How To Delete IPTV Channels

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We know how frustrating it can be if you have just changed IPTV providers and realize they have more channels than your last and they are not in the best IPTV categories for you to quickly flip to.

Make sure you get the best IPTV provider service that has all the channels in order and a great category structure such as Strong IPTV.

So we have put this guide together on how to delete IPTV channels from some of the most popular apps and ways to watch IPTV so you can further customize your IPTV viewing experience.

how to delete iptv channels

Ask Your IPTV Provider To Delete Channels

This one can be slightly hard as your IPTV provider cant just go deleting channels from his IPTV service as this will disrupt other clients using the service.

But you can certainly ask if your IPTV supplier has country bouquets (categories) they can disable for you. So you can just have enabled what countries you want to see so all other IPTV categories disappear making everything much cleaner.

If your IPTV provider is unable to do this which most will be then you need to move on to the methods below to delete IPTV channels from your service.

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How To Delete IPTV Channels From IPTV Smarters Or Smart IPTV App

remove channels from smart IPTV

These 2 are the most popular and used IPTV apps on the market right now so we will be covering these 2 apps in this guide.

Unfortunately, there is no way to delete any IPTV channels from these apps but we do have a workaround below.

You can find your favorite most-watched channels and add to them a favorite category and over time you will have only the IPTV channels you need in just one category which is always a good idea when you join any IPTV provider to do this right away.

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delete iptv channels

So with Smart IPTV and IPTV Smarters pro, this is the method you will want to use and this goes for any other apps where you cant see how to delete the channels, just simply add your favorite channels to a favorite category and use just this one IPTV category.

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You can actually delete channels from the M3U your provider gives you then upload it to your IPTV apps such as Smart IPTV or IPTV smarters and it will be exactly how you want it with deleted channels.

We cover how to do this below.

How To Delete Channels From A M3U Playlist

delete channels from a M3U list

Many of you may be using VLC Media player or other types of apps that need just the M3U to be uploaded to the IPTV app.

So this is a good method to use as you can the EXACT channels you need while deleting all other channels from the M3U file.

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To do this you will need to first download a program on your PC called notepad++

Once you have this installed you will want to right-click the M3U file you downloaded from your provider and choose to Edit with notepad++

Now you can delete the lines of channels you don’t want and get the file looking good with only the channels you do want to keep.

Once you have completed this you will need to click Save in the File menu of notepad++.

That’s it you can now go and upload this modified M3U file to your favorite IPTV app and have the channels you only need show up in the IPTV app.

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Final Thoughts

We have shown you a few ways of eliminating channels from your IPTV but we recommend making a favorite category with only the channels you need in your IPTV app.

If you really want to get your hands dirty with this then you can go ahead and custom modify your M3U file which will get everything perfect but is slightly more time-consuming than the first method.

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