How To Install Ares Wizard On Kodi (2022 Guide)

Ares Wizard is a fantastic addon for Kodi as this will allow you to download many more amazing addons so easily. This addon is very popular among the Kodi scene and if you do not already have it we strongly suggest you get it asap by following our how to install Ares Wizard on Kodi guide.

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What Is Ares Wizard

First, let us break down what Ares Wizard exactly is just in case you have not heard of this addon before. Ares Wizard has a large library of Kodi builds, Kodi Addons, Tweaks, Mods, Maintenance, and more inside of it.

Its a bit like what the Google Play Store is to Android but Ares Wizard only works with Kodi and you can find the best ready-made Kodi builds to install where they are all already set up by other Kodi users so you don’t have to find your own Kodi addons afterward saving tons of time.

Ares Wizard is a long-standing Kodi Addon and one of the best Kodi addons due to its diversity of what it does and also the number of goodies it has for your Kodi.

Now you know how powerful Ares Wizard is let’s get to installing the add-on.

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Install Ares Wizard Kodi Addon

Before you go ahead and install Ares Wizard and spend a lot of time checking out all the great features, You make sure that you have turned ON enable unknown sources setting in your Kodi, to do this follow the below.

  1. From the Kodi home screen choose the settings cog icon
  2. Now go into System
  3. Then make sure at the bottom of the menu you change that “Basic” setting to “Advanced” or “Expert”
  4. Now go up to Addons
  5. Now you will see “Unknown Sources” just click on it to enable
  6. Say yes to the warning box that appears

That’s it quite simple you have allowed unknown sources to be added to Kodi which will stop any issues when you continue to install Ares Wizard below.

  1. On the Kodi home screen choose the settings icon
  2. Now enter System
  3. Select File Manager
  4. Now on the left-hand panel choose Add source
  5. Click on None
  6. Now the URL address field put this URL in and click OK
  7. Now in the name section enter any name you want but in this example, we will name it “Ares Wizard”
  8. Now click OK and OK again to save the Ares Wizard Repo
  9. Now at the top, you will see Ares Wizard which means the Repo has been installed

Now it’s time to add the actual addon before the full installation of Ares Wizard is complete.

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  1. From the Kodi Home Screen choose Add-ons
  2. Now click the blue box (package installer) in the top left-hand corner of the screen
  3. Choose “Install from zip folder”
  4. Now you will see Ares Wizard (or what you named it in the previous steps) simply click on it
  5. Now choose the name which looks like this (The x will be numbers on your Kodi)
  6. Now allow some short time for Kodi to give you a notification that Ares Wizard has installed
  7. Once you see the notification Ares Wizard has now been installed so you can exit to Kodi’s main home screen

Now you have installed the smooth Arez Wizard you will want to go to Add-ons and then inside Program add-ons to find the addon plugin.

Once inside you can choose from the best Kodi Builds around and also many tweaking tools, maintenance, and lots of other cool add-ons too.

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Change Kodi Cache Settings Using Ares Wizard

The good thing with Ares Wizard is you can download and install maintenance tools that can help you modify the cache settings and temp files to smoothen out any buffering and playback pauses before you go watching Kodi content.

To do this follow the below steps:

  1. From Kodi home screen go to Add-ons
  2. Now choose Program Addons
  3. Select Ares Wizard
  4. Go along the top bar to Tweaks
  5. Now open Advanced Settings Wizard
  6. Click next then choose Generate Settings
  7. Now you will see something called “Video Cache Size”
  8. Now use the slider to change the Video Cache Size size if needed
  9. On the Buffer Mode choose the number 2
  10. Now click on “Apply the settings” to save the settings
  11. A message box will pop up telling you to restart Kodi so click ok then proceed to restart Kodi for the settings to kick in

Now you have changed the above you will find whenever you go to watch a movie, TV show, or anything else with Kodi that it will be more stable and faster and no buffering or minimal.

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Ares Wizard Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How To Stop Buffering In Kodi?

Using Ares Wizard simply go into Ares wizard then maintenance and delete thumbnails, packages, caches, and temp files.

Ares Wizard Not Working For Me

The first thing you should check is if you are on the latest version of Ares Wizard simply follow the guide above to be on the latest version. Also, make sure you are using a VPN we recommend this VPN as being the best for Kodi.

Is Ares Wizard Still Working In 2021

Yes, Ares Wizard is still going strong in 2021 but make sure to change the repo address we will also update the repo URL here when it changes. Sometimes builds and addons may not work correctly when trying to download them.


This is a must-have Kodi addon due to all the diverse functions it can do and the addons it provides for your Kodi.

You can not only install Kodi builds but also so many maintenance addons and tweaks to your Kodi and make it run super smooth especially changing the cache settings.

So if you still don’t have Ares Wizard then what are you waiting for its a must-have Kodi App and use our installation steps above.

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