How To Stream From Phone To A Firestick

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With screen mirroring and casting being more popular than ever nowadays for sending streams from your phone or even photos to show your family we have put together a guide on how to stream from your phone to firestick.

The problem with the amazon firestick like many other devices is that it does not sync to all your devices such as Windows, Chrome, IOS, etc by default so if you follow the below methods your firestick will be fully equipped to stream from your phone or mirror the screen to your firestick.

Make Sure Your Firestick Is On The Same Wifi Network As Your Phone

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The first thing you need to check is that your phone whether that’s an iPhone, Android, or any other brand is connected to your home Wifi then you will need to make sure your Firestick is connected to the same wifi network. See the below on how to do this.

1. Head over to the settings cog icon on the far right-hand side of the screen

head other to the settings cog

2. Now go down and choose Network

Choose Network

3. Now check that you are on the same Wifi network as your Android or iPhone

Now check the wifi network

4. Ok once you have made sure you are on your home wifi and the same network as your phone follow the below methods to stream and mirror your phone screen to the firestick.

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How Set Up Screen Mirror On A Firestick

1. On the remote press and hold the home button until you see an icon bar then choose settings

choose settings in the icon bar

2. Head over to Display and Sounds and choose the icon

select display and sounds

3. Click on Enable Display Mirroring

Choose enable display mirroring


4. You will now see the firestick screen mirror status screen, you will need to leave the firestick like this and don’t press any buttons on your firestick remote.

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How To Mirror Your Android Phone To A Firestick

Ok once you have done the above steps now it’s time to share the stream or any media you want to your android phone so pick up your android smartphone and follow the below.

1. Swipe down the status bar from the top of your android phone and look for the icon called Cast

turn on cast

please note: If you do not see this icon on your android phone then go to settings and look for wireless and Bluetooth connections and you should find Cast located in there. Also sometimes cast can be called another name such as Wireless projection etc.

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2. You now should receive a message on your phone just explaining about casting just choose Agree or ok to dismiss this notice. It may also say it will turn on WiFi or Bluetooth just click yes.

accept cast disclaimer 1

3. Let it search for the firestick it should take no more than a few seconds to find and once it does you will see your firestick name on your android phone so select it.

choose firestick device

4. Allow around 1 minute for the phone to connect and once it does you will see a mirror of your android phone on the TV screen so now you can choose and use apps on the phone while viewing on the TV, stream media, and much more cool things with the screen mirroring.

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How To Cast iPhone To A Firestick

This will take a different approach to how you mirror an android as that works natively. But it’s just as easy to do with an iPhone using a free app from the amazon app store.

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1. On your Amazon Firestick press the home button and go to Find then search and press ok

go to search and press ok

2. Now type in the word “Airscreen” and once you see the word click on it

seach for airscreen

3. Click on the first icon called Airscreen 

click on the icon airscreen

4. Click on Get to download the Airscreen app and choose open

Now we will show you below how to set up airscreen to get your iPhone working correctly with the app.

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How To Set Up Airscreen On A Firestick

1. You will be met with a welcome screen you can choose “How to Use” if you wish to watch the tutorial but we recommend clicking “Start Now”

Airscreen tutorial

2. Go down to the settings and then press right to the settings cog icon and press OK

go down to settings then across to settings gear icon

3. Once inside settings make sure the “Airplay: Allow other devices to connect” line is ticked

Airplay Allow other devices to connect

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4. Now press the back key on the remote to go back 2 screens and go up to Start and press OK then OK again on the Start icon. You will not see a status screen saying “waiting for connection”.

status screen saying waiting for connection


How To Setup Mirroring on Your iPhone To A Firestick

1. On your iPhone pull down the top bar and choose “screen mirroring”

choose screen mirroring on iphone

2. Now wait while it looks for the firestick and once it finds the firestick click on it

look for firestick from iphone

Now, that’s it you have successfully mirrored your iPhone to your firestick ready for streaming anything and mirroring your apps or playing music, videos, or photos on the firestick.

FAQ: Casting To Phone From Firestick

Why doesn’t my fireTV have screen mirroring?

First, you must make sure that your firestick is connected to the same wifi network as your phone or device you are choosing to screen mirror from

How Do I stream my iPhone to my firestick?

This has already been covered in our guide but you simply need to use airscreen and then choose the screen mirroring function on your iPhone


We hope you enjoyed this guide on how to stream from your phone to a firestick if so make sure you give it a share to help others who may be unaware of this cool function the firestick can do.


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