4. Then go down to Video add-ons and click on it
  5. Now find Exodus Redux and click on it
  6. You will see the Exodus window show up simply choose the icon which says Update
  7. You will see all the versions you will need to select the latest version of Exodus Redux and click ok
  8. After a notification has appeared saying add-on updated then all is complete

After you have done the above you will be on the latest version of Exodus Redux but sometimes the above may not have worked so let’s force reinstall the addon to get it working correctly

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Force Reinstall Exodus Redux

We are going to uninstall Exodus Redux and then install it again so follow the below to uninstall:

  1. From Kodi’s Home Screen choose Add-ons
  2. Now click the blue box (package installer) in the top left-hand corner
  3. Choose my addons
  4. Select Video add-ons
  5. Open Exodus Redux
  6. Choose the icon Uninstall
  7. Say yes when the confirmation box pops up

So that’s it the Kodi addon has been completely removed from Kodi so let’s put a nice shiny new Exodus Redux back in.

  1. From Kodi’s Home Screen choose the Setting cog icon
  2. Then enter File Manager
  3. Choose Add Source in the left-hand windowpane
  4. Click on None
  5. Now type in this URL address and click OK
  6. Now enter a name such as Exodus Redux
  7. Now click ok and ok again to save the repo source
  8. Go back to the home screen of Kodi
  9. Go into Addons
  10. Click the little box icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen
  11. Choose install from zip folder
  12. Select exodus Redux
  13. Then select the name which looks like this (you will have numbers instead of x’s)
  14. Once you have clicked ok on it wait for the notification to say it has been installed
  15. Now go into “Install From Repository”
  16. Look for Exodus Redux Repo and click it
  17. Now go into Video add-on
  18. Select Exodus Redus and then choose Install
  19. Say YES when the confirmation box pops ups

Now you have done the above Exodus Redux will automatically be installed after a couple of minutes so you can then go back to the Kodi home screen into Addons and test the addon now and it should be working fine for you.


Clear Exodus Redux Cache And Provider Settings

You may want to clear the cache of the Exodus Redux addon to see if that resolves the issue of the addon not working so to do this then follow the below:

  1. On Kodi’s Home screen go to Add-ons
  2. Then choose Video Add-ons
  3. Select Exodus Redux
  4. Now scroll down to Tools and select it
  5. Go down to Cache functions and click ok
  6. Choose clear providers and say yes to the pop-up
  7. Now go to clear cache below and click it then say yes when the pop up appears
  8. Once done you will receive a notification that says Exodus Redux process complete

Once the above is done you will now need to restart Kodi for the changes to take effect and once Kodi has restarted go back into Addons and choose the Exodus Redux addon and see if that is not all working good for you.


Change Cache Settings For Exodus Redux

After the above or even before it’s always good to tweak your cache settings on Kodi so everything works smoothly without any hiccups.

Changing the Cache settings and Buffering settings will allow you to make them larger for 4K resolution movies and shows so they have more time to pre-buffer buffer which will stop the stuttering and freezing and more.

To do this you will need to Install Ares Wizard so we can get into the nuts and bolts of Kodi when it comes to tweaking the Cache Settings.

Once you have installed Ares Wizard follow the below to get the optimum settings for the Cache and Video Buffer

Change Cache And Buffer Size With Ares Wizard

  1. From Kodi home screen select Add-ons
  2. Then Program Add-ons
  3. Then Ares Wizard
  4. Now select Tweaks from the top of the categories
  5. Choose “Advanced Settings Wizard”
  6. Then click Next and now Generate Settings
  7. Set Video Cache a little higher
  8. Click on “Apply These Settings”
  9. Now click the notification box that tells you to restart Kodi

Ok with the above being done you will need to restart Kodi for the changes to take effect so go ahead and restart Kodi then once it has restarted check to see if the Exodus Redux addon is all up and running smoothly for you.


Delete Temp Files & Cache Storage Kodi

Again you will need to make sure you are using Ares Wizard for this due to Kodi not having an option to natively do this so let’s begin:

  1. Launch Kodi and choose Addons
  2. Now go into Program Addons
  3. Then Choose Ares Wizard
  4. Click on Maintenance along the top
  5. Now you will see Thumbnails, Caches (temp files), Packages.
  6. Go into each category mention above and choose Delete
  7. If prompted choose Ok

Now this will of deleted any of the temp storage and files Exodus Redux uses in turn making the addon work better and much faster.


Using A VPN With Exodus Redux To Get Working

Again this doesn’t just go with this specific Kodi addon but them all you will need to use a VPN to make sure ALL links work as if you don’t use a VPN and you are trying from the likes of USA, UK, France, etc they will of already blocked the links.

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What a VPN allows you to do is for starters its keeps your IP address private which you want when using Exodus Redux or anything inside Kodi and keeps you private and secure.

It also allows you to join different country servers to get all the links working when inside your favorite Kodi addon.

One last bonus of a VPN apart from its security for your privacy is you will not get ISP throttled which a lot of internet providers do when their networks get busy such as on weekends or public holidays.


Fix Exodus Redux And Kodi Addons By Increasing Providers Timeout

Due to the way Exodus Redux works in nature when you choose a movie or TV show or any piece of content it will have its own spiders so to speak that will go out and quickly pull in links into the add-on in the background so you can watch what you want without a worry.

But sometimes it does not find the links or doesn’t find them fast enough before a timeout occurs so its always beneficial to up the time on the Provider Timeout setting so follow the below to achieve this:

  1. From Kodi main screen choose Addons
  2. Now choose Video Add-ons
  3. Go inside Exodus Redux
  4. Choose Tools
  5. Then General 
  6. You will now see Provider Timeout
  7. Now click on Provider Timeout and slide the slider to the maximum time you can
  8. Click OKand this will save the settings

After you have done the above you will now be able to go to movies and tv shows and you will see when choosing links you will find more working ones as the time at maximum is not set to 1 minute which gives Exodus Redux plenty of time to find the links it needs to without timing out.



After this ultimate guide on Exodus redux not working we have covered the reasons why and what the solutions are you should be well on your way to Exodus Redux mastery by now.

If this guide has helped you in any way be sure to give it a share.


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