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If you have been searching for a iptv box fully loaded in the UK then this guide will explain everything you need to know about them.

What Is An IPTV Box?

An IPTV box is a device such as an Android TV box where you can watch IPTV from your favorite IPTV provider and stream channels and video content.

An IPTV box is not only exclusive to Android but can be any device that can connect to your TV such as Nvidia Sheild, Mag Boxes, Roku media boxes, and more.

fully loaded meaning

So what Does A Fully Loaded IPTV Box Mean?

A fully loaded IPTV box means a device such as an Android box that is already preloaded with an IPTV service or a Kodi build so you do not have to install these services yourself.

So you may find stores etc. that sell fully loaded IPTV boxes where you already get IPTV channels and other streaming services pre-installed, to save you the hassle of doing this yourself.

But for the reason they have already been set up by the seller, you may find the prices are increased due to the time it may take for the seller to set them up.

What Are The Cons Of Fully Loaded IPTV Boxes In UK

Well, when you buy an IPTV box that is fully loaded you never know if the seller has installed a virus or malware onto the box due to it not being fully new where you have set the box up yourself.

The viruses/malware can be bitcoin mining software or a zombie machine where your seller can connect to it and use it to attack other PCs, servers, or devices.

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You may also find what is called a keylogger which can steal any data that you input into any apps you are using such as your billing address or even your card details.

Nowadays it is so easy to set up IPTV on the IPTV boxes yourself that it’s pointless getting a fully loaded one unless you know the seller and trust them.

Where Can You Buy A Fully Loaded IPTV Box In The UK

They can be harder to find in local stores due to the IPTV boxes already being pre-set up so depending on what is on them such as Kodi etc. they could be breaking copyright laws which then the store can be fined so many of the high street stores etc have stopped selling them over the counter.

the uk

So this leaves you with online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay which tend to have a lot you can choose from on these marketplaces but be sure to do your research such as who the seller is, feedback, and what you get with the fully loaded box.

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What Are The Best Fully Loaded Boxes

We are not sure which boxes come fully loaded or not in 2023 but we can certainly mention some of the better IPTV-based boxes you can buy so if they claim to be fully loaded you can see a list of the best boxes for IPTV below.

1. Nvidia Sheild

The Nvidia Sheild is a power horse when it comes to the best IPTv boxes and you may just want to use this as your IPTV main daily driver if budget is of no issue to you.

With the Sheild, it has power in the form of CPU and RAM and will take everything you throw at it as well as a backup for a gaming console of the Nvidia Ultimate which is a cloud gaming.

Nvidia Sheild fully loaded

2. Amazon Firestick

This is the most used device when it comes to IPTV and is the device we recommend due to its good performance and form factor it can slow right into the back of your Smart TV without needing power wires.

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When you are searching for IPTV boxes that are fully loaded in the UK this is the device you will most likely come across the most as being a fully loaded box or fully loaded stick.

Amazon Firestick fully loaded

4. Formuler Z11 PRO MAX

If you have ever owned a MAG box before then you will know about the brand Formuler which is known for making the MAG box such as a mag box 250 and 254.

Not only did Formuler build a good IPTV box they also have a very nice and smooth IPTV interface called Stalker Pro which the mag boxes also run on.

A while back we would advise against owning a MAG box or formuler device due to them being a closed source firmware so they weren’t able to install many third-party Android apps. But some of these new formuler boxes come with Android OS installed and allow third-party Android apps to be installed.

Formuler Z11 PRO MAX fully loaded

4. Android Q8 IP TV Box 4K

This is another great IPTV box device if you are looking for something with a little more power and storage space than the Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, or other Amazon-based devices.

These Android boxes also work with Google Voice Assistant if you prefer to control your IPTV box without much need for a remote.

Android Q8 IP TV Box 4K fully loaded

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to buy an iptv box fully loaded in the UK then we would advise just buying a normal IPTV device such as a Firestick or Android-based device and installing the easy-to-install iptv service on it yourself.

When you sign up to any IPTV provider nowadays you will get a guide on how to easily set up IPTV on your box anyway.

This way you can be sure your IPTV box is safe from any viruses and malware from any malicious box sellers out there.


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