What To Do If Your IPTV Doesn’t Work On Wifi

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If you have just purchased an IPTV subscription and went to enter your provider’s details in and it won’t let you log in or worse you go to change the channel to a sports event and the IPTV then stops working then our guide will cover what to do if your IPTV doesn’t work on Wifi to help you resolve this issue.

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What Is The Main Reason Why IPTV Doesnt Work On Your Wifi

The number one reason will be your ISP (internet provider) is blocking the IPTV servers that your IPTV provider has. This is a widespread problem now especially if you live in Europe in the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, etc.

The reason why your IPTV is not working on either Wifi or ethernet connection will most likely be due to this as when live sports are on especially, the football, your ISP is highly likely blocking these events so they block the whole server so no IPTV channel will work for you while the sports event is on and even a few hours after the sports event has ended then the IPTV will start working again.

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Now the fix for this is to get a cheap VPN which will 100% fix this issue and as long as you keep on you will never get your IPTV blocked by your internet provider and enjoy non-stop IPTV in the future.

The best VPN to use for IPTV is pureVPN which offers up to 82% OFF and has the most VPN servers worldwide and the best quality.

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pureVPN also has an app across all apps store and if you’re using a firestick you see our guide on How To Install PureVPN On A Amazon Firestick.

Once you have got the VPN your IPTV will most likely work without a fuss now as long as you keep the VPN turned ON at all times while you use your IPTV service.

Now if that has not fixed the issue which most likely is the cause of IPTV not working on Wifi ethernet let’s look at other causes and their fixes below.

Changing DNS Settings To Get Your IPTV Working On Wifi

You can also try to change your DNS settings on your IPTV device which can sometimes get around your ISP blocking the internet.

To do this simply follow our How To Change The DNS Settings On Your IPTV Device guide.

You can also change the DNS in your wireless router instead of Cloudflares DNS a quick way of doing this is by following the steps below.

  1. Log into your wireless router’s local webpage.
  2. Find the DNS settings section.
  3. Change the primary DNS and secondary DNS to and
  4. Now save the DNS settings.
  5. Restart your wireless router then wait around 5 minutes then restart your IPTV device.

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Other Methods To Get IPTV Working On Wifi

We have put together a small list of things to try if your iptv is still not working on your Wifi connection.

  • Restart the router
  • Restart the IPTV Device
  • Make sure nothing is obstructing the Wifi signal
  • Test the internet connection on your IPTV device
  • Test your IPTV device on another Wifi network to be sure the IPTV device is functioning correctly.

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IPTV Doesn’t Work On Wifi FAQ

Im using power adapters does this matter?

No, using powerline adapters is perfectly fine and they use your existing home electrical cables to send data across so it’s the same as having an ethernet cable.

Will using a Wifi repeater or Wifi Booster cause issues for my IPTV?

No this is just an extension to your Wifi network. You will need to make sure you are connected to the Wifi repeater instead of your router.

If you are using a Wifi booster then just connect to your Wifi router as normal as the booster will only amplify the Wifi signal in your home.

How To Stop My ISP From Blocking The IPTV Channels?

If your IPTV is not working due to the IPTV blocks then be sure to use a VPN such as pureVPN and see a more in-depth guide on How To Stop Your ISP From Blocking IPTV.

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Final Thoughts

We have covered all the possible ways on, why your IPTV doesn’t work on your Wifi or Ethernet home network so be sure to follow all the steps to get your IPTV service back up and running.

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