Firestick Keeps Restarting – The Fix

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You may have a problem with your amazon firestick that it just keeps randomly restarting on you when you are trying to stream content. Well, we have written this guide on how to fix your firestick restarting problem.

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What Causes The Firestick To Keep Restarting

If your firestick keeps restarting the issue is normally related to the firestick’s power. This is when the firestick is not receiving enough consistent power which will cause the firestick to reboot.

Other more rare reasons why your firestick is rebooting can be related to software or hardware issues but we are going to cover how to fix this below.


How To Fix Firestick Restarting Problem

We have the solutions below to fix this issue starting with the most common fixes first to make sure you can quickly resolve this issue.

1.  Make sure you are using the correct amazon firestick plug and cable that came with your firestick as using other power plugs can cause the firestick to go into a reboot loop.

Amazon recommends using a 5.25V – 5W charger head with the firestick.

Also, make sure you are not using the TV’s USB socket to power the firestick as this can also give the firestick less power than it needs but it can work but it is not advised to power the firestick this way.

2. Remove the power plug from the wall socket and unplug the firestick from the TV. 

Now wait 2-3 minutes and this will make sure all the cache and more is reset on the firestick. Now after the 2-3 minute wait plug the firestick back in the TV then put the plug back in the wall socket.

This will fix any problems related to the software or hardware or any glitches the firestick is having.

If you have any extra hardware you have added to the firestick via USB then take these devices away as this can also lower the power output causing the firestick to keep restarting. 

Once you have removed the extra hardware you may have connected simply power off the firestick and turn it back on and see if that has resolved the issues you were facing.

3. Check and replace the firestick power cable for any damage and it’s always good to use another cable to be sure it’s not the current USB power cable that is the issue.

4. Remove all HDMI cables and devices from the other sockets in your TV as sometimes they can cause interference and cause the firestick to restart.

Then try a new HDMI socket on the TV with the firestick and see if this resolves the issue.

5. Make sure the TV you have your firestick hooked up to supports HDCP as if it doesn’t the firestick can get caught in a reboot loop while it looks for an HDCP connection constantly.

6. Make sure your firestick is up to date and has the latest firmware on. It’s always best to have your firestick updated on the latest FireOS to make sure it is running at its best and has all the latest features and security features.

You can update the firestick by going into Settings then My Device.

7. The last option to fix the firestick rebooting problem is to factory reset the firestick. This will put the firestick back to when you first purchased it.

Factory resets normally sort out all problems but it’s better to use as a last resort due to you losing all the apps and data you have on your amazon firestick and having to install them all again.


My Firestick Is Blinking Off And On

If you notice the lights on the firestick are blinking or it seems the TV screen is blinking off and on when you are navigating around on the firestick this is highly likely to be your HDMI settings.

First, you should replace your HDMI cable just to be sure it’s not that at fault and then look at changing the video resolution on the firestick.

To change the video resolution on the firestick follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Then Display and Sounds
  3. Click Display
  4. Choose Video Resolution

Choose a different resolution and refresh rate to see if that resolves the firestick blinking issue.

Also just to note sometimes the firestick can blink if the device is still in setup mode so once you have set up your firestick it will stop blinking if this is the case.



We hope this guide has stopped your firestick from restarting or just turning itself off. If this has helped you don’t forget to give it a share.


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