How To Pay With Your Card And Automatically Convert To Bitcoin

Please Note: With Coinbase they are running promitional offers at the time of writing this guide where if buy bitcoins no matter how much they give you a free £5 or $10 depending which country you are based in.

You can also sign up for Coinbase using their offical iOS or android app simply download the Coinbase app from your smartphone app store and follow the below steps


How To Sign Up To


Go to and click on Get Started


Now enter your name, email and password

Signing up for coinbase step 2

After signing up click next on the GDPR notice (if in Europe) then click I acknowledge on the next box

Then choose yes or no to receive promotional offers from coinbase

Next, you will need to confirm your email address by opening the email from Coinbase and clicking on Verify Email Address

confirm email step 3

click on verify email step 3

You will now see a screen that asks for your phone number so enter your mobile phone number in and click Send Code

send code to mobile phone step 5

Now enter the code that was just now sent to your phone

enter code sent to phone step 6

Choose which country you are a citizen of

Now fill out the details on the next page and click continue

fill out details on page and click continue step 7

enter job details step 8

Now coinbase will ask you to upload your ID you can use your smartphone for this

upload passport or id step 9

upload id step 10

For this example, we will use a phone to upload our ID so next, we will get a text message from coinbase on our phone

You will need to open the link coinbase sent to your phone

Now you will see in the center of the phone it says “Tap to take a photo of the front of your ID” so click there

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Now proceed to take a clear photo of your ID using your phone and click on Accept

Then you will see your phone say “Upload successful. Return to your computer to complete verification” so go back to your laptop

That’s it you will now be signed up to coinbase and never need to go through the above process again and will be able to buy bitcoins to pay for things online using them. Follow the next section to learn how to buy bitcoin then send them to pay for online products

Adding Your Debit/Credit Card To Bitcoin

From the Coinbase main screen click on the “Add payment method” button

Add payment method step 1

Now click on Credit/Debit card as Paypal can not be used to buy bitcoins on coinbase only you can withdraw bitcoins to Paypal.

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choose payment method step 2

Once you have added your card you will see a notice saying “Your card was successfully added

enter card details step 3

Now refresh the web page and click on the Buy/Sell button at the top of the page

click on buy sell step 4

Choose an amount you would like to add in bitcoins to your coinbase account you can also choose custom and add a custom amount

We always recommend if you are buying something online such as our IPTV or anything else just to add a little more as coinbase charge a $1 fee to add funds to it.

Once you have choosen the amount click the button preview buy then click on the button Buy Now

You will now be taken through the Visa/MasterCard 3d secure page then you will see a notice that says “Successfully Purchased

You will also see your balance amount of what you topped up with under portfolio balance

How to send Bitcoin To Our Website Or Any Other Website To Pay For Items

Now this is the easiest section so let’s get started

First, go to the website where they accept bitcoins such as our website

Go to the checkout and then choose Bitcoin as your payment method then click on “Pay With Bitcoins

choose pay with bitcoins on website step 1

Now once you have the payment information in front of you it will give you 30 minutes to make payment or if 30 minutes expire you will need to simply make a new order

payment information step 2

So go back to your coinbase account now as we will make a payment to the website

Choose the send / Receive button at the top of the coinbase screen

choose send and receive button step 3

Now click the BTC button 

click the btc button step 4

What you need to do next is go back to the website you are making a bitcoin payment to and you must copy the BTC amount on the left of the word BTC (one click will copy the amount) in this example here is the amount we would copy

copy BTC amount step 5

Now once you have clicked the BTC amount to copy it go to your Coinbase and paste the amount in

(if you are using Coinbase app on your smarthpone you can simply scan the QR code on the left of the amount) 

enter the amount step 6

Once you have entered the BTC amount into your coinbase you need to go back to the website you are purchasing from and then click on the long bitcoin address that starts with bc

copy address by clicking once step 7

Once you have copied this address, go back to your coinbase account now paste the bitcoin address in the To section

paste the bitcoin address step 8

Now click on the continue button

The next screen will show you how much bitcoin you are sending to the website and then a total which will be a few pennies/cents higher due to coinbase network fee

confirmation screen coinbase step 9

Now click on Continue

You will see a notice saying sending crypto is irreversible this is ok if you know you are sending to a website such as ours but mostly relevant if you send bitcoin to persons and not websites 

So click on the Send Now

You will now see a notice pop up saying transfer sent and it will take normally 30 minutes for the transfer to complete

(But our website will see this within a couple minutes so your order will be sent quick)

Click on Done

Now that’s it you have paid the website and now after around 4 minutes you will see the order received screen on the website where the payment information was on

Also, you will receive an email from whatever website you have just purchased from such as our website with order complete and the information you need.

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This was quite a long guide but after you have done it once sending Bitcoin to any website is very easy and is the new way for IPTV and other online service-type websites.

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