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When you are searching for a new IPTV provider you may find a really good IPTV supplier but then see they only take Paypal when you want to pay by a debit/credit card or even bitcoin.

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So in this article, we will cover the different ways you can pay for IPTV with some providers and which payment method is the best to use with IPTV.

Pay By Card

We started with the most used payment method across all the IPTV providers as this is quick and easy and has become one of the most used IPTV payment methods over the last few years.

This is the payment method we use at Strong IPTV as for both the IPTV client and us the IPTV provider it works the best.

You can also easily just enter your card details into many IPTV websites and within minutes be enjoying their IPTV service without any speedbumps in the way.

Please note: You can buy a prepaid (vanilla debit/credit card from most high streets stores and use these as well as buying virtual debit/credits card if needed online)

Pay Using Bitcoin Or Other Cryptocurrency

This is one of the best ways to pay for IPTV and is getting more and more popular as more people get used to pay using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, and other cryptocurrencies.

As an IPTV user, this method keeps you secure when paying and in the future maybe all IPTV operators will decide to use only Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

So if you reading this guide now is the time to learn how to pay using Bitcoin.

We made a tutorial on How To Pay Using Bitcoin using just your debit/credit card making this process easy for you.

Here at Strong IPTV, we do offer Bitcoin as a payment option and you will find the option to pay via BTC on our checkout page.

If you do not see a way to pay by bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies then simply send your IPTV supplier an email as most will take bitcoin if you ask them, again this keeps you secure when paying and is the future of paying for IPTV like using a VPN has become a norm nowadays when using IPTV.

Pay For IPTV Using Paypal

Now back in 2018 this was probably the best way to pay for IPTV but has become the least favorable way to pay. This is because as an IPTV provider Paypal can be a provider’s nightmare and then when your provider has issues it may be passed down onto you.

Now you know Paypal has buyer protection but so does debit/credit card payments as well even better protection, many have become accustomed to using PayPal just due to their buyer protection but this is not always a good thing for the seller.

What tends to happen is Paypal has problems with IPTV and IPTV sales which can lock the IPTV provider’s PayPal account which then may cause your IPTV supplier to ask for the payment again as they didn’t receive making you pay double or they can deactivate your IPTV account or even close down their services and a chance you lose the money you paid and or have to wait a long time for it to return to your PayPal.

Not only with the above problems listed Paypal can be a nightmare for normal users such as closing accounts for no reason and even limiting them for 180 days and you lose access to your own money.

All this trouble has made Paypal fall from grace and other services have stepped in such as Wise, Revolt which beats keeping your hard-earned money in Paypal and also this has caused most of the IPTV seller market to stop using them and turn customers away who want to use Paypal.

Here at Strong IPTV, we do not accept Paypal due to them not being a good service even for normal users nowadays.

Pay By Bank

This is a very good method as it does not need to involve any payment gateways or companies and it’s a direct payment from you to your IPTV provider which will speed things up and get your IPTV details much faster.

Now many IPTV providers may not offer this directly on their website but if you ask them they will normally have a bank you can make an instant transfer to using the likes of faster payments (if in the Uk) or services you may have such as Zelle etc.

With this payment method, you must trust your IPTV provider as there is no buyer protection so make sure you either check reviews, word of mouth, and forums or have used the provider before, and then you won’t have much of a chance of them stealing your money.

Here at Strong IPTV, we offer bank payments if asked and we are sure your IPTV supplier will do too if you ask them.

Pay By Amazon Gift Card

This used to be a popular way of paying for IPTV other the previous years until it become a bit of a headache for IPTV sellers so most do not use this method now.

If you find a provider who uses this method and you have an Amazon account this can be a good way to pay and also keeps your privacy safe like paying with Bitcoin does.

Pay Via SMS

This is a less used option and you may not come across many IPTV providers who use this method, especially in the USA and UK.

If you are based in another country this may be an option you see with your IPTV provider but if you see it it’s also a good method to pay for your IPTV with.

Pay Using Third-Party Websites

You may find an IPTV provider who offers this option where they send you to a place such as fiverr.com, ebay.com, or upwork.com where they have a service that is unrelated to IPTV but the same price so you can purchase IPTV.

This is not that much of a used method but if you come across it then it can be worth paying this way as much as all the other payment methods we have mentioned.


We have covered all the different ways on how to pay for IPTV so when you see any of these payment ways you can be sure to use them and be fine depending on if you are using a trustworthy IPTV provider.


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