Firestick Not Turning On: Easy Fix For Your Firestick

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We have seen a rise in questions about firesticks not turning on, this is a common problem sometimes with amazon firesticks so we have made this guide so you can easily solve the firestick not powering on.

This problem can happen across all amazon firesticks no matter what generation your firestick is on so this includes first-generation firesticks right through to the fifth generation of amazons firestick and fire TVs.

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My Firestick Won’t Turn On Problem And Solution

Here we will list some easy solutions to fix this issue but the problem can be various issues which are stopping the firestick from turning on from router issue, Firestick physical damage, power adapter, and more.

So let’s dig in to get your firestick all back working again.


TV Compatibility Issues

This won’t really be an issue if you have a new firestick but if you have purchased a firestick second hand or have from a friend it could be that the firestick has been set to 1080p but your TV may only have 720p or 1080i so if this is the case you will want to plug the firestick into a TV you know is 1080p and change the TV resolution to 1080i or below.


Physical Damage To The Firestick

First, unplug the firestick and check for any damage to it and to the HDMI connector part in case it has started to peel away from the plastic and if all looks good then check for any scorch marks to indicate your firestick has overheated in the past as this could indicate the firestick may have blown a capacitor or something else on the circuit board.


Power Adapter Issue

Sometimes the power adapter can be to blame and is not giving power to turn the firestick on but an easy way to test is if you have another power adapter for the firestick then test that.

If you do not have another spare power lead for the firestick then try and change the plug head attached to the end of the cable to see if the plug is bad if it still doesn’t work try to replace the cable with another USB cable to test.

One final thing you can do if you do not have another plug or cable to test with is to plug the USB cable directly into one of your smart TV USB sockets built-in and allow your smart TV to power the amazon firestick.

Any of the things mentioned in this power adapter section will fix any issues with your amazon firestick power adapter.


Damaged HDMI Socket In TV

This can be a pain to spot but is easy to resolve but this issue mainly revolves around older Smart TVs. The issue is the HDMI socket on your TV can slightly lift off the motherboard which will stop that specific HDMI socket from working.

The fix is to simply plug your firestick in another HDMI socket in the TV and change to that HDMI input or try another HDMI device in the same socket and test if you get a picture.


Replace The Batteries In Your Firestick Remote

This won’t actually stop your firestick from turning on but it can leave you with a black screen to where you think the firestick is not as no matter what button you press you will see a blank screen so it’s good to change the batteries just to test. 


Turn Your TV Off And Back On

Using your smart TV remote simply turn the TV off and back on as sometimes the TV remote is connected to the firestick using HDMI CEC but can sometimes crash so try this step to see if this resolves the firestick not switching on.


Unplug Your Firestick From A HDMI Hub

If you are happening to use an HDMI hub then this may be the issue so be sure to unplug your USB stick from the hub and plug it directly into your Smart TVs HDMI socket.


What Steps To Take If Your Amazon Firestick Doesn’t Turn On

If your firestick is not turning on please follow the below steps:

  • Unplug the power plug from the wall socket
  • Unplug the firestick from the HDMI socket and plug it into another one
  • Plug into the socket next to where you just pulled it out
  • Now change the HDMI input on the TV
  • Now your firestick should turn on and you should see a picture on the screen

We hoped these easy fixes for your firestick not turning on article has helped you fix the issue and if so don’t forget to give it a share.


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