What To Do If IPTV Is Not Working With ExpressVPN

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If you have recently purchased ExpressVPN for your IPTV subscription but it is failing to work then this article will cover the best steps to take if your IPTV is not working with ExpressVPN.

Why Need To Use ExpressVPN With An IPTV Subscription

As you may or may not know in 2024 you need to use a VPN with most internet providers due to them being able to block IPTV services.

If this is the first time you have heard of IPTV blocks then be sure to check our Why Your IPTV Is Being Blocked article which dives into this issue more in depth.

To quickly summarise why your IPTV is being blocked when there is live football or other live sporting events as well as popular TV shows your internet provider is ordered to block the IPTV servers your IPTV provider streams from.

Currently, there are only 7 UK internet providers who block IPTV but this list is growing as well as European countries and USA countries which have started to block IPTV.

If you check the article we posted above you can see how to resolve this if you are using other VPN providers or you can see which internet providers are blocking IPTV in 2023/2024.

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How To Fix IPTV Not Working With ExpressVPN?

First, you will run some troubleshooting steps to make sure it’s not your actual IPTV device that may have lost access to the internet or your home router.

1. Check Your IPTV Device Has Internet Access

You will want to come out of the IPTV app and go to an app such as YouTube and check you can play a video and then this will confirm your IPTV device has access to the internet so you can move to troubleshooting step 2.

2. Check To See If Your Internet Provider Is Blocking The IPTV

This is quite a straightforward process you can install an IPTV app on your iPhone or Android smartphone and then enter your IPTV login details in.

Make sure you are using either 4G/5G and if the app logs you in then you can play an IPTV stream without an issue then you know it’s your broadband provider blocking your IPTV access.

To resolve this make sure you are using a VPN such as Express VPN but we recommend this VPN below which is one of the best for IPTV and you can save up to 82% OFF now by clicking the button below.

What you will need to do to resolve the above with ExpressVPN is:

  1. Make sure you have ExpressVPN or another VPN subscription
  2. Turn off your IPTV device (you can unplug the power cord)
  3. Now turn off your Wifi router and wait 5 minutes
  4. After 5 minutes turn on your Wifi router and wait 5 minutes again
  5. Now after 5 minutes, you can turn your IPTV device back on
  6. But this is the most important step you will need to activate your ExpressVPN before you open the IPTV app
  7. Once ExpressVPN has been activated you can now enter the IPTV app and that should have resolved the IPTV not working with VPN issue.

After all is working you will need to keep the VPN on at all times especially when inside the IPTV app. You can turn the VPN off when not using IPTV but it’s recommended to always keep it turned on otherwise you can still be blocked with the VPN ON and you will need to follow the above steps again.

So it’s always best to leave the VPN turned ON.

expressvpn not working with iptv service

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What Other Methods Will Correct The ExpressVPN Not Working With IPTV

If your broadband provider blocks IPTV when live sports etc is on then you can look to change your internet provider (ISP) to one which does not block IPTV but this would require your broadband contract to be close to ending or already ended.

Many IPTV users are going down this route in 2023/2024 as this way it saves you needing a VPN subscription and the IPTV will just work without causing you any problems.

But as mentioned earlier not everyone is out of contract to do this and also a cheap VPN such as PureVPN or ExpressVPN can be used to permanently fix the IPTV not working.

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We have given you the best methods to fix your IPTV while using ExpressVPN or any other VPN when you notice you not receiving IPTV streams with the VPN turned ON or OFF.


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