How To Fix IPTV Playback Error

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If you have just purchased an IPTV subscription and you have loaded it up on one o the many ITPV apps and you flick through to watch the latest sporting event but then see the dreaded “playback error” message then make sure to read on to see how to fix the IPTV playback error.

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What Causes The IPTV Playback Error

Most likely the cause is your internet service provider (ISP) is blocking the IPTV service when sports is on so you will need to use a VPN to resolve the playback error.

With the quick answer above let’s dig more deeply into other issues you can check first to see if a VPN is needed.

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Your Interner Connection Or IPTV Server Is Down

First, make sure your internet is working fine on your IPTV device, to do this simply try another app such as YouTube to make sure it’s not your device that is not connected to your home internet as this could cause the IPTV playback error message.

When you are sure your device has internet access then you will want to check if your IPTV provider’s server is down. You can shoot them an email asking if there are any issues on their side or you can enter their server URL in your web browser and see if you get a page coming up or if it gives you a 500 error on your web browser.

If you are a little more advanced you can open the CMD prompt on your Windows laptop/PC and then ping their IPTV server using the below command.

ping “Your IPTV Providers URL”

If you see ping times then this means their server is up but if you see “connection timed out” then their server will be offline and you will need to contact your IPTV supplier about this.

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The IPTV Channel Is Down

Sometimes IPTV providers are dealing with many channels normally over 10,000 IPTV channels so it can be normal to see the odd few channels which are down for a while.

So if you check other channels and see them working then the playback error for that channel is due to the channel not working so it’s always a good idea to send an email to your IPTV supplier and ask about that specific channel.

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You Are Being Affected By The IPTV Block

If you are based in the UK then many of the big internet providers block IPTV when a football match is on. This has caused most of the United Kingdom IPTV users to need VPNs to be able to carry on watching IPTV as normal.

Before getting a VPN you can try and change your IPTV device’s DNS settings to in your router to 1111/ and restart the router. 

This could fix the “Playback Error” message you are seeing. We have covered a more in-depth guide about IPTV and DNS in our Changing DNS Settings On Your IPTV Device Guide.

But most likely you will need to get a VPN and this will permanently fix the playback errors you will need to make sure you ALWAYS keep the VPN on when watching IPTV channels.

We made a guide on Why You Need To Use A VPN With IPTV so you can see the IPTV block in more detail and fix your IPTV.

Final Thoughts

We have covered all solutions with our how to fix IPTVplayback error article so you can be sure to get your IPTV back up and running as it should be.

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