How To Install Smart IPTV On Your Firestick

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We have always been asked what the best IPTV app to use is and for years our answer has been Smart IPTV without a doubt. So we have put together a guide about Smart IPTV and how to put it on your Firestick.

What Exactly is Smart IPTV Then?

Smart IPTV is an IPTV app that allows you to watch iptv channels from quality iptv provider such as ourselves and others. The app makes it very easy to get our services up and running in no time with minimal effect on your part.

smart iptv activation

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What Devices Can I Use Smart IPTV On?

So first things first you will need a device that has the app natively which unfortunately a lot of devices don’t have Smart IPTV but we won’t mention which ones don’t have it and instead mention the devices that it works on.

The Smart IPTV app works on all LG TV’s and most Samsung TV’s if they have an app store which most Samsung TV’s do. Also if you have a Sony TV then only a few models of Sony have the app and it’s the Sony’s that are based on the Android operating system which only a select few Sony TV’s are.

Now if you own an Amazon firestick or a Fire TV then you are lucky as you just need to do a quick search for Smart IPTV and you will see it show up.

If you own an Android TV box then it also works on this device but if you can’t find it in the play store then you can download the apk directly from here

What Makes The App So Good Compared To Other Free Apps

The app is very easy to setup as we as an IPTV provider can do most of everything our side with this app get you up and running once you purchased an IPTV subscription from us here You can sit back and put your feet up and let us deal with the quick 2 minute set up.

Most of all the other IPTV apps take a lot longer to set up and you have to set them up mostly yourself which is fine if you know what you are doing but sometimes people don’t and just want to have it on asap which this app allows.

Now aside from the app being a breeze to set up it is the best app out there that has the best looking GUI which basically means its looks. It has a very easy and intuitive menu and presents everything in a well-designed way which again lands it at the top of all the other apps.

The EPG (TV Guide) works best on this app now we must admit sometimes the EPG can be not the best on all IPTV due to the nature of IPTV but we must admit that it works tremendously well on the app compared to the others we have used.

installing smart iptv

How Do I Pay or Activate Smart IPTV

Ok, the good news is that siptv (short for Smart IPTV) gives you a free 7 week trial of the app so you can download it on your device and get to work straight away with one of our IPTV subscriptions.

The app cost is a cheap $6.50 for a lifetime fee, Yes just a one off fee to own a great IPTV app that will last you a lifetime and has the most features.

Then you just need to make sure that before the 7 days since you download the app that you activate the app by going to

If you fail to activate the app within the 7 days from downloading the app then the channels will drop out its no big deal as you can still go to the web address we just mentioned above and activate your code there or if you are using a firestick or a fire TV you can activate the app from inside the app once the trial runs out.

Either way, if you let your trial run out before activation then you will need to give us a quick message so we can add the channels back in as we do not own the app but we run our IPTV services on the app.

Smart IPTV Activation

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Our Final Thoughts

This app is one of the best IPTV apps you can use and is the heavyweight champion of the many IPTV apps out there with its easy to operate and effortless installation and set up plus its great GUI looks and EPG you are sure to stick with this app once you use it.

We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to install smart IPTV on your firestick and we encourage you to share it to help others choose the best app when it comes to IPTV and our services.


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