How To Install IPVarnish On A Firestick

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In this article, we will cover how to install IPVarnish on your firestick so your IPTV does not get blocked and you can enjoy IPTV without any interruptions.

To get the best out of your firestick make sure you get the best IPTV service from Strong IPTV.

This will also work on all amazon devices such as the FireStick 2nd/3rd Gen, FireStick 4K, Fire TV Stick Lite, and Fire TV Cube.

The only firestick this article won’t work on is the older 1st gen firesticks so the firesticks that don’t have Alexa built-in or have no microphone button on the top of your firestick remote for Alexa.

If you still happen to have a 1st generation firestick you can follow this guide here to install IPVarnish on your 1st generation firestick.

Why You Need A VPN Such As IPVarnish

A VPN keeps your streaming activity secure so your internet provider or any other third party can’t see what you have been doing on your own internet.

These third parties and your ISP can also sell your information and block IPTV from reaching your home network but a VPN will fix these problems.

Using a VPN will also unblock IPTV when live sports are on. For more information see our article on How To Stop Your ISP From Blocking IPTV When Live Sports Is On.

But using a VPN has much more benefits than unblocking IPTV you can also stream content that is locked down to just one country so for example apps such as HBO Max and BBC iPlayer no matter which country you are currently in.

With the above being said it helps you take your firestick anywhere in the world and simply plug it in and access everything you normally would when back at home using the IPVarnish VPN.

Is IPVanirsh VPN Legal?

Yes using a VPN from any VPN provider is 100% legal.

VPNs and their usage is becoming a must in 2023 and beyond for all the benefits especially if your internet provider also is one to block IPTV when live sports are showing.

Does IPVarnish VPN Make My Internet Slower

Normally you may take a small dip in your download and upload speeds but this won’t matter for streaming content such as IPTV and Netflix.

Every VPN country you choose will have different speeds especially if the VPN country you choose is far away from your own country.

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STRONG IPTV TIP: Prior to venturing down this path, it’s important to understand that these third-party applications haven’t been vetted by a trusted source.

This is why we suggest always using a VPN which will encrypt your connection to the Internet when using these various streaming APKs and add-ons.

But to counteract this with a VPN there is no bandwidth throttling so when your internet provider purposely slows down your speeds in peak hours such as evenings and weekends this will not happen to you.

This means you won’t get buffering or connection problems with your IPTV or streaming apps you are currently using.

Benefits Of Using IPVarnish

Below we will list some of the main benefits of why using a VPN is good in 2023.

No Bandwidth Cap

Your internet provider may have a soft cap where if you go over this they will limit your speed for the day.

Using IPVarnish you will not get any caps so can enjoy full speeds all day.

Choose Any Country

You can choose from over 75 countries when you have IPVarnish VPN so you can watch content from that country that may be region locked without any issues.

IPVarnish Is Cheaply Priced

IPVarnish is very well priced compared to some of the other VPN providers and when you take out a longer subscription you get very good pricing with their yearly subscription working out to around just $2 a month.

IPVarnish also offers a free 30-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked so it’s risk-free joining them.

Great Customer Support

The IPVarnish team is on hand 24/7 to help you with any issues you may run into and has the same amazing support level no matter which price plan you choose.

How To Install IPVarnish On A Firestick

1. You will first want to make sure you have an IPVarnish Subscription by clicking the link and then choosing to subscribe in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

2. Now select one of the 2 products we recommend just VPN unless you want to get storage like a Google Drive with them. Choose what length of time you want to take the VPN subscription out with them.

They offer monthly and annual VPN subscriptions.

See How To Pay For IPTV

3. Now choose a payment method such as debit/credit card, PayPal, Bitcoin, or any other payment method they offer.

4. Once you have paid you will need to go into the email you used to sign up with IPVarnish and then verify your email from the email IPVarnish has sent you.

5. Once you have signed up you will need to head over to your firestick and choose Find then Search.

6. Search for IPVarnish then click on the name and then the icon.

7. Now choose download followed by get and this will download and install IPVarnish to your firestick or other Amazon device.

8. Now hold the home button down on your firestick remote and choose Apps then find and select IPVarnish.

9. Now log into IPVarnish using your username and password from when you signed up to IPVarnish before. 

10. Once signed in click on connect and the VPN will choose the best country and server for you automatically. (You can choose your own country and city if needed)

11. When the VPN connects you will see a notification on your TV saying “Connection Request” just simply choose OK.

12. Once connected you will see a graph with how much VPN data you are using and the speeds so this is when you know you have correctly connected to a VPN.

That’s it you have now installed IPVarnish on your firestick and can enjoy all IPTV and more using this amazing VPN.

Final Thoughts

It’s vital you use a VPN when it comes to IPTV if you are based in the UK and some other countries where your internet provider actively blocks sports so you can view your IPTV without any issues when this happens.

Also, a VPN will keep you secure no matter what you are streaming or browsing.


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