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You may have heard of SportsDevil before as it’s the best addon for sports when it comes to Kodi and is very popular along with the Kodi community. If you do not have this great video addon installed then nows the time to do so by following our simple guide on how to install SportsDevil on Kodi.

This guide will also cover all devices such as Firestick, FireTV, Xbox, Playstation, Android, and all other Kodi-enabled devices you may be using.

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What Is SportsDevil

SportsDevil is a popular Kodi Video Addon among the Kodi community which covers all major live sports from Cricket, Soccer, Football, NBA, Hockey, Volleyball, and many other live sporting events.

You can also catch all the latest sporting competitions such as the UEFA matches, IPL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and so much more leagues and sporting competitions.

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A bonus with SportsDevil is they provide good quality streams in high resolutions from 1080p, 720p, right down to 480p. Some streams may even be streaming live TV in 4k resolution.

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Installing SportsDevil On Kodi

Now it’s time to install this amazing plugin and you may follow the below guide for any Kodi-enabled devices even ones like Raspberry Pi, MacOS, and other lesser-used devices.

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Before we begin with the Installation of SportsDevil you must make sure that enable apps from unknown sources is turned on inside Kodi so follow the below to enable this setting:

  1. Open Kodi then choose the Settings cog icon
  2. Then enter System
  3. Make sure the last setting is set to “Advanced” or “Expert” instead of “Basic”
  4. Now highlight Addons and click on Enable Unknown Sources
  5. Choose Yes when the warning box appears

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Ok now you have done the above you can proceed to install SportsDevil without running into any issues so follow the below:

  1. On the Kodi main screen choose Settings
  2. Now click into File Manager
  3. Then choose add source on the right-hand panel
  4. Click the word None
  5. Entrez maintenant cette URL dans le champ URL
  6. Make sure you copied the above URL exactly as above then click Go
  7. Now enter any name you want as the media source can put SportsDevil then click OK
  8. Now click OK to add the source

You have now successfully added the SportsDevil repo so now it’s just time to install the SportsDevil Kodi Video addon itself.

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  1. From Kodi’s main screen go down to Addons and click ok on it
  2. Now select the box icon (package installer) in the top left-hand corner of the screen
  3. Go down and click on Install from zip folder
  4. Now select SportsDevil
  5. Then click on the repo name which looks like this
  6. Wait for a few seconds and you will see a notification that the EzzerMacs wizard repository has been installed.
  7. Now go up one and into Install from Repository
  8. Now select EzzerMacs wizard repository
  9. Go inside Video add-ons
  10. Now look down the list and find SportsDevil and click it
  11. Now choose the Install icon on the bottom right (it will install other addons with it this is ok just click ok)
  12. You will see a notification once it has been installed and also a tick next to SportsDevils name in the Video Add-on list.

Now you have the video Add-on SportsDevil installed on your Kodi so you can simply go into Addons from the main Kodi screen and find the video addon in there.

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Install SportsDevil On Kodi Manually

If you have happened to get any issues installing SportsDevil using the method above you will want to install the add-on manually using the steps below as sometimes Windows users of Kodi and Android Smartphones or Tablets can have an issue so we advise following the blow.

  1. On your laptop/PC or Android-based device open up the Web browser
  2. Now enter this web address
  3. You will see a zip folder called click on it to download the zip folder to the device with Kodi on
  4. Now inside Kodi click on Addons then the box icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen
  5. Choose Install from Zip then open the location you just saved the zip folder to on your device
  6. Once you find the location click on the filename
  7. Once the repo has been installed go up one in the menu and choose Install from repository
  8. Select Ezzers Macs Wizard
  9. Now select Video addons
  10. Scroll down and click on SportsDevil
  11. Choose the Install icon on the bottom right of the screen

That’s it you will have installed SportsDevil to your Kodi the manual way in case the first method did not work for you.

What Channels Does SportsDevil Have

Well, SportsDevil doesn’t have channels per se but they provide you with streams from very popular live sports streaming websites such as firstrowsports and more so you don’t have to go looking for streams you will find them all in one place.

But here are just some of the live sports streaming providers that SportsDevil has in their addon for free:

  • LShunter.TV
  • SportStream365
  • Cricket (Folder with unlimited other stream links).
  • Sattekopies
  • Sports4u.TV
  • FirstOneTV
  • Stream2Watch

As you can see a massive library they hold of live sports streaming providers you can choose from your fingertips all from the SportsDevil Kodi Addon making this the best Kodi add for sports.

Another cool thing with this Kodi add-on is they have their own blog where people can talk about sports and more all with the Kodi add-on so a nice little feature.

Turn On Auto-Update SportsDevil Kodi

With all Kodi addons, you will need to keep them updated frequently well as much as once a month is a good rate to make sure you are on the latest version of whichever Kodi addons you use.

But sometimes checking every month and then updating manually if need to can be a bit of a pita so we recommend you turn on auto-updates so once a new version of SportsDevil is released it will automatically update itself without you ever have to touch the update function inside of Kodi.

To turn the auto-update on for SportsDevil you will need to:

  1. From Kodi home screen select Addons
  2. Now click the box icon (package installer) in the top left-hand corner of the screen
  3. Choose my addons
  4. Select Video Addons
  5. Now choose SportsDevil
  6. Now at the bottom of the menu, you will see Auto-Update simply click on it to turn ON

Now, this is turned ON you will not need to worry about manually updating SportsDevil ever again as it will look after itself and update each time a new version of SportsDevil is released.

SportsDevil Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does SportsDevil Work On A Firestick

Yes SportsDevil works fine on a firestick and most other devices too as long as you have the latest version of Kodi installed

Sometimes SportsDevil Does Not Play a Stream

This can happen because the developer of that certain live streaming folder has not updated the link yet but also remember to use a VPN when you do anything with Kodi you can get one ici

Does SportsDevil Still Work In 2021

Yes the addon is working fine it did go down for a few months in 2020 but all has been resolved and working but make sure you use a VPN to avoid further issues with the SportsDevil add-on


We have covered an in-depth easy to follow guide on how to install SportsDevil to Kodi no matter what device you are using as long as you have Kodi this guide will work.

So enjoy the best in live free sports streaming and following your favorite sports just make sure to use the VPN we recommend to make sure you do not run into any problems.

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