11 Ways To Fix Disney Plus Error Code 142 On A Firestick

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With the number of subscribers growing for the ever-so-popular Disney streaming app called Disney Plus, we have started to get some emails about an error code with the number 142.

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So in this article, we will set out to give you a fix for the Disney Plus error code 142 on your firestick or any other device you are using on Disney Plus

What Is Error 142 On Disney Plus

When you are watching Disney Plus content such as Movies, TV shows, 4K Disney content you can sometimes be interrupted by error code 142 which can be a host of these issues below:

  • The Disney Plus app needs updating
  • Disney Plus server problems
  • Your home internet is unstable
  • Using a VPN while watching Disney Plus
  • Login issues with Disney Plus

Now with the error code 142 on Disney plus firesticks being any one of the above issues we are going to teach you several fixes to get the app running back how it should.

1. Check Disney Plus Server Status

Just like any app or website out there no matter how big it is they are not immune to getting server issues which means the Disney Plus app can stop working.

The easy fix to see if it’s the Disney Plus servers is to head over to Disney Plus Down Detector which will show you if Disney Plus services are currently down and also when they last went down.

If you find that the Disney Plus service is down it’s just a case of waiting for the services to come back up which is normally resolved quickly.

2 Check Your Internet Connection

This is another check you should do either first or second as most of the time many issues with anything streaming-related can be your home internet or Wifi.

The best thing to do would be to check if a website loads on your smartphone while connected to the same WiFi network as your firestick.

Once you confirm whether your internet is working or not we recommend unplugging the firestick anyway then pull the power out of your wireless router and wait for 10 minutes.

Now turn the router back on and wait for 5 minutes before plugging your Amazon firestick back in.

3. Try Disney Plus On Another Device

It’s always best to rule out any potential issues with Disney plus by simply installing the same app on another device you own and testing if the app works on that other device.

If you find it is the device make sure it has an internet connection and the Wifi strength is good. If your firestick or other device still won’t work correctly then it may be worth factory resetting your Amazon firestick or android device.

4. Close Disney Plus And Re-open The App

From time to time it’s possible that some firestick stick apps can crash and show a blank screen so you will need to close the app.

Normally this can not be done by simply pressing the home button then going back into the app you will need to go into the App settings for Disney Plus and choose to force stop the app.

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5. Update The Disney Plus App

Sometimes the Disney Plus app may just need updating on your firestick. To do this go into My Apps and find the Disney Plus app.

Once you have the app selected choose to check for updates and this will search for any new updates for the app if it finds one simply choose update and the Disney Plus app will be updated.

6. Log Out Of Disney Plus

If you are using Disney Plus on multiple devices and your firestick be sure to log out of all the Disney Plus on each device.

Now once you have signed out of Disney Plus on all devices go back to the firestick and sign in on the Disney Plus app and see if you still see the error code 142.

7. Disconnect Your VPN

If you are using a VPN only some servers may pass Disney Plus checks so be sure to either try another VPN on whichever VPN provider you are using or turn off the VPN altogether to be sure it’s not the VPN causing the issues.

We suggest using the VPN below by clicking on the image as this is the best VPN for Disney Plus and is also the best-priced VPN with the most countries and best quality.

8. Fix The Firestick Or Restart It

We have seen problems before where the firestick has had issues, in general, may be due to it using heavy RAM and needs fixing.

To do this you can simply head into the settings of the firestick then into “My Fire TV” and choose Restart.

This will restart the firestick and free up all its RAM again so you shouldn’t run into any problems if it RAM related.

9. Update Your Firestick

It’s always a good idea to stay up to date with any new fireOS (firestick operating system).

To keep your firestick up to date with the latest fireOS you will need to head to the settings and then into “My Fire TV”.

Once inside “My Fire TV” go into About and if there is an update you will see at the bottom the word “Install Update” just click on this then on Check for Updates.

If an update is available for the firestick it will now start to download and install so give it a few minutes to complete

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STRONG IPTV TIP: Prior to venturing down this path, it’s important to understand that these third-party applications haven’t been vetted by a trusted source.

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10. Uninstall And Reinstall Disney Plus

If you have tried some of the above steps and are still running into the same error 142 code then to fix it you should delete the app and reinstall the Disney Plus app.

To uninstall Disney Plus you simply need to go into Settings –> Applications –> Manage Install Applications.

Find the Disney Plus from the app list then select uninstall for the Disney Plus app to uninstall.

Once this has finished redownload the Disney app and see if the error 142 code still appears.

11. Contact Disney Plus Customer Support

If you have tried all the above and you are still seeing the 142 error code the only fix left is to contact the Disney Plus customer support team.

To contact them you will need to go here https://help.disneyplus.com/csp then scroll to the bottom of the page and you will be able to reach them via Live chat or a phone call.


In this article, we have covered 11 ways how you can fix the error 142 code in Disney plus so you can enjoy all the great content the Disney app has to offer on your firestick.

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