Can A Firestick Get A Virus

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Yes, the firestick can get viruses or malware like all other electronic and digital devices can. 

The firestick also runs on a customized Android operating system which can be suspectable to viruses.

But we are making this guide to help you scan for any nasty viruses on your amazon firestick and how to remove malware or viruses on your firestick.



Normally your firestick won’t easily get viruses unless you install third-party apps that you don’t know what they are or from an unknown website instead of a more official website such as ours Strong IPTV Lab or any other leading firestick website.


Viruses Symptoms To Look Out For On Your Firestick


We will start first with what to look for to know you have a virus or malware on your firestick.

The 2 most common symptoms you will notice for a virus residing on your firestick is if your firestick becomes very slow compared to how it normally operates or even stops and halts and just stays frozen on the tv screen.

Most of the time you will notice the firestick running very slow so then you need to think what was some of the last third-party apps you added, and you are sure they came from a proper source such as us or another big site.

But always remember if you have not turned on ADB debugging and Allow apps from unknown sources then you will not have a virus as it’s close to impossible to get from official amazon AppStore apps.


What Are The Known Viruses


There will be a few in circulation but the biggest that comes to mind is is a malware from 2018 called ADB.Miner, which is a cryptocurrency type virus which when on your firestick it will mine bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

This will take up and max out all the RAM on the firestick and slow it down to where you will want to rip your hair out with the speed of your firestick. This virus was being spread back in 2018 via third-party sideload apps from untrustable websites.

This virus was unleased with an app you were sideloading which then installed itself as an app called test on your firestick and a package name of “

The virus can also sometimes not as common but can be an untrusted Kodi third-party app that can infect the firestick.

ADB.miner job was to mine bitcoins and also infect other firesticks on the same network.

For those who know CVE entries of viruses or are programmers here is the virus on the national vulnerability database CVE-2015-7292


How To Remove The Firestick Malware Or Virus


Method 1: Use Total Commander


This is a more complicated method but will stop you from factory resetting the amazon firestick and losing apps and data. 

You will want to follow the below

  1. Press home on firestick remote
  2. Go to Find and search for Total Commander
  3. Open Total Commander and choose Allow
  4. Now select installed apps at the bottom
  5. If you see an app called “Testselect uninstall twice to uninstall it
  6. Now turn off the firestick and turn it back on

Please note: This way will remove the most common virus that is called “test” but they could be newer ones or other viruses so if you still suspect you have a virus or have been re-infected just do method 2 as this is a 100% way to clear the firestick of viruses.


total commander to remove firestick malware


Method 2: Factory Reset The Firestick


This method is the best way in our opinion as it will completely wipe the firestick to its factory state and you will be sure of any virus removal.

But with this method, you will lose any third-party apps you have downloaded and other apps and settings too so that’s the only negative with this method.

To factory reset the firestick to its default state follow the steps below

  1. Press home button on the firesticks remote
  2. Go over to the settings icon
  3. Go down to My Fire TV
  4. Go to the last option Reset to Factory Defaults
  5. Choose Reset

Once the firestick has reset you will need to log into your amazon account and get the apps you had before from the amazon app store.

We strongly advise also once you have done method 2 that you make sure you do not turn on ADB debugging again and try not to turn on Allow apps from unknown sources unless you know what you are doing.

It is much safer to have Allow apps from unknown sources ON than it is to have ADB Debugging turned on but just make sure any apps you sideload on come from trustable sources.

We hope this guide has helped you on what to look for with firestick viruses and how to remove them.


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