How to Install HBO Max On A Firestick (2024 Guide)

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HBO Max is a great app you can install on your firestick and enjoy all of HBO’s content and more as they have some very decent content as a network. 

This guide on how to install HBO Max will work not only on amazon firesticks but also firestick 4k, Fire TV, Fire TV cubes, and even any other android tv box you may own.

The HBO App is run by the giant’s Warner company which also makes some great movies such as Spiderman, Batman, and Aquaman while supplying great TV content.

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What Networks Are Included With HBO Max

Once you have HBO Max you will get a lot of networks bundle in such as:

  • Warner Brothers
  • HBO
  • DC Entertainment
  • Cartoon Network
  • CNN
  • Crunchyroll
  • TBS
  • TNT
  • New Line Cinema
  • and much more

We will get into how to install the app on your firestick or any android device tv box now. We will also show you how to sideload the app for anyone without USA-based amazon app stores that can’t find the app or Google Play Stores that are not USA-based.

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Install Official HBO Max App On Your Firestick

The HBO Max app has only recently been put on the amazon app store as previously you would have needed to sideload the app in which just takes a little longer so it’s always nice to see an app added natively to the firesticks amazon store.

What you will need to do to install HBO Max is officially is follow the below steps:

  1. Make sure you are on the Firesticks Home Screen
  2. Go to Search
  3. Then type in “HBO Max”
  4. Now click on the name “HBO Max”
  5. Click on the purple icon with the HBO Max symbol on it
  6. Choose download and once finished click Open

Now that was too easy, like a walk in the park on a hot summer’s afternoon but that is the ease of having apps right on the amazon app store.

You can go ahead and just put in your HBO Max username and password and enjoy all the app has to offer.

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How To Sideload HBO MAX On A Firestick

You will need to sideload the apk if you have been unable to find the HBO Max app which sometimes may happen or you are using an android tv box instead of a firestick or Fire TV.

If you already have the app installed for any reason you will need to go ahead and uninstall the app otherwise it will not install if you have the app already installed.

Once you are sure the app does not exist in your firestick app list you will want to quickly enable unknown sources on the firestick so do the below:

  1. Go to Settings from the firesticks main screen
  2. Now choose My Fire TV
  3. Then head into Developer Options
  4. Select “Apps From Unknown Sources”
  5. Now choose “Turn On” when the box appears

After you have successfully done the above you will be ready to install HBO Max without any issues or complaints from your firestick.

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Put HBO Max On Firestick Using The Downloader App

The app we are going to use to sideload and install HBO Max to the firestick is one called Downloader you may already be familiar with this app if not we will tell you how to download and install it.

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First, what downloader allows you to do is easily enter the URL addresses of 3rd party apps which will then download and install easily on your firestick saving you more time and effort by having to send the files to the firestick via FTP.

To download and install downloader follow the below:

  1. From the firestick’s Home Screen click on the search icon
  2. Now type in the word “Downloader”
  3. Click on the name “Downloader”
  4. Choose the orange icon called Downloader
  5. Now click on “Get” which will install the app then choose “Open”

Once you have opened the app you will be met with a notice which says “Allow Downloader to access photos, media, and files on your device” just choose yes to this message and now click on the OK on the Quick Start Guide pop up box.

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Now its time to download and install HBO Max on the firestick so follow the below:

  1. Under where it says “enter a URL” enter this URL
  2. Once you have entered the URL exactly as above click Go
  3. Now wait a few minutes for the download to complete
  4. Once finished click on Install
  5. Then click on Done
  6. Now choose Delete (This will remove the install app as not needed)
  7. Choose Delete again

After completing the above steps you have now installed the HBO app what you need to do is find it in your apps on the firestick or android tv box and open it then enter your HBO Max username and password.

We now will provide you with the last way that can be done off your laptop or PC easily by using ES File Explorer a well-known FTP program that works on your own wireless network easily.

Use ES File Explorer To Install HBO Max On Firestick

You may have used ES File Explorer before to send files back and forth between your Laptop/PC to the firestick easily or you may be used to using it as a very powerful file explorer with it being the best one for firesticks.

To get ES File Explorer just simply search for it on the firestick and download and install the app and move on to the steps below to install HBO MAX with this method.

  1. Open ES File Explorer
  2. Choose Network in the menu
  3. Then Select “View On PC”
  4. Now you will see an FTP address so write it down
  5. Go on your Laptop/PC and open windows file explorer
  6. Now enter the FTP address you just written down into the windows file explorer
  7. You will now see all the folders inside your firestick
  8. Simply find the folder called Downloads and drop the HBO Max APK in that folder
  9. Now go back to the firestick and using ES File Explorer go to Local Files
  10. Now search for the HBO Max apk you just sent over and click on it to start the installation of the app
  11. After the app has been installed you can close ES File Explorer

Now with the above done, you will have the HBO Max app installed on your firestick if you go into “My Apps” you will see it and can set a shortcut for it on your home screen to easily access the app in the future.

What To Do If HBO Max Is Not Working On My Firestick

If you find that HBO MAX is not working on your firestick or android tv box then it could be that the app is just not compatible with your version of FireTV or android box. You may find it opens fine but will not play Movies, TV Shows, or anything else.

If you have sideloaded the app it is best to use a built-in mouse such as Mouse Toggle as your amazon remote won’t be mapped out well with the app you just sideloaded in.

Once you have loaded in the mouse toggle app you can now activate it and use the mouse to select any section or menu inside the HBO Max app and turn off Mouse Toggle as and when needed.

Ok, we have provided 3 great ways on how to install the HBO Max app so let’s look at some frequently asked questions we get asked about the app.

HBO Max Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

HBO Max Not Working On My Firestick

You will need to clear the cache and data of the app and try again if this does not fix the app try uninstalling it and installing it again.

Is HBO Max Available On Firestick

We get asked this often as not too long ago you could not get HBO Max from the amazon app store but as of 2021, it’s fully available on the Amazon App store using the firestick or any Fire TV device.

Is HBO Max Safe To Sideload On My Firestick

Yes, you will have no problems at all sideloading HBO Max on your firestick or any other Fire TV amazon device.

Does HBO Max include HBO?

Yes you can Stream HBO as well as get access to lots more content such as the latest blockbuster movies, TV shows, Max originals, and also HBO (Used to be called HBO Now and HBO Go)

Is HBO Max free with Amazon Prime?

No, as HBO Max is a standalone app you will need to pay $9.99 per month (including adverts) or $14.99 per month (without adverts)


HBO Max is a great app with so much more than just HBO content with it having many networks involved so you can watch the best movies and tv shows and more all with the app.

If you have trouble finding it natively using your firestick amazon app store then just follow the steps above to sideload the app to your firestick or android tv box.

If this guide has helped you be sure to give it a share.


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