How To Connect Vizio TV To A WIFI That Requires Login

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if you have been having trouble with connecting your Vizio TV to a Wifi network that requires a login then this quick article will explain how to achieve this.

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How To Connect Vizio Smart TV To A Wifi Network That Requires A Login

Normally if using your own Wifi network you will not need to enter any password into a login splash screen as this is only for public type Wifi or sometimes a company Wifi network.

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The only way you can connect to a Wifi with a Vizio Smart TV that requires a login is to either ask the owner of the Wifi network to disable this feature.

If the login splash screen can’t be removed then the only method is to use an ethernet cable which will bypass this problem and give you internet access right away without needing to login to the wifi splash screen.

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It may also be worth trying to log in using the main router password of the wireless router as sometimes the Wifi login splash screen can have the same password as the wireless router.

Below we will give you 2 methods on how to connect your Vizio Smart TV to either your Wifi network or an ethernet connection which will help permanently fix this issue.

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How To Connect Vizio Smart TV To Your Home Wifi Network

  1. Press menu on your Vizio Smart TV remote.
  2. Choose Network.
  3. Go to Network Connection.
  4. Select the Wireless option.
  5. From the list of Wifi networks available select your home Wifi network.
  6. Put in your Wifi password in.
  7. You will see a notification on the TV screen once you have connected to your Wifi network.

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How To Connect Vizio Smart TV To A Wired Ethernet Connection

If you run into any wifi connection issues such as you needing to bypass a login splash screen then it’s best to either run an ethernet cable from your wifi router to your Vizio Smart TV.

Another option would be to use a set of Wireless powerline adapters which are a great option to go wireless but use the existing electrical cables in your walls as ethernet cables.

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We recommend using powerline adapters for as many devices as you can as it gives a better connection and speed when it comes to any related to streaming such as IPTV, YouTube, or watching movies.

  1. Make sure you plug one end of the ethernet cable into your Wifi router.
  2. Then plug the other end of the ethernet cable into your Vizio Smart TV.
  3. now using your Vizio remote control press Menu.
  4. Then head into Network.
  5. Choose Wired Network.
  6. You will see a notification app pop up to say you have successfully connected to the Wired connection.

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Final Thoughts

This has been a short tutorial on how to connect Vizio Smart TV to a Wifi network that requires a login which will help you get up and running fast so you can use all the amazing apps that the Vizio Smart TV offers.

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