How To Save Videos From IPTV

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Whether you have just purchased a new IPTV subscription or have been in this IPTV game for a while but never knew the different ways you can save videos from the IPTV you are using then we will be covering the different ways in this article.

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How To Save Recordings Of IPTV Streams

There may be times when you need to save recordings of live IPTV streams such as when you are not in to watch an important sporting event or you have 2 programs you like clashing at the same time.

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Recording IPTV streams is fairly straightforward as some of the popular IPTV apps such as IPTV Smarters, Tivimate, and XCIPTV allow you to record directly in the app itself.See How To Re

Now you must keep in mind if you only have 1 connection from your IPTV supplier you will need to put the IPTV on the channel you want to record before you leave your house and also set the recording timer or choose to record the program or sports event from the EPG (TV guide).

But when it comes to recording it’s always wise to purchase an extra connection on your IPTV service so you can watch another channel while simultaneously recording another channel at the same time.

Having x2 connections will also allow you to leave the IPTV on whatever channel you wan5t and leave the house and be sure that your recording will work.

How To Save VOD (Video On Demand) Content From Your IPTV Supplier

If you are looking to download and save one of your IPTV provider’s VOD movies or TV shows then you might struggle to do this as many of the iptv providers have apps that don’t support this or systems that prevent you from doing this.

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Some providers have their own VOD app separate from their IPTV system which does allow you to download and save the videos to your IPTV device. Here at Strong IPTV, you can download and save the videos whether they are movies or TV shows for later viewing on your IPTV device.

How To Save Videos To Your Windows PC

This is very easy to do but first, you will need to make sure you are using the free IPTV program called “MYIPTV Player” which you can download and install for free from your built-in Microsoft Windows app store.

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Once you have MYIPTV Player installed on your Windows 10 or 11 you can then download any VOD content from your IPTV provider and save them to your Windows laptop or PC.

How To Save Videos From IPTV Providers Who Have Separate VOD Applications

As mentioned earlier on in this article most IPTV providers have their own separate VOD apps you can normally save and download all their VOD so movies and TV shows directly onto your IPTV device.

Just be aware if you are using a device such as a Amazon Firestick you may find the device has too low storage to store movies and TV shows on.

So the better option would be to upgrade your device to an android tv box that has far more HD storage or ways to connect external USB hard drives.

Or even an android-based device such as an Nvidia Sheild which comes with a lot of free space you can save videos too.

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to saving any type of video from IPTV whether it’s live IPTV channel streams or VOD (Video on demand) content you can be sure this article will guide you through it.


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