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If you own a gaming console then there is no need for you to switch to another device when you want to watch IPTV and can keep everything on one device. 

In this guide, we will cover the best IPTV app on PS4 and PS5 so you enjoy IPTV on your gaming console.

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The Best App For PS4 And PS5

After we have done some research on this we can see there are no IPTV apps native to the PlayStation app store and no way to sideload any on.

But this is fine as we have found a workaround for you to be able to watch IPTV streams using your PlayStation.

The best IPTV app for the PlayStation happens to be Plex but you will need a computer, laptop to put the plex media server on then run the plex client app on your PS4 or PS5.

We will run you through the whole setup below on how to do this:

1. You will need to go to the Plex TV Downloads section and click on download to start downloading the Plex Media Server for your PC, Laptop or Macbook.

iptv app for ps4 and ps5

2. Now run the downloaded file and install Plex Media Server then click on Launch

3. You will need to log in you can create a new account or sign in to any of your social media accounts to logins such as Facebook, Apple, or Google it’s up to you.

4. Now click the Got button 

5. Call the Plex Media Server any name you like or something like “PS4 media server”

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STRONG IPTV TIP: Prior to venturing down this path, it’s important to understand that these third-party applications haven’t been vetted by a trusted source.

This is why we suggest always using a VPN which will encrypt your connection to the Internet when using these various streaming APKs and add-ons.

Now the above is done you will have the Plex Media Server on your Laptop or PC which will act as a remote media server so your Playstation 4 or 5 can see the content and IPTV you put on Plex.

best iptv app ps4

Watch IPTV On PS4 or PS5 Using Plex Media Server

Ok in this section you will need to download the IPTV plugin from your IPTV provider and set it up so the Plex Media Server can read it.

Follow the below steps:

  1. Download the IPTV Plugin from your IPTV Provider
  2. Put the Plugin in this file directory on your PC C:/ users/ ”yourPCname”/ AppData/ Local/ Plex Media Server/ Plug-ins.
  3. In the plugin, you just copied go into it and open the Contents folder
  4. Now for the next steps, you will need a program called Notepad++ its very similar to notepad but its needed for this, you can download here
  5. Now locate the file called Info it will be inside the Contents folder of the IPTV plugin you just installed
  6. Search for this line of code  <!-<string>UseRealRTMP</string>-> 
  7. Then replace the line of code with this <string>UseRealRTMP</string>
  8. Now click Save to save the file you just changed in notepad++
  9. Now go inside the Resources folder and open the file named Playlist with the notepad++ program
  10. Click Save without making any changes to the file in notepad++
  11. Now the folder you added in change the name to bundle
  12. Once you have done these steps you would have synced your Plex Media Server to your IPTV Provider.

If you have got this far well done because the next part is the easy part as you will just need to install Plex on your PS4 or PS5

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How To Install Plex On Your PS4 & PS5

  1. On your PlayStation 4 or 5 go into the Microsoft store or PlayStation store.
  2. Run a search for “Plex” then select the Plex icon 
  3. Choose Download and then Open the app
  4. You will see Plex give you an activation code
  5. Go back to on your computer and sign in then put the code in (This will sync your Plex Media Server to your Plex Client app on the PS4 or Ps5)

Once you have finished the above steps you will now be ready to watch your favorite IPTV providers’ channels and Videos on demand.

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We know this is not the perfect solution but without a native PlayStation, IPTV app made it will have to do as being the best IPTV app on PS4 and PS5.

Once there is a native app in the PlayStation store we will be sure to update this guide to reflect this.

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