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When it comes to using apps for your smart TV there is a new kid in town called Smart STB which many people who use IPTV are switching over to because it works like a MAG box interface which some smart TV users actually prefer.

Please note: You will need an IPTV subscription to use for SmartSTB which you can BUY HERE as our IPTV service works great with the SmartSTB app.

We have decided to make a guide on installing SmartSTB for your Samsung smart TV and also your LG Smart TV to make it easy to add the app then enter your IPTV details in to get it all working.

But just note the app does not only support Smart TV’s you can add to android devices from your app store and enjoy the app as well.

Before we just straight into the guide on setting the app up with your IPTV from us or another provider we just want to show you what the app looks like on your different Smart TV.

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Smart STB app for Samsung Smart TV

Smart STB On Samsung App Store

Smart STB app for LG TV Smart TV

LG TV Smart STB app store


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What To Do After Smart STB Installation

Depending on what device you have whether a Samsung, LG or android device you should have been able to easily search the app and download it to your device so you will need to follow the below.

Once inside the app go to System Settings 

System Settings smartstb

Now go to Device Info

smart stb device info

Now on this screen, you will see 2 MAC address one will be called software mac address and the other will be called “your virtual mac address“.

Software MAC address and Virutal mac address

You need to write both down as both are important.

What is a Software MAC address

The software mac address is used to activate the app on your devices such as smart tv or android device.

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What is a virtual MAC address

This virtual mac address is what you will send to your IPTV provider so they can activate your subscription for you and they will send you a special URL to use then.


Use Smart STB Website To Activate The App

Ok, what you will do now is activate the app for free as the app will give you 7 days free.

Smart STB Website

Once you go to the above website you will see it gives you an activation code which you need to enter in the app with your TV remote to sync the app to the account your making.

TV Code for smart stb loading screen

After you have used the code it gives on the website your next step is to enter the software MAC address you written down before in where it says Software ID.

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Then in the portal URL part, you must ask your IPTV provider for their Portal URL they will give it to you and then you will enter your IPTV providers portal URL in so make sure to email them and ask.

enter-your infomatiion in

Once you have done both the above you can click continue and enter your billing details in for the free 7-day trial it gives you for the access of the app.

smart stb billing page

Once you have entered your details and got the free trial you can then use the IPTV with your IPTV provider.

Provide Your IPTV Provider With Your Virtual MAC Address

Ok with the above done and the app activated your next step is to then get your IPTV provider to link their services with the app you just downloaded so to do this you will need to send your IPTV provider your Virtual MAC code you wrote down earlier.

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It will look like the below


If for whatever reason you lost this code and need to find it again you go back to the start of this guide and see what steps to take to find it again.

Ok now once your IPTV provider has entered your Virtual MAC into his system you will need to do 1 final last thing and that’s to add the IPTV providers portal URL which you would have got before from them.

To do this go back into System Settings in the app then go to Portals

Then choose the same settings as this image below

  • Multiportal mode set to ON
  • Portal Load delay to 3 Seconds
  • Portal 1
  • Use Portal 1 ON 

Now the next important thing is where it says Default Portal you must click into here and then you will see this screen below

portal settings smartstb

You must enter these details in below

For portal 1 name you can enter anything you want here such as the name of your IPTV provider or anything you want it does not matter


For portal 1 URL this is important here you will enter the portal URL you got from your IPTV provider before and this special URL your provider gives you will always end with /c/ when using this smartstb app.

Here’s an example below but your portal 1 name and portal 1 URL will be different according to your IPTV provider.

portal-name and url for smart tv

Once you have done this you can return to the previous page and then save these settings and then choose the option that says reload portal once this has been done your IPTV will work fine.

If you are looking to install STB emulator on an android based device then follow this guide on How To Setup STB Emulator on Android

We also would like to mention the app makers only allow a free 7 day trial of this app then after that it cost to use it the prices are below

smart stb prices

If you do not want to pay for the app which we would recommend paying as its a good app to you but you can always try a free app with your Samsung Smart TV or LG Smart TV these apps can be

  • STBemu
  • Smart IPTV

But Samsung TV and even LG TV has started to remove some IPTV apps from their app store so you won’t be able to find them but maybe you will still find STB emu or SSIPTV if you don’t then use the app from this guide and just pay as its worth it.

If this has helped you set up your Smart TV then give this guide a share.


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