How To Install IPTV On A Raspberry Pi

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You may have a Raspberry Pi hidden away in your home or perhaps you are currently using one as a home entertainment system and would like to watch and install IPTV on your raspberry pi. Well, this how-to guide has got you covered.

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How To Watch And Install IPTV On A Raspberry Pi

In this guide, we will be covering 3 methods of how you can use your raspberry pi as an IPTV device and run your favorite IPTV provider’s service on it.

Use Hypnotix To Watch IPTV On A Raspberry Pi

With your Raspberry Pi running a Linux-based operating system on then the best app to use is one called Hypnotix.

You will need to remotely or using a monitor open up the Linux terminal on your Raspberry Pi and then enter the below command.


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Then give it a few minutes to complete downloading Hypnotix then once the download has completed enter the below command.

sudo apt-get install ./hypnotix_1.1_all.deb

Now, that’s it, you will have Hypnotix installed so you can view all your IPTV provider’s channels.

Uploading M3U IPTV Lists in Hypnotix

Once you have opened the newly installed program you will want to follow the below steps to add the M3U file you got from your IPTV provider.

  1. Click on Add provider icon (next to the gear icon).
  2. Enter any name you like for the list.
  3. In the Type dropdown choose M3U URL (remote playlist) if you have the M3U URL. if you have the M3u file then choose local M3U.
  4. Enter either the remote M3U URL or select the local M3U file and click ok.

That’s it you can now enjoy IPTV on your Raspberry Pi. We will cover 2 other ways below if you are using Kodi or want to use VLC media player to watch Kodi on your Raspberry Pi.

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How To Watch And Install IPTV On Your Raspberry Pi Using Kodi

If you are already using Kodi on your pi then you will not need to do the below command but if not then make sure you have Kodi installed on the Raspberry Pi by following the below.

  1. Go to the Raspberry Pi Linux terminal.
  2. Type “sudo apt install kodi”
  3. Now modify some settings by going into sudo nano /etc/default/kodi
  4. Where you see the word ENABLE changed it to ENABLE=1.
  5. Once you have done that press Ctrl+Z to make the changes to the Kodi config file.

Once you have Kodi installed you will just need to follow our How T Install IPTV On Kodi guide.

How To Watch IPTV Using VLC Media Player On A Raspberry Pi

You will need to make sure you have downloaded and installed the VLC media player on your Raspberry Pi then follow the below.

  1. Select the Media tab at the top of the VLC media player window.
  2. Choose open Network stream.
  3. Now enter the M3U URL you got from your IPTV Provider.
  4. Finally, press the Play button and wait for VLC to load up the IPTV Playlist.

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We have covered 3 great ways How To Install IPTV On a Raspberry Pi so you have no problem watching IPTV on this amazing small device.


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