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If you have never heard of Tamil before then it’s a great Kodi addon that focuses just on the Indian market. It has Indian live TV, Movies, and more all for free if you have Kodi installed on your IPTV device.

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In this guide, we will teach you how you can install Tamil Kodi and enjoy the add-on’s content.

how to install Tamil on kodi

What Is Tamil Addon Kodi

Tamil is a Kodi add-on that focuses on the Indian market as the addon gives you Indian movies, live TV, Sports, Live Radio, On-demand videos, and TV shows.

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Here are just some of the different languages Tamil has for you to enjoy:

  • Hindi
  • Telugu
  • Malayalam
  • Kannada
  • Bengali
  • Marathi
  • Gujarati
  • Punjabi Movies

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Installing Tamil Kodi

You will want to get the addon then upload it to Kodi so if you are using Kodi on windows you can drag the addon zip folder into the plugins section or if you are using a firestick you can remotely send the zip folder to the firestick.

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install tamil kodi

This guide will be mostly focused on how to install once you have the Tamil addon for Kodi so follow the below:

  1. Download the zip folder by clicking this link
  2. Save the zip folder to your desktop
  3. Enter Kodi
  4. Go into System
  5. Choose Add-ons
  6. Click Install from zip folder
  7. Choose where you saved the zip folder
  8. The plugin will be called
  9. Click the zip folder plugin
  10. Wait until it the notifcation says plugin added

That’s it you have now put the Tamil addon in Kodi.

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install tamil kodi

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How To Use Tamil

Tamil is quite straightforward to use with Kodi but we will add some steps below:

  1. Open Kodi then go to Videos
  2. Choose Add-ons
  3. Select Tamil Kodi
  4. Now this will open Tamil
  5. Select what catergory you want to watch
  6. Click on a name to start playing a stream

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There you go a quick guide on how to install Tamil on Kodi so you can get the best in Indian entertainment and more.

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