How To Record IPTV With Tivimate

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In this short article, we will be teaching you how to record IPTV with TiviMate so you can catch your favorite TV show or sports event when away from your IPTV device.

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What Do You Need To Record IPTV Using TiviMate?

Before we begin with the instructions on recording using Tivimate there are a few things you will need to make this possible.

  • An IPTV Device
  • TiviMate APK
  • A USB flash drive
  • If using a firestick you will need to know how to add an external drive on it to record.

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Now you have all the correct prerequisites let’s jump in.

How To Record IPTV With The TiviMate App

First things first you will need to plug your USB stick into your IPTV device and then open the TiviMate APK.

Now you will need to set the recording folder inside TiviMate by following these steps:

Setting Up A Recording Folder In TiviMate

  1. Press the left key on your IPTV remote control
  2. Now choose Settings
  3. Go into Other
  4. Then choose Recording
  5. Click on the recording folder and change to a folder location of your choice on the USB flash drive
  6. Grant TiviMate permissions to your storage by clicking Allow on the permissions pop up
  7. Now click on Ok
  8. Now change the 2 settings “Start recording before program start, min” and “Stop recording after program end, min” (We recommend keeping this the same but you can change it if you want to)

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How To Set Up Recordings On TiviMate

There are 2 types of recordings you can do inside Tivimate. One is to set up a manual recording and the other is to set up an automatic recording for a program that starts later in the day or days ahead of time.

Record On TiviMate Manually

This method is good if you are at home and need to nip out or cook for instance.

  1. Go on the channel you would like to record
  2. Press up on your remote to bring a window up
  3. Choose the last icon which is the record icon and press ok
  4. Select Record once the pop-up window appears
  5. You will see a confirmation message which says “Recording is started till the end of the program end” this means your recording has started.

Now once you are recording a channel you won’t be able to change the channel because it’s highly likely you only have 1 connection from your IPTV supplier which means you can only watch/record one thing at a time.

Some providers may offer multi connections with their IPTV service so you can record but most IPTV providers will charge you a little extra such as 50%, or 20% of the original price you paid for your IPTV to add an extra connection.

If you had 3 connections on your IPTV subscription you would be able to watch 1 channel while recording 2 other channels simultaneously.

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Record On TiviMate Automatically

This method will be the most likely used and this is when you want to set up recordings using the TV guide (EPG) which is built into TiviMate so you can have the recordings automatically record the TV program you have choosen from the TV guide.

  1. Pick the channel you would like to record an upcoming TV program or sports event on
  2. Open up the EPG for that channel so you can see what’s upcoming in one list
  3. Once you find the TV shows etc you would like to set up TiviMate to record simply hold the OK button on the program listing
  4. Choose Record from the mini pop-up window that appears

Now, that’s the 2 main ways to record IPTV using Tivimate but there maybe times when you want to set up a recording but the channel you want to record has no EPG on it.

So we will add a third method below which will let you set up recordings on TiviMate for channels without EPG.

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How To Set Up Custom Recordings On Tivimate

If you do not see the TV guide (EPG) then you can set up a custom timer recording by following the below.

  1. Bring up the channel list inside of TiviMate
  2. Now press and hold the ok button while your channel name is highlighted
  3. Now go to custom recording and set up the time you need TiviMate to record this channel

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How To Watch Recorded IPTV Content On TiviMate

Finally, we will show you how you can access your recordings on your TiviMate app.

  1. From any channel you are watching press the left key on the remote to bring up the Tivimate main menu
  2. Choose Recordings

Now you can watch any recordings you have made and also delete the recordings of your IPTV device from this section.

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We have covered everything you need to know about recording IPTV on TiviMate to get the best out of this leading IPTV app.


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