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We got sent an email about if our IPTV service covers Kosovo which, unfortunately, it does not so some of our team has tested other IPTV providers to find the best Kosovo IPTV for your needs.

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What Is IPTV Kosovo?

IPTV Kosovo is a European-based IPTV provider which offers both IPTV and VOD across European countries with a focus on Kosovo.

IPTV Kosovo has over 12,000 IPTV channels covering many different worldwide countries.

What Content Does IPTV Kosovo Offer?

With IPTV Kosovo you will gain access to over 12,000+ IPTV live channels for a fraction of the cost of a satellite or cable subscription.

Here are some features below of using IPTV Kosovo our team found.

  • Free 24hr Trials
  • Full EPG (TV Guide)
  • Offer M3U URL as well as Xtream Codes API access
  • Adult channels
  • VPN friendly
  • Supports all IPTV players
  • Covers much of the world’s sports

What Is The Pricing Of IPTV Kosovo

IPTV Kosovo offers 5 different pricing packages depending on what time you would like to choose.

  • 24-hour trial: Free
  • 1 year: €70
  • 6 months: €45
  • 3 months: €25
  • 1 month: €12

IPTV Kosovo also offers an IPTV reseller program if you are looking to start your own IPTV business.

To buy a IPTV subscription you must contact them using their phone number on their official website.

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Is IPTV Kosovo Legal To Use

We can’t say if they are legal or not but this will depend on which channels they host alongside what country you are watching the IPTV from.

Here at Strong IPTV, we do not look at the authenticity of every IPTV provider as it would take a lot of research to tell if a certain IPTV provider is legal or running alongside the grey areas of the IPTV industry.

They are most likely the same as all other IPTV providers you may have used before and also a big role in the legality of IPTV depends on your location as many other things.

How To Subscribe To IPTV Kosovo

You must contact their phone number on their website to be able to place an order and pay.

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What Is The Best IPTV App To Use With IPTV Kosovo

TiviMate is one of the leading IPTV apps around so this will work best with any IPTV provider as long as you have an android based IPTV device such as an Amazon firestick or Android-based smart TV to run the IPTV service on.

You can see our guide on How To Install Tivimate On A Amazon Firestick and use this guide to install Tivimate on any other Android-based device.


If you are looking for a reliable IPTV provider covering Kosovo then we would highly recommend choosing IPTV Kosovo as your IPTV supplier.

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