What IPTV Apps Come With Mac Address

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If you have ever used a Mag box before you know the interface it uses is very cool looking and smooth to use called stalker middleware.

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If you own a firestick or another android based IPTV device and want an IPTV app that can emulate this stalker system we have put together this guide on what IPTV apps come with Mac addresses.

iptv app with mac address

Which IPTV Apps Have Mac Addresses

We have compiled a list of some of the best apps which give you MAC addresses to use so you can get that mag box type feel.

STB Emulator

STbemu is a great IPTV app that totally emulates a MAG box such as a Mag250 or Mag322 box.

stb emulator with mac address

This app requires you to give your IPTV provider the MAC address from the settings so they can add it to their IPTV panel and you can then go on to set up the web portal settings using your IPTV suppliers portal URL.

This app works the same as a MAG box so you can pause, rewind and even record live IPTV streams while getting a cool-looking EPG layout.

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STBemu does not support a way to upload M3U lists and works solely with the MAC address just like a Mag BOX.

OTT Navigator IPTV

This is another great IPTV app that you can download straight from the Google Play store and can be set up using just a MAC address.

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OTT Navigator IPTV mac address

This IPTV app allows you to watch live TV and has an archive and catch-up function built-in.

The user interface is also very slick and one of the best ones around beating the likes of the previously mentioned STBemu.

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OTT Navigator IPTV also has a built-in EPG (TV Guide) and a separate section for the likes of Video On Demand service your IPTV supplier provides.


This IPTV app works solely on apple devices such as iPhones, MacBooks, iPads, and iMacs.

iSTB iptv app for iphone

iSTB supports all formats your IPTV provider will supply you with such as the MAC address way of setting up your IPTV and also both Xtream Codes API way, and the M3U playlist upload way.

This IPTV app has a “Lite” version which is free and allows you to connect to only 1 MAC address meaning you can only use one IPTV provider with this app.

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They do a premium version of the app which costs £13.99 (roughly $18 in dollars)

The premium version of this app will allow you to add as many IPTV providers to the app’s portal.

Features of iSTB

  • Add/remove unlimited portals
  • Connect to multiple portals at once with profile groups
  • Search genres by name
  • Search channels by name
  • Add channels to a favorites list
  • Full electronic programming guide or EPG (dependent on your provider)
  • View VOD content (dependent on your provider)
  • Catch up on past programs (dependent on your provider)
  • Watch VOD with subtitles from OpenSubtitles
  • Resuming of VOD and catch up content
  • Watch multiple streams at once with Multi-View (dependent on your provider)
  • Dark theme
What IPTV Apps Come With Mac Address

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Final Thoughts

Using IPTV apps with Mac addresses can come in handy when your IPTV provider does not give out the M3U playlist and you want to use a great-looking app with them all being built off the Mag box type user interface.

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