HBO Max Not Working On Your Firestick Solution

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In this guide, we cover the popular question we get asked about HBO Max not working on your firestick or problems with HBO Max such as movies and tv shows buffering and crashing while you are using the firestick.

This guide will work for all models of the firesticks from firestick 4K, Firestick Lite, Firestick 3rd Generation (and below), Fire TV Cube, and Fire TV.

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How To Fix The HBO Max App

Normally buffering and other issues can be caused by the HBO max app itself but sometimes can be other issues with apps and even your internet connection.

We have compiled a list below on how to fix the HBO Max app and get it working fine again on your firestick.

Update The HBO Max App

You should keep all apps updated to make sure you are getting the best newest and best version of that app. To make sure all apps update automatically on themselves follow the below steps:

Updating HBO Max App Automatically

  1. From the firesticks homepage choose Settings
  2. Now go into Applications
  3. Choose AppStore
  4. Now click on Automatic Updates and make sure its set to ON

Update The HBO Max App Manually

If you just want to update the HBO Max app right now then follow the below steps:

  1. From the firesticks home screen choose the app icon (three squares and the plus sign)
  2. Now find the HBO Max app and highlight it don’t click on it
  3. On the firestick remote press the menu button (three horizontal lines button)
  4. Choose More Info
  5. If there is an update for the HBO Max app it will have an update button next to open so you can click on Update.

Update Your Firestick Firmware To Fix HBO Max

Normally you should always keep your firestick up to date with its software to make sure it’s always running at its best and has the latest FireOS software on it.

To update the firestick firmware follow the below steps

  1. From the firestick Homepage choose Settings
  2. Now click in Device (Or System for older generation firesticks)
  3. Choose About
  4. Click on Check for System Update
  5. If there is an update available it will automatically download it then after that you can choose Install System Update

Fix Buffering Issues On HBO Max

Normally this is nothing to do with the app and more to do with your internet connection if you have tried the above steps.

So the best way to fix this is to follow the below steps.

  1. Go to and check your internet speed right now to see if it’s a good speed at this moment in time
  2. Now turn off the firestick by pulling out the plug at the power socket
  3. Now turn off your Internet Router and wait a good 5 minutes
  4. Turn your router back on and wait again 5 minutes
  5. Now you can plug your amazon firestick back in the power socket and wait until it loads
  6. Now go back into HBO Max and try a movie or tv show and see if you are still getting buffering issues.
  7. If you are run another speed test on your home network using and see if you are getting the same speed as before

If the above has not fixed the issue with HBO Max and got it working then you must make sure there is nothing else on your home network taking up any bandwidth so check you don’t have anything like these running on your home wifi:

  • Torrent Downloading
  • Console Gaming Online
  • Other TVs Streaming 
  • Other people on your network
  • People watching Netflix or Youtube
  • Etc

These things above can affect your HBO Max streaming so it’s best to make sure no one else is using the network heavily while you are streaming HBO Max or definitely while you are testing the app using this guide.

How To Restart The HBO Max App

You can try to restart the app to get it working fine again to do this follow the steps below:

  1. From the firestick home screen choose Settings
  2. Now go into Applications
  3. Then into Manage Installed Applications
  4. Then select HBO Max 
  5. Choose Force Stop
  6. Now press the home button on the firestick remote and open HBO Max again.

Other Tips To Get HBO Max Working Again

If none of the above methods have worked then you can clear the firestick cache and if that has not worked then restart your firestick and check if that resolves any issues.

Finally, you can delete the HBO Max app then reinstall the app to the firestick which should get it working, and if not then you may have no choice but to watch HBO Max on any other device you have such as Smart TV, Roku devices, and Gaming consoles.

Why Won’t HBO Max Load

If the app seems to be working but nothing is loading for you there is a high chance of the actual app being down which in this case you can wait a few hours or contact HBO max customer support and ask them if there are any ongoing issues with their HBO Max application and service.


We hope this guide has helped you get HBO Max working again fast so you can enjoy all HBO content using their app.

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