How To Fix IPTV Freezing – Top 5 Methods

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In this article, we will list out 5 ways, how to stop IPTV freezing so you can try each one and get a smooth IPTV experience when it comes to watching your IPTV provider’s streams.

If you are getting freezing with your current IPTV provider then be sure to go with a quality IPTV supplier such as Strong IPTV which have the best quality streams to avoid the stress of freezes and buffering.

How To Fix Your IPTV From Freezing

Work through the steps below individually to see if you can correct your IPTV freezing and buffering issue.

Make Sure You’re Not Downloading And Uploading Anything

Depending on your internet broadband speed you can run into freezing issues if you have other devices being used on your home network at the same time when watching your IPTV.

This can be devices such as game consoles, other smart TV’s to other laptops, and PCs being used in your household at the same time as when your watching IPTV.

This is only really a problem if you have lower internet speeds of around 30Mbps and lower. You won’t experience IPTV freezes if you have just one or 2 devices in your household watching Netflix but if you have any children who are downloading game console games or downloading PC games or torrents this will cause an issue if you have lower broadband speeds.

To check your broadband speed you can go here Broadband Speed Test and click the red button to start the test.

If you just use your broadband for just IPTV and browsing and youtube etc you will want to see a speed above 10Mbps ideally but if you have many devices that use the internet in your home you will want at least above 30Mbps (The higher the better).

If You Can Use A Ethernet Connection On Your IPTV Device

If you are using an IPTV device with an ethernet port we highly recommend using this other Wifi if you have a wireless router close by.

This will help your IPTV get full speed and is not limited to whichever Wifi band you have in your home networks such as 2.4GHZ or 5.0GHZ. 

You can always look at getting a good pair of wireless powerline adapters as these work through your current home electrical wiring system as if you had your IPTV device cabled to the router and will give your device full speeds for streaming.

Check Your Wireless Router Settings

If you have a wireless router that has both 2.4Ghz and 5.0Ghz then be sure to connect to the 5.0Ghz wireless network with your IPTV device to get the fastest speeds.

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If your router only has 2.4Ghz then you should think about upgrading it as 2.4 GHz networks are getting a bit predated over the years.

Also make sure you do not have any interference between your IPTV device and your Wifi router this will be other things that can interfere with the wifi signal such as insect-repellant plugs, radios, and Bluetooth devices.

If you live in an older house that has solid concrete between the walls instead of dry board then the signal can have a hard time going through concrete walls so we would advise getting some wireless powerline adapters (Homeplugs) for your IPTV device or Smart TV.

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Make Sure To Use A VPN

The year 2023 and VPNs go together especially when it comes to watching IPTV as not only will these stop your internet provider from bandwidth throttling (traffic shaping) during peak times such as weekends and evenings they will also protect your IP address when using IPTV services.

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If you don’t know what bandwidth throttling is see the video below for an explanation as this can slow all streaming activities down and cause freezing and buffering.

The easiest way to fix bandwidth throttling is to use the best VPN for IPTV which you can purchase by clicking the button below and save up to 82% OFF (limited-time offer)

Using a VPN will also stop any IPTV blocks when sports are on and also stop your internet provider from intentionally slowing your internet speed down when watching IPTV.

For a more in-depth guide see our article on Why Using A VPN With IPTV Is Important.

It May Just Be Your IPTV Provider

If you have tried all the steps above and are still having IPTV freezing issues then it could be worth messaging your IPTV supplier to see what can be done about this.

Also, be sure to test other IPTV providers out with their free trials to see if you get no freezing with other IPTV providers as there can be a few low-quality IPTV providers out there.

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Final Thoughts

We have covered the top 5 ways on how to fix IPTV freezing so you can get the best experience out of your IPTV subscription.


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