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Hulu is a great little app for the firestick and has much good streaming content on it but it can fail to work like some of the other big streaming apps so in this guide we cover what to do when Hulu is not working on your firestick.


Apart from using Hulu, we recommend having the best IPTV service on your firestick as this is the best type of streaming app you can have and you get far better content such as live TV, Live sports, and Movies which you can with any other firestick app.


Some Hulu Errors You May Encounter

You may have encountered some of these Hulu problems below:

  • Streaming freezes after the commercials
  • When changing the channel the app freezes
  • Live TV will not load
  • Hulu app crashes and will not load up again

These are just some of the problems which can plague the Hulu app and stop it from working.


What Causes Hulu To Stop Working

While we did mention some of the common errors with Hulu above this can happen across all firestick devices from the firestick lite, firestick 4K, Fire TV, and Fire Cube.

Normally when the Hulu app runs into a problem it should give you an error code of some sort but sometimes it can just give no error and shut down.

But sometimes having a poor wifi connection to your firestick or a build-up of too much cache can cause Hulu to stop working.

We will get into troubleshooting the Hulu app below so you can be on your way to fixing any issues.

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How To Reset And Fix Any Hulu Problems

Below we will show you how to fix most of the issues that Hulu can kick up by resetting the Hulu app.

  1. First press the home button on your firestick remote
  2. Now go into Settings
  3. Then head into Applications
  4. Click into Managed Installed Applications
  5. Choose the Hulu application
  6. Click Force Stop
  7. Now go back to the firestick home page and re-open the Hulu app

Doing the above may fix any issues you were having and fix them as this will completely stop Hulu even from running as a background process and then opening it again will start Hulu again.


Restart Firestick To Get Hulu Working Again

If the above has not worked for you then the next step is to remove the firesticks power plug from the socket in the wall then wait for a good 5 minutes.

After you have waited 5 minutes you can plug the power plug back in and then try Hulu again once the firestick has come back on and loaded.


Clear Cache And Data For The Hulu App

Sometimes on the firestick when you have been using it for a while it can build up junk type files in the form of cache which can slow down your firestick over time.

Every application on your firestick stores cache and data so its always good to clear the cache of the apps once a while to keep the firestick lean and free up space which is always good due to the limited storage of the firestick.

To clear the cache and data of the app follow the below steps:

  1. From the firestick home page choose Settings
  2. Now go into Applications
  3. Click into Manage Installed Applications
  4. Then head into the Hulu app
  5. Choose Clear Cache
  6. Then choose to Clear Data

Once you have done this you will need to go back into the Hulu app but you will need to sign back in using your Hulu username and password.

If all the above has not corrected Hulu not working then you will need to factory reset your firestick.


Factory Reset Firestick To Fix Hulu Problems

This should be your final option once you have tried all the above. This is because it will basically delete everything off your firestick putting it back to the same as when you purchased your firestick.

You can follow the below to factory reset your firestick:

  1. From the firestick home page choose Settings
  2. Now go to My Fire TV (or Device for older generation firesticks)
  3. Choose Factory Reset Defaults 
  4. Choose yes when the pop-up notification asks if you are sure you want to factory reset the firestick

Once you have done the above the factory reset normally takes 3-5 minutes so allow the firestick to reset itself. 

After the reset has finished you can download Hulu again from the amazon app store and Hulu will now be fixed free of any issues.



We understand Hulu can be a good app for the firestick due to the number of movies, tv shows, and live sports you receive but when there is an issue with the app not working it can be a headache, but with our guide you can solve any Hulu problems.

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